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“In these  times we are seeing stickers/posters placed on lamp poles, electrical boxes, and just about anywhere and everywhere, advertising  a host of  immoralities. One  advert states:

“Pay after the job is done – 100% guaranteed.

1. Abortions

2. Winning the lotto

3. Bringing back lost lovers

4. Finding jobs

5. Oil for financial problems

6. Get more change after buying something from any shops

7. Short boys

8. Delete loans powder

9. Happiness in your life forever

10. Remove bad luck and send back to sender

11. Court cases

12. Magic mirror to see your enemies

13. To win tenders

And the list is endless of the evil and corruption these individuals dish out.

14. Buluzi wallet to get R25,000 cash everyday

15. Rats to put money in the house

16. Win gambling

17. ‎Powder for love proposal

18. Promotion at work

19. Come out from jail

20. Binding your house and property and chase away evil spirits


In Lenasia for example, we find these evil people opening shops in properties belonging to Muslim property owners (landlords). One has to ask how can they afford the rent of these shops they operate from and the answer becomes crystal clear. They have a MARKET for their evil. 

These evil wicked people go under the names:

Chief Razaak, chief Moosa, ‎Prof Abdul, priest Shireen, Dr. Gadafi, Dr. Musa and Mama Aisha, Imaam Ali, Prof Sali, Mohamed and Mama Aisha, Dr. Fakim, etc 

‎They hand out pamphlets at the robots to all motorists.

Questions & Answers

Q. What should we as a community do to eradicate this growing evil?

A. As a community, there is nothing we can do. The  immoral constitution of the country allows all these evils to flourish. It is the obligation of the authorities to check the credentials of these marauders and debauchers. However, it is the duty of the Ulama to educate the masses  by highlighting the fitnah of this fraud, perversion, filth and immorality, and by explaining to  the masses that it is haraam to acquire the filthy, satanic and morally destructive ‘remedies’ of these fakes, devils, quacks and cranks.


Q. What is the Islamic ruling regarding Muslims visiting these  wicked people?

A. Muslims visiting  these agents of Iblees and acquiring their  satanic services expose their Imaan to destruction. They hover on the brink of kufr and Jahannam.


Q. What is the ruling regarding Muslim landlords who rent their premises to these evil people? Is the rent halaal?

A. It is haraam to  hire out premises to these evil, filthy, shaitani sangoma-type of quacks and cranks. The rental income is haraam.


Q. Why are the Ulama of our areas silent on this  critical matter of kufr and shirk?

A. Because they belong the  fraternity of ulama-e-soo’. Since they are, in the words of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), “Dumb Devils”, nothing better  is expected from them.


Q. How do we safeguard ourselves from the evil of these people?

A. By staying far away from these devils, and  reminding others of the satanism.


Q. Why has this evil spread in our communities so rapidly?

A. Because the brains of Muslims have become paralyzed as a consequence of  gluttonous consumption of halaalized carrion chickens, carrion meat products,  haraam processed food, rampant indulgence in fisq and fujoor of television and internet media,, and the  satanic shenanigans of the ulama-e-soo’ who preponderate in the community.  So called ‘ulama’ bodies such as the No Name Brand Jamiat of Fordsburg parading itself as the “Jamiat South Africa”, the Natal Jamiat who has become an unholy bedfellow of the NNB Jamiat, the MJC and others  are all part of the evil. The sangomas are mere  symptoms of the diseases gnawing away the Imaan of Muslims. 

Brother, the   moral condition of the Muslim community has already reached the bottom of the pit of degradation. This vile condition is now burrowing  underground, below the bottom. with the ulama-e-soo’ in the front, leading the ignorant masses to their ultimate destruction in Jahannam.  Nothing  other  than the Mercy of Allah Ta’ala  can turn  the community back from the path of destruction  which  Muslims have chosen for themselves.

10 Zil Hajj 1436 -  24 September 2015


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