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A Brother, perhaps a Musalli of the Houghton Musjid, wrote the following letter of complaint and naseehat to the Imaam/Trustees of the Musjid regarding the haraam ‘open day’ festival: 



To: Imaam/s of Masjidul Furqaan (Houghton)

Date: 27th Thil- Hijj 1436 (22 August 2015)

RE: The Masjid Open Day


Assalamu’alaikum; Respected Moulana; 

I have noticed, from pamphlets placed in various Masaajids, that Masjidul Furqaan is hosting an open day this forthcoming weekend. From the contents of the pamphlet it is apparent that the object is primarily for da’wah, of non- muslims, as the invitation extends to them as well. 

Is this form of daw’ah in accordance with the methodology of our beloved Nabi (SallAllahu-alaihe-wasallam) and the Sahaabah (Radhiy-Allahu-anhum). After having read a few kitaabs and the writings of senior Ulama, it appears that this “Masjid Open Day” has no basis in Islam and was never a practice of our pious predecessors. 

In the Qur’aan Shareef Allah Ta’ala has categorically stated: “O you who have Imaan! Verily the Mushrikeen are impure and should not approach the Masjidul Haram…” Senior jurists have written that this Ayat applies to all Masaajids. 

It is common knowledge among the Ulama that it is Haraam to invite the Kuffaar to the Masaajids due to their physical and spiritual impurity. In fact Ulama have written that a Muslim, who is not in the state of janaabat but is without whudhu, is not permitted to enter the Masaajids. What has thus driven the Ulama and trustees of this Masjid to invite non-muslims who are constantly in the state of both physical and spiritual impurity to the Masjid. 

The Masaajid are places of Ibaadat and not museums for entertainment and show. In fact our Ibaadat should not be displayed openly and should never be done with any other intention but for the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala. The argument that it is a means of Da’wah is unacceptable and this is not “Hikmat”, as some may claim. The manner in propagating Islam has to be done in conformity with the Mubaarak teachings of Nabi (SallAllahu-alaihe-wasallam) and the Sahaabah (Radhiy-Allahu-anhum). 

It is imperative to understand that Hidaayat is the decision of Allah Ta’ala and no one but Allah Ta’ala can guide a person. In the Qur’aan Shareef Allah Ta’ala has conspicuously made mention of this  fact to our beloved Nabi (SallAllahu-alaihe-wasallam). Allah Ta’ala says: “Verily you (O Muhammed!) cannot give Hidaayat to those whom you love. But Allah guides whomever he wills, and He knows best who are the ones to be guided” 

Thus our objective is only to deliver the message in the manner as did the Ambiya (Alaihis-salaatu-wassalaam) and our pious predecessors, which methods were carried out in obedience to the commandments of Allah Ta’ala. Thus in spreading the Deen of Islam, we cannot adopt haraam methodology as it seemingly appears from this “Masjid Open Day” festival. Allah Ta’ala did not allow Nabi (SallAllahu-alaihe-wasallam) to propagate Islam by compromising with shirk, kufr, fisq and fujoor. Allah Ta’ala will guide whomever He wills and in so doing He is not in need of our “logical” methodology. If Allah Ta’ala wants a kaafir to be guided He will, through His infinite Power, create the circumstances for such a person to be linked up with the true people of Deen who will become the medium for his reformation. 

Of further note is the fact that there will be kuffaar women who would probably attend this festival. These women have no understanding of the Islamic principle of modesty and will perhaps come to the Masjid dressed in immodest attire. If the Sharia of Islam has made it forbidden for even our muslim women to attend the Masaajids, then how will you allow these immoral non-muslims women to enter the House of Allah? 

In conclusion I submit that it is my duty to encourage good and forbid evil. Thus this is not an invitation to comment on what has been said above. I categorically record that the “Masjid Open Day” is indeed not correct and contrary to the teachings of Islam.

It is my humble submission that you fear Allah Azza Wa Jal and cancel this upcoming festival. Should you act accordingly and the people (trustees, etc.) do not heed your advice then dissociate yourself with them as well as the event, should they persist to continue with it.


P.S. Any responses hereto may be addressed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .






Jazakallah for taking out the time to get the message out to us. We really appreciate it.

However, as you alluded to, there is difference of opinion as to the ayah you quoted of surah Taubah. In Fact, according to Imam Abu Hanifah RA, there is no problem in allowing non muslims in the masjid. But this is not a fiqh discussion.

Your points regarding impurity and women are taken and measures have been put in place to manage this.

As long as no law of Shariah is being broken, there should not be a problem. In the same manner that we use emails to communicate, or radio stations etc for propagating deen this is a means. The best means will always remain the manner of the Sunnah.

Lastly, I will like to address the issue of you remaining anonymous. IF you have something to say, it will be more courteous, if you gave your full name and address and phone no.

This problem we have in the Ummah of protecting our identities when we want to say something is causing harm to this ummah. I therefore invite you to come and meet with me and we can discuss this issue.   Jazakallah

Ridwaan Hoosen                  (End of letter)


The response is deceptive. It does not answer the charges levelled against the Houghton Mosque trustees/imam. 

(1) Imaam Abu Hanifah’s View

Fiqh cannot be excised from the discussion. Fiqh is not a subject for burial in books and for idle debate in Madrasahs and academic circles. It is an everyday issue. The Fiqhi ruling of the Shariah is that it is not permissible for even a Muslim male to enter the Musjid without being with Wudhu.  The technicality cited by Mr. Ridwaan Hoosen is an attempt to pull wool over the eyes with drivel.

Thousands of  isolated views on all topics are found in the Kutub of Fiqh.  Just any  view may not be extracted to  rescind the  official Ruling of the Shariah. The Qur’aan explicitly and emphatically prohibits  kuffaar from entering  the Musjid. This is the Ruling of the Shariah which may not be abrogated by a contrary, isolated, obscure  view regardless of the  author of the view being  the greatest among the Fuqaha.

The mas’alah stands intact that a Muslim male without Wudhu may not enter the Musjid.  Much brains are not required to understand the extension of the prohibition to a higher degree to kuffaar males and kuffaar women. Regarding kuffaar women, the prohibition  multiplies in intensity manifold for obvious reasons. Mr. Hoosen’s  argument is devoid of Shar’i substance. It is haraam to allow even Muslim women in the state of Tahaarat and wearing full Hijaab dress to come to the Musjid  regardless of the  stupid ‘fatwas’ of  miscreant maajin muftis who are unable to differentiate between night and day. The fourteen century ban on women enacted by the Ijma’ of the Sahaabah  cannever be rescinded by the immoral and lewd practices  prevailing in the Musaajid of this era and condoned and promoted by the ulama-e-soo’.

We do not know if  the honourable gentleman, Mr. Ridwaan Hoosen is a molvi or not. If he is not a molvi, the explanation  we  tender  should be adequate edification for him. If he is a molvi, we suggest that he  applies his mind correctly  to research this simple mas’alah. He will then not fail to understand that the Qur’aanic aayat on the basis of which  he  attempts to justify the haraam shenanigan of permitting  impure kuffaar men and women defiling the sanctity of the Musjid by reference to the  view of Imaam Abu Hanifah (rahmatullah alayh) is not the basis for  the prohibition of entry into the Musjid by  those afflicted with the pollution of janaabat.

The Qur’aanic  aayat which explicitly and emphatically declares  kuffaar to be embodiments of najaasat – physical and spiritual najaasat -  is merely cited  in support of the  prohibition based on other specific Dalaa-il of the Shariah. The actual prohibition is not based on this particular aayat. The aayat is proffered  merely as a support in view of the strong stance of Imaam Maalik (rahmatullah alayh) who unequivocally   prohibits the entry of  kuffaar in Musaajid.

As far as the prohibition of  people of janaabat is concerned,  the Dalaa-il are independent of the Qur’aanic verse, and there is Consensus on this ruling of prohibition.  The differences of the Fuqaha in their interpretation of this specific Qur’aanic aayat does not introduce even a kink in the prohibition  structured on its own  separate proofs.  It will be salubrious for Mr. Hoosen to  refer to the kutub if he is a molvi, to educate himself of  this mas’alah.. In so doing, he will feel restraint in the utterance of stupidities. 

(2) Measures taken? Mr.Hoosen has degenerated into the dregs of puerility with his vague  suggestion of ‘measures’ to be instituted to prevent defilement of the sanctity of  the Musjid in the wake of the invasion by  faahishaat, faajiraat and kaafiraat. The fact of the institution of measures to prevent defilement presupposes acknowledgement of  the  cause of defilement. Yet  the trustees/imam of the Musjid deems it appropriate  to invite  people in flagrant violation of the Shariah’s prohibition.  

The suggestion of   valid measures  instituted to   deal with the pollution is indeed  ludicrous, evoking mirth and insulting the intelligence to those who  entertain this stupid idea. The first hurdle to contend with is the Shariah’s Prohibition which cannever be overridden by  the logic and  baseless idea of  ‘da’wah’ conjectured by the miscreant trustees. If they  search their hearts with sincerity, they will not fail to detect the thieves of riya, takabbur  and nafsaaniyat which  are the  actual motivation for the haraam ‘open day’  merrymaking festival of fisq and fujoor.  The Shariah’s bottom line  is simply that women are not permitted at the Musjid even if they are paak/taahir Muslims.   The  arguments tendered in the bid to cancel this Prohibition are baseless and  inspirations of shaitaan termed Talbeesul Iblees.

(3) “No law of the Shariah is  being broken”

This averment is  an acknowledgement of  by Mr.Hoosen of his stupidity or deliberate falsehood. This haraam ‘open day’ festival is in flagrant violation of the Shariah.  The  naked violations so brazenly perpetrated by personnel who are supposed to be in charge of the House of Allah, are: 

(a)    The Ijmaa-ee Prohibition of  females attending the Musjid is  brutally violated.

(b)    Inviting women  into the public domain is in  violent and  brazen conflict and rejection of the Qur’aanic command to women: “Remain resolutely (glued) in your homes....”. It also violates  the prohibition stated with considerable emphasis in the Ahaadith.

(c)    Kuffaar females  are  being lured to the Musjid.

(d)    Kuffaar males and females wallowing in janaabat  are invited to defile the sanctity of the Musjid.

(e)    Intermingling of sexes which is haraam is a standard feature of all  such gatherings.

(f)     There is  haraam  picture-making and video-making  to accompany this haraam ‘open day’ festival.


The very essence of this ‘open day’  act is filth and haraam.  Musaajid are not  established for  festivals, merrymaking, fun and  for gratification of the  base desires of the nafs. And, this is precisely what this haraam event is  about.

(4) E-mails, radio, etc.

The analogy  with  modern means of communication is a deceptive and a stupid canard.  The analogy is palpably fallacious.  There is  nothing in conflict with Shar’i tenets or principles in modern means of communication to render such means and media haraam. External  haraam factors attached to the  means and media render  these institutions haraam. 

It is indeed an imbalanced intellect  cast into disequilibrium by flagrant  transgression which descends to the stupid  level of analogizing the haraam ‘open day’  with lawful means of communication. The ‘open day’ event is characterized by several  factors of hurmat. Means of communication are per se halaal. Haraam accretions will render the  initially halaal medium also haraam such as facebook which is undoubtedly haraam and worse than the hurmat of even television.  The drivel  presented by Mr.Hoosen does not befit  people of sound Aql.


(5) Anonymous

A person can have valid reasons for concealing his identity. He could  choose to remain anonymous for fear of the thugs which some institutions engage in  their nefarious bid to silence, harm or hurt a critic. Again Mr. Hoosen has portrayed stupidity by raising this stupid arguments. The issue here is not the identity of the objector. The issue is the  haraam nature of the festival. Focus on what the critic says, not on his identity. Mr. Hoosen has simply made a futile attempt to divert the focus from the haraam reality of the ‘open day’ merrymaking festival. 

The entire conglomerate of ulama-e-soo’ will fail to provide valid Shar’i justification for the haraam festival which the unfit trustees/imaam have allowed in the Musjid which has  been transformed into a circus for nafsaani gratification.

“Verily, the life of this world is but play and amusement whilst the abode of the Aakhirat is best for those who fear (Allah). What! Have you no sense?”


7 Muharram 1437 – 21 October 2015


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