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Am entity called BILTONG BOYS KZN has been marketing its haraam carrion biltong as ‘halaal’. In a bid to salvage some ‘respect’ for its tattered and sullied reputation laying in the gutters of ignominy and shaitaaniyat, SANHA issued a statement warning Muslims to abstain from devouring the PORK biltong. In its statement, SANHA begs: “Please Abstain”.

What is the need to cry and beg Muslims to abstain from PORK meat? When Muslims are informed that the meat products of a certain entity are PORK, is this not sufficient to abstain? The reality is that since these filthy, evil, illegitimate progeny and  agents of Iblees, the Carrion Halaalizers, have  utterly destroyed  the natural inhibition to Haraam which once was an embedded attribute of  Muslims,  the  announcements notifying of haraam meat  have no effect on  the  masses who are addicted to devouring haraam carrion  halaalized by SANHA, MJC, NIHT and others of this  confounded shaitaani ilk.

Muslims have become so thoroughly addicted to the carrion najaasat, that consuming carrion, any haram meat and even pork has become the norm as long as any Tom, Dick and Harry place a ‘halaal’ sign/sticker on the pork and carrion. It matters not who the entity may be, as long as the word ‘halaal’ is affixed to the haraam filth, it will be devoured by those whose Imaani inhibition to haraam has been utterly destroyed and eliminated by  SANHA and the other  agents of Iblees.

Furthermore, SANHA’s announcement is laughable. It is bereft of sincerity and seriousness. SANHA has discovered the ‘halaal’ PORK biltong just recently. For how long have Muslims been devouring the PORK filth? And, for how long will they continue to devour it?  How long will it take for the announcement to filter through the different strata in the Muslim community? Most assuredly, the vast majority of Muslims is unaware of the announcement. SANHA’s announcement is dated 8 September 2015. We became aware of it a few minutes ago today 9 October 2015 despite innumerable people always keeping us informed of developments in the community. What now is the position of the masses who are unaware of the announcement. In short, Most Muslims to this day remain unaware of the announcement and whoever had devoured and enjoyed the PORK filth will continue to enjoy it.

The day a carrion addict becomes aware that he had all along been devouring PORK, he will have a huge struggle within him – to abstain or not to abstain? The rot in the community, the deficiency of Imaan and the addiction to consuming haraam, carrion and even PORK must be laid at the door of these carrion scoundrels who halaalize carrion solely for the haraam boodle which they suck from business people for the haraam so-called ‘halaal’ certificates they satanically sell to enable the kuffaar to market their haraam meat products as ‘halaal’.

The damage which these agents of Shaitaan have inflicted on the Imaan of Muslims with their halaalizing of carrion is irreparable. The Imaan of entire  Muslim nations all over the world has been  severely corrupted by carrion addiction, and this addiction  is  the consequence of the  pecuniary designs of these evil carrion certificate vendors who are aided and abetted  by the fraternity of  ulama-e-soo’, and also by the  ‘Dumb Devil’ ulama who think of themselves as ‘sincere’ and ‘wise’. Thus they attribute their silence to ‘wisdom’.  To soothe their calcified conscience they argue that their abstention from publicly condemning halaalized carrion, is ‘hikmat’ (wisdom). Undoubtedly, it is wisdom – satanic wisdom inspired into them by Iblees, La-een. Some of these ‘sincere’ ulama  abstain from devouring SANHA’s halaalized carrion while quietly alerting their   mureedeen to abstain. But they cannot care a hoot about the Muslim masses devouring carrion and even pork halaalized by SANHA, MJC and NIHT.  The whole miserable lot of these  so-called ‘ulama’ who trample on the Haqq, conceal the Haqq and mutilate the Shariah  with their shaitaani ‘hikmat’ policy  are all in cahoots with shaitaan.

SANHA’s notice announcing the discovery of PORK being labelled ‘halaal’ is insincere, insipid and futile. SANHA and its ilk are the actual cause of the term, halaal being appropriated by even kuffaar and audaciously misused. The craving for money has blinded SANHA , MJC, NIHT & Co. so much that they refuse to  view the danger  rationally.  SANHA believes or  deceives itself into the belief that  it has discharged its obligation with the piece of  toilet paper on which it has made its announcement. The stark facts which have to be viewed rationally are:

  • How long has the kuffaar entity been advertising is PORK ‘halaal’?
  • How many Muslims prior to the discovery have been devouring the ‘halaal’ PORK? The solution is not the futile notice.
  • How many Muslims have as yet not learnt of the announcement, and are continuing to ‘enjoy’ the PORK labelled ‘halaal’?
  • It is impossible to inform each and every Muslim immediately on discovering malpractices, of withdrawal of  certificates, and of a former  halaalized  product  now being  haraam.


SANHA has claimed in its announcement that the entity, Biltong Boys KZN “has fraudulently appended the word Halaal” to even its PORK  products. It devolves on SANHA to institute legal action against the perpetrator of  this despicable fraud. SANHA nets many millions of rands from its haraam  carrion certificate trade. It can afford the legal fees to haul the culprit into court.

Every morsel of carrion ingested by Muslims has to be on the conscience of the vile personnel of SANHA and the other agents of Iblees. But the problem is that they no longer have any Imaani conscience. Feeding the Ummah carrion for the sake of the haraam boodle, has brought SANHA, MJC, NIHT, and others of this illegitimate breed within the purview of the Qir’aanic aayat:

“They are deaf, dumb and blind. Thus, they will not return (to the Path of Righteousness).”

24 Zil Hajj 1436  (9 October 2015)


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