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A non-Muslim politician in Kwazulu-Natal has issued a threat of violence and murder to the Indian community of South Africa, which includes half the Muslim population of this land. Our response to this threat will appear soon, Insha-Allah,  in the next issue of The Majlis. Meanwhile, Mr. Yawar Baig of India has proffered his misguided prescription which is far, very far off the mark of reality, and totally bereft of Deeni content.

Mr. Baig recalling his advice to the Muslim community, reiterates as follows:

Anti Indian sentiments in South Africa

"Not surprising at all. All this is however in my opinion too little and too late. Knowing our people I can imagine how that meeting will go. If anything is to come of this then people must be prepared to set up a fund of perhaps ZAR 100 million and work on multiple fronts like fighting a fire which is exactly what it is.

I recommended in 2005, admitting black African children to Muslim schools on scholarship. I told them to start a one-for-one parent of a Muslim child pay for one black child from a deprived background to study in the same school.

I told them to pay proper wages to their employees, give them full benefits and treat them well as equals. Actually they're not equal, they're superior bit I told our people to treat them as equal so that they never realize that they're superior.

I told them to create a fund to build houses for the deprived and create a way for them to work to own the house. So that way it wouldn't be a dole bit a helping hand to own your dwelling.

I told them to identify bright black youngsters and adopt them, meaning sponsor them for their entire education all the way to university.

I told them to set up Chairs in all major universities for Islamic studies, Islamic finance, Human Rights, Politics and Government and of course different areas of business.

I told them that their glorified mom and pop shops by another name, no matter how much money they make will not get them into the corridors of power. They need to get into energy, infrastructure, high technology, education and natural resources.

I told them to educate their children and get them into civil services, police and the military, judiciary, journalism. And always into politics.

I told them to participate in the electoral process actively by voting, standing for election, supporting the ANC because they're your best bet. Today it's the ANC which welcomed Hamas. Must ask the DA lovers about this.

I told them to stop wasting money on ostentatious masaajid and instead spend it on giving medical aid to poor black people. I told them to build masaajid in Soweto and black areas.

I told them to send four month Jamats to Soweto and black areas instead of India and Pakistan.

And I told them to consider all of the above as a Life Insurance Premium. So help me YaRabb. You are my witness.

Imagine the effect of doing all of the above for ten years. But our people listened to me and did either nothing or the opposite. Some even abused me. As if I had anything to gain by giving this advice to those who asked.

You were too busy infighting, abusing one another, especially the Ulama among you who seem to have taken this to a new height, pronouncing Takfir, calling people who did you no harm, Ghabi and Murtad. Absolutely shameful. Ten years passed. And now you have this situation. Now what? The premium just went up. So now raise 100 million and do all of the above. Or alternatively make plans to liquidate assets and get out, fast.

You Indians, even more so Muslims, definitely are running out of time. If you continue to sleep, you'll die in your sleep. You have enough examples in Africa that prove my assessment. I sincerely hope I'm wrong but I don't think I am.

People who have money but no political power or international support living in islands of plenty in a land where the vast majority is deprived, has political power and doesn't respect the law are like a fat cow walking into the lions enclosure in a game park. All you can say to that cow is, "Bye  bye."   Was salaam”

(End of Mr. Yawar Baig’s advice)


Mr. Yawar baig is essentially a man of the dunya to whom the following Qur’aanic Aayat applies:

“They know the outer facade of the dunya whilst they are oblivious of the Aakhirat” (Ar-Room, Aayat 7) “Why do they not reflect  on their ownselves.” (Ar-Room, Aayat 8)


The gaze of men of the dunya is also only on the ‘outer façade’ (the zaahir) of this dunya. The transcendental realities which regulate even the affairs of the dunya are hidden secrets and mysteries incomprehensible to the ilk of Mr. Baig who dwells in the deception of materialism which formulates the thinking of the votaries of the jeefah of the dunya. 

If Mr. Baig had possessed Imaani insight and wisdom (Baseerat and Tafaqquh) he would not have proffered such advice which in the main is drivel and bunkum. In his entire piece of advice he has entirely omitted the actual  solution to the problem  facing the Muslim community in South Africa and all over the world and in India from where Mr. Baig hails. Since he is essentially a materialist,  his mind dwells on only  solutions which centre around materialism, hence  his advice to the Muslim community  to fork out  zillions of rands to purchase the appeasement of those who threaten to pillage and plunder us. 

Mr. Yawar whose thinking is stunted in the straitjacket of western materialism is  wholly incapable to prescribe solutions for our problems because he lacks expertise in  diagnosis.  When he does not have the haziest  idea of the root cause of the problem, it is  quite obvious that his advices based on intellectual misconstruction will be bunkum and far off the mark of rectitude, hence totally futile. 

No amount of money expended to purchase the appeasement of people and no amount of truckling and bootlicking will ensure our safety because the One Who plans is Allah Azza Wa Jal. Whatever  will happen will be by His command, and the pillaging and plundering of our community which is a real impending danger will be Allah’s Athaab for a  rotten Muslim community sinking in the quagmire of fisq and fujoor, vice and  immorality which  Muslims have  designed for themselves. And for the “Sunnah of Allah there is no change”. Think of the people of Nooh (alayhis salaam), Aad, Thamud, the people of Nabi Loot (alayhis salaam) and many other communities who were effaced from the surface of the  earth by Divine Punishment following in the wake of flagrant transgression and rebellion against Allah Azza Wa Jal. And, think of the genocide of Muslims in  many places on earth today. We are not exceptions to this Divine Rule. There is Burma, Palestine, Syria, China, etc. Reflect!

“And, only the people of intelligence reflect (and derive lesson).” (Qur’aan)


The threat of violence and murder made by the politician is a warning from Allah Ta’ala to us to set right our decadent lifestyle – to repent – to turn unto Him with obedience to the Shariah and adoption of the Sunnah.  If we submit to Allah Ta’ala by adopting the Sunnah, He will take care of us, and He will handle our enemies who are bent on our destruction. But, we have to understand that we are inviting  self-destruction  with our own fisq and fujoor, and the ulama-e-soo’ are  actively aiding the community in  flagrant violation of the Shariah. Thereby hastening the  event of Divine Athaab. In fact, the ulama-e-soo have become the architects of  vice and immorality. They are today the forerunners in the professions of immorality and vice. 

Calamities are the consequences of our misdeeds – gross disobedience and rebellion. No amount of worldly solutions fabricated by personal opinion will procure safety for Muslims. Aafiyat (safety) cannot be purchased with money. Something else is required. While Mr. Baig, lacking in baseerat, believes that Muslims can purchase  safety by spending zillions of rands on  worldly projects, the Qur’aan Hakeem states: 

“If you had to spend whatever (wealth) there is on earth, in entirety, then too you will not be able  to instil mutual love in their hearts, but it is Allah Who creates love  between them, Verily, He is Mighty and Wise.” ((Al-Anfaal, Aayat 63)

Thus, Mr. Baig’s exhortation for the Muslims community to spend hundreds of millions of rands to procure the appeasement and pleasure of potential looters,  plunderers and murderers is misguided and is the effect of having miserably failed to understand the causes of  our predicament.


Although some of the measures suggested by Mr. Baig are valid, none will assist in the acquisition of aafiyat (safety) for Muslims for the simple reason that the root cause of  the impending Divine Punishment is not being addressed. That cause is gross transgression – flagrant transgression – arrogant transgression and wholesale perpetration of fisq and fujoor by the vast majority of Muslims. 

While Mr. Baig is masquerading as a scholar of the Deen, he  surprisingly has deleted Allah Ta’ala from the equation. Nowhere in is pontification does he introduce  Allah Ta’ala. He has demonstrated stark ignorance of the Qur’aan and Ahaadith which  explain with clarity the consequences of Muslim villainy and flagrant transgression of the Shariah. He is obsessed with the monetary issue believing that money will do the job. This obsession portrays his materialistic tendencies. He has excised the Deen in entirety from his advice to the Muslim community. This is the malady of all self-styled reformers who lack  proper insight and understanding of the Deen. 

Displaying his ignorance, Mr. Baig disgorges the following drivel:


“You were too busy infighting, abusing one another, especially the Ulama among you who seem to have taken this to a new height, pronouncing Takfir, calling people who did you no harm, Ghabi and Murtad, Absolutely shameful.”


Mr. Baig’s observation is absolutely stupid. In fact  e must say that he displays lamentable ghabaawat, hence the label of Ghabi fits him well. The only entity in the entire history of the Muslim community of this country who has labelled someone ‘ghabi’, is The Majlis. No other Aalim in the country has ever labelled anyone ‘ghabi’, so why does this latest ghabi, Mr. Baig, acquit himself in a manner to convey that this label has been used loosely by the Ulama in general  in South Africa? Can Mr. Ghabi Baig cite just one Aalim in South Africa, besides The Majlis, who has branded as ghabi ‘people who do not harm’? In fact, the  molvis and sheikhs here excel in the art of Kitmaanul Haqq and  embracing baatil and dhalaal. 

As for his accusation of Takfir, there are two groups of miscreants who specialize in this profession – the Barelwi Qabar Pujaaris and the deviant Salafis. The former  morons brand all Deobandis kaafir. Never did the Ulama of Deoband label these Qabar Pujaaris kaafir. Besides these two deviates, the Ulama in general and The Majlis in particular do not resort to Takfeer. What we do is to point out to Muslims  what is kufr. If a statement or an act is kufr, we do not  beat about the bush nor do we resort to an accursed form of diplomacy which entails kitmaanul haq (concealment of the truth). We inform  the culprits that their statements/acts are kufr so that they become aware and save themselves from eternal damnation in the Aakhirah. To accuse us of Takfeer is slanderous and a display of ghabaawat by Mr. Baig. Mr. Baig, your jahaalat is absolutely shameful, 

Advising Muslims to cut the line and run is a despicable display of extreme ghabaawat. This Ghabi advises Muslims: “Or alternatively make plans to liquidate assets and get out, fast.” This is the advice of a stupid coward whose Aql has abandoned him, and whose Imaan is grossly deficient. He  lacks understanding of realities. Firstly the vast majority of Muslims in this country  does not have  such assets which enable them to  flee fast and settle elsewhere. 

Mr. Baig has forgotten or perhaps his ghabaawat precludes him from correct intellectual perception of  the Way in which Allah Azza Wa Jal operates.  No one can run from the Athaab of Allah Ta’ala. Everyone who has to be punished is earmarked. No matter where he goes, the punishment will overtake him. There are no accidents in Allah’s Scheme. The punishment which He unleashes does not take its course haphazardly. Every victim is handpicked and the  degree of Athaab ordained for the person befalls him. ‘Running fast’ is not the solution. A handful of the affluent ones may be able to run although their running will not save them from whatever disaster Allah Ta’ala has  ordained for them.  This advice of Mr. Baig is plain flotsam which he has disgorged without  having  applied his mind. 

Muslims can acquire safety and security only by means of Inaabat ilal laah. Besides repentance,  moral reformation and total obedience to Allah’s Law and adoption of the Sunnah, there is no way for the procurement of aafiyat. When Bani Israaeel  complained about the persecution and brutality of Fir’oun, Nabi Musa (alayhis salaam), did not advise them with any worldly measures. What he prescribed, is mentioned in the Qur’aan:

“Remember when Musaa said to his nation: ‘Seek aid from Allah and have Sabr. Verily, the earth belongs to Allah. He grants  it to  whomever from His servants He wills. And, the ultimate success (and victory)  is for the Muttaqeen.”  (Al-A’raaf, Aayat 128)


The Qur’aan Majeed assures us:

“If you have Sabr and adopt Taqwa, then never will their plot  harm you in the least bit.”

13 Muharram 1437 – 27 October 2015

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