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The arch-Carrion Halaalizer, SANHA, has announced that the entity, STEERS SUN CITY ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE at the Zina-Maisar Sun City Resort, has  been fraudulently utilizing its  (i.e. SANHA’s)  haraam ‘halaal’  logo to  market its haraam meat products. According to SANHA, Steers has apologized for the massive deception of using SANHA’s  logo to  ensnare Muslims and to induce them to devour  haraam carrion. SANHA’s haraam ‘halaal’ logo  was used to bait Muslims.

The ‘halaal’ certificate  scourge has degenerated  to the sub-gutter level that even zina centres feel perfectly snug to recklessly  appropriate the  logo of just any of these  filthy Carrion Halaalizing bodies to market  their haraam carrion  products, even PORK.

These kuffaar entities are not blameworthy  just as  Iblees  may not be  criticized for  plying his trade. The blame settles squarely on the shoulders and conscience, if they still have any semblance of conscience, of SANHA and its ilk of carrion halaalizers. These vile Maitah Halaalizers are prostituting the  terms and tenets of the Deen,  misusing the word ‘halaal’, halaalizing carrion and destroying the moral and spiritual fibre of Muslims.

They are all the  fuel of Jahannam. They will be piled on top of one other and cast into Hell-Fire for all the  callous villainy  of destroying Muslims with  carrion and pork.

The jaahil and immoral masses who have become addicted to  the consumption  of halaalized carrion and pork are not free of blame. They are just as culpable as SANHA, MJC, NIHT and the other devils in the  carrion game. There are no factors to mitigate the crimes of the devourers  of the filthy, poisonous carrion which  SANHA and others halaalize.  While  the carrion-eating  people  will suffer for their evil, the accumulation of  their sins will be loaded on SANHA & Co.   According to the Hadith, the one who initiates a sin will have to bear the sins of all those who perpetrate the initiated-sin. Thus, the burden of all the murders committed  from  the inception of mankind on earth, will be loaded on to Qaabil  who was the first murderer on earth. He murdered his brother, Haabeel. In the same way the  sins of all carrion-devouring Muslims will be loaded on to SANHA, MJC, NIHT, etc. while the  devourers  of the carrion will also suffer their punishment.


The FRAUD disease of appropriating the ‘halaal’ carrion logos of the carrion  halaalizers has attained epidemic proportions. Non-Muslim business establishments with total impunity appropriate the ‘halaal’ logos of  the Carrion Cabal to sell their haraam products.  So cheap and  contemptible  have SANHA, NIHT and MJC  become in the estimate of the kuffaar  that  they freely use the names and logos of these  haraam, illegitimate carrion halaalizers without their consent, without paying  their fees and   without fear for even the law of the land which  makes  fraudulent advertising a criminal offence. 

In the latest such fraudulent perpetration according to NIHT, is the fraudulent use of NIHT’s haraam carrion logo by the entity, BOM RUSSIANS & SUPPLIES of Komatipoort. While NIHT Carrion Halaalizer has issued its  statement regarding the fraud, the kuffaar entity continues to advertise its  carrion meat products ‘halaal’ in the name of the NIHT. 

In flagrant violation of the Shariah, NIHT, SANHA and MJC are halaalizing the meat products of kuffaar. Haraam food fit for only shaitaan, ruins Imaan and eliminates the spiritual fibre of Muslims. While haraam carrion and pork do not have a devastating effect on the kuffaar, the slightest  bit of  haraam food  has a lasting damaging effect on the heart of the Mu’min – both his physical heart and his spiritual heart. The contamination of the poison of haraam food is so potent that Allah Ta’ala, in the Qur’aan Majeed   addressing the Ambiya (alayhimus salaam), says:

“O Rusul (Messengers)! Consume  halaal and wholesome (food) and  practise virtuous deeds.”


Halaal-Tayyib food is a vital requisite for the attainment of  Roohaaniyat ( a healthy spiritual fibre). Haraam and Mushtabah (Doubtful) food creates zulmat (spiritual darkness), bestiality, immorality and shamelessness in Muslims. Thus, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Whoever abstains from the doubtful things, verily he has saved his Deen and his honour.”

25 Zil Hajj 1436 – 10 October 2015


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