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According to the Ahaadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), during times in close proximity to Qiyaamah, the evil of music will become widely rampant. Music will be everywhere on the roads, in the streets, in the homes, etc. Whilst people will be indulging in their merrymaking with music and liquor, Allah Ta’ala will transfigure them into apes and pigs. 

This pig-music culture has already made inroads tight inside the Musaajid. The haraam cell phone musical ringtones bring grief to all sincere musallis. The vile fussaaq who care not a damn for the sanctity of the Musjid because of their nifaaq, consider it a lawful norm to refrain from switching off their haraam, shaitaani cell phones upon entering the Houses of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Since they have already been figuratively speaking, transfigured into apes and swines, i.e.  their hearts have become the hearts of apes and swines, the music of their satanic instruments during Salaat appears pleasurable to these children of Iblees. 

A concerned brother lamenting the defiling of the Musaajid, writes: 

“In almost every Salah at the Musjid the music from the cell phones plays. Forget the cars driving by outside the Musjid ‎whose drivers are kuffaar who have lost their fear and respect for the Muslims praying in the Masjid. Their music is played so loud that it penetrates the Musjid and even the windows vibrate and it sends shock waves through you who is praying in the Musjid. The Kuffāar have lost their fear and awe for us Muslims, this is why they perpetrate such crimes against us and we cannot do a single thing about it. Rasulullah –sallallahu alayhi wasallam- had predicted that as a punishment for Muslims, Allah Ta’ala will eliminate from the hearts of the kuffaar fear and awe for Muslims – The Majlis) 

Now, our own so called Muslims, people of Imaan show no respect for their own Musjid. They enter the Holy precincts and the Musjid with their filthy musical ring tones‎ and tunes in their phones. They do not care to switch off the device. Forgetting is no longer an excuse. Why I say this is because if this same Muslim had to enter the courts of the kuffaar he would switch OFF his satanic device. That is a guarantee, yet when he stands before his Rabb he could not care less. (Because he is a Munaafiq – The Majlis) 

So, the Imam commences with his Qiraat and guess what!? The musical ring tones or actual music starts playing mixing together with the Qiraat of the Imam. It is my humble opinion that as soon as the Imam hears these filthy musical ring tones or actual music playing in the Masjid he should pause the Qiraat so as not to associate or contaminate Allāh's beautiful Qur'anic ayats with the filth coming out of that mobile device. A Fatwa is needed in this regards as this is becoming all too common. (It is permissible to evict the munaafiq from the Musjid – The Majlis) 

You know this reminds me of a case I was dealing with a couple of years ago.‎ A few kuffaar musicians  called DJS, took the Qiraat of Qari Ziyaad Patel who was reciting Ayatul Kursi and mixed it with their filthy Haraam music. This brings me to another point, the Ulama have their recitations enhanced through the recording companies using base i.e. adding base to their recitation. (These are the ulama-e-soo’ – The Majlis) Anyway, I still have the CDs in their original form of the crimes committed by these kuffaar who used Ayatul Kursi in their club music. 

The cellphones in the Masjid have become a curse upon us. There is no respect for the sanctity of the Masjid and Muslims who claim to be in Salah standing before their Rabb have no care and concern because if they did, their cellphones would be off! 

May Allāh save me and us all. We are indeed heading for disaster.”

(End of letter)

The Imaam/trustees of the Musaajid should station a paid worker at the entrance of the Musaajid with a placard on which is written in large letters;


14 Zil Hajj 1436 – 28 September 2015


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