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Jamiat Takes JUSA to Court

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Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Soon will there be in my Ummah such
people in whose (bodies) will flow these ‘ahwaa’ (lusts of the nafs) just as rabies
flows in a person. There is not a joint and not a nerve (in his body), but it (the rabies
of carnal lust and desire) has penetrated it.”
People who lust for name and fame are insane with spiritual rabies. Every physical
malady has its spiritual counterpart. They are rabid in their lust just as a rabid person who
was bitten by a mad-dog with the disease of rabies.

The Reverend Abraham Bham has displayed his rabid desire for name and fame in
several ways in the past. This time, his rabid lust for self-aggrandizement, name and fame,
has driven him into new depths of moral insanity and spiritual depravity. The NO NAME
BRAND (NNB) Jamiat of Fordsburg has instituted legal action against the Jamiatul Ulama
of South Africa (JUSA) in its haraam endeavour to prevent it (JUSA) from having its Name
registered. The rabid lust for name and fame displayed by Reverend Abraham of the NNB
Jamiat, has constrained him to irrationally or more appropriately, insanely, designate the
NNB Jamiat to be ‘Jamiatul Ulama South Africa’.

In the past JUSA had warned the Reverend and his NNB cohorts to refrain from
creating confusion by misappropriating its Name.
It will be recalled, that to give effect to his lustful craving for aggrandizement, the
Reverend had convinced his cohorts to expunge the Transvaal designation from the name
of the Jamiat. Then they appropriated the name ‘Gauteng’, calling themselves ‘Jamiatul
Ulama Gauteng’. Then in chameleon style they discarded the ‘Gauteng’ designation and
stood in the nude with only “Jamiatul Ulama’, causing confusion and misgiving in the ranks
of the other provincial Jamiatul Ulama bodies. Then, surreptitiously the chameleon
underwent another metamorphic haemorrhage, slowly beginning to use the name
‘Jamiatul Ulama South Africa’. The NNB Jamiat very cautiously started to utilize the ‘SA”
The Jamiatul Ulama KwaZulu-Natal, vehemently objected, and so did JUSA. A
delegation of Ulama from Natal came specially to Gauteng to discuss the issue with the
NNB Jamiat. In fact, the NNB Jamiat had a meeting with even its hated enemy, Jamiatul
Ulama Gauteng in De Deur on this very issue. Due to the objections, the Reverend
Abraham relented and temporarily restrained his ‘hawaa’, agreeing to desist from
appropriating the ‘SA’ designation. Despite the assurance the NNB Jamiat gave the
Ulama, it continued to surreptitiously use the ‘South Africa’ designation, causing confusion.

The confusion is because:
(1) There is a Jamiatul Ulama of South Africa which existed from 1970
(2) Reverend Abraham Bham was feverishly attempting to convey the blatantly
false idea that his NNB Jamiat was representing all the Ulama and the entire
Muslim community of South Africa.

In a bid to prevent the Reverend and his NNB Jamiat outfit from causing confusion and
deception, the Jamiatul Ulama of South Africa applied for registration of its name. Now the
Reverend representing the NNB Jamiat has bared his carnal fangs of nafsaani lust. He
has jettisoned whatever vestige of shame he may have had as a human being, hence he
could muster up the raw shamelessness of instituting legal action against JUSA who has
embarked on a perfectly legal and halaal bid to have its name registered.
In the court papers of the Reverend, he is at great pains to show that the present NNB
Jamiat is in reality the old Jamiatul Ulama Transvaal which was established by the pious
Patriarchs of the community in 1923. The Reverend is guilty of perpetrating the greatest
falsehood by attempting to portray the present un-Islamic NNB Jamiat as being the
Jamiatul Ulama Transvaal of decades ago. The difference is like pure water and urine.
The Jamiatul Ulama of South Africa was established by the senior Ulama of South
Africa in 1970 in Port Elizabeth on the occasion when the P.E. Municipality had threatened
to demolish a Musjid. Now suddenly, the lustful craving of the Reverend Abraham bursts
its banks and he rabidly claims that his NNB Jamiat is Jamiatul Ulama South Africa. Yet
when the Jamiatul Ulama of S.A. was established in 1970, this character of desire was a
toddler in napkins.

A spokesman for JUSA stated: “We thank Allah Azza Wa Jal that in this insane, haraam
court action brought by Mr. Bham, we are the RESPONDENTS, NOT THE APPLICANTS.
We can therefore defend our position in the kuffaar court without a twinge of conscience.”
In the papers furnished to the court, the Reverend who is the spokesman for the NO
NAME BRAND JAMIAT OF FORDSBURG, speaks of his ‘holy’ exploits and of the works
of philanthropy his NNB Jamiat is engaging in. He advertises the small and insignificant
works of charity of the corrupt outfit he leads. He speaks of the ‘bread’ he is feeding the
poor and the destitute; he mentions the smattering Islamic education his NNB Jamiat is
organizing, and he seeks to advertise every little act of ‘ibaadat’ blissfully oblivious of the
Hadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) in which it is mentioned that on the Day
of Qiyaamah an Aalim will be ushered into the Divine Presence. In the Divine Court this
molvi/sheikh will advertise his ‘ibaadat’, ‘social’ and ‘philanthropic’ acts of virtue. Allah
Ta’ala will respond that all such acts were rendered to gratify the craving for name and
fame, hence he should be cast into Hell-Fire. He will then be cast upside down into the
blazing Fire of Jahannum.

This should be a salubrious message for Reverend Abraham.
Indeed, these ulama-e-soo’ are rotten to the core, just as rotten as the carrion they
halaalize, hence they advertise every little crumb of bread they give to a destitute. It is this
corruption gnawing at their hearts, which has emboldened the Reverend and his NNB
Jamiat to sink to this gutter level and to scrape the very dregs of the barrel of carnal lust to
embark on the HARAAM action of trying to prevent a Muslim organization from utilizing its
legitimate name which it has borne since the day of its inception in 1970. The Reverend
and his NNB Jamiat cannot be asked to hang their heads with shame, because they are
absolutely bereft of shame. They are like men insane after having been bitten by mad
rabid dogs. May Allah Ta’ala destroy these evil so-called ‘ulama’ whose mission on earth
is to destroy Islam. They manipulate the Deen to gratify their carnal desires and to fulfil
their mundane objectives of Hubb-e-Maal and Hubb-e-Jah. They must fall and fail.


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