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In an affidavit, Tshisamphiri Nelson Matibe, the Secretary of the South African Law Commission and an employee in the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, said that: 

(1) The Department had received more than 13,700 objections – in the form of cellphone messages – to the bill. 

(2) Approximately 7,184 signed petitions were received from individuals who expressed objections to the bill. 

(3) 77 substantive comments of objections were also received. They said that the provisions of the bill were in contravention of the Shariah and were un-Islamic. 

In contrast, “approximately 734 individuals sent cellphone messages supporting the bill. Support for the bill appears to be minimal when compared to the number of objections received.”, said Matibe. 

From the aforementioned approximately 21,000 objections against the kufr bill compared to the insignificant 700 cellphone messages in favour of the bill, the stance of the Muslim community is stated with clarity. The kufr MMB is unacceptable to the Muslim community. 

The bill violates both the Shariah and the constitution of the country. Every intelligent Muslim who has studied the provisions of the kufr MMB will understand the imperative need to totally reject it. The devious and Zindeeq proponents of the MMB, for their own monetary and nafsaani objectives, are attempting to transmogrify and mutilate the Shariah with a kufr measure which they ludicrously dub, ‘Muslim’ marriages bill.

21 Zil Hajj 1436 (5 October 2015)


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