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The so-called ‘Shariah principles’ enumerated by Albaraka Bank in its item No.16, are just as humbug and baatil as the bank’s mercenary ‘shariah board’ of maajin ‘muftis’. 

These are not principles of the Shariah.  On the contrary, these clauses inserted in the contract by Albaraka Riba Bank are devious stipulations to cover the Riba tracks of the bank. But, whilst Albaraka may fool the applicants who are desperate for the loans which the bank advances on the basis of its deceptive, haraam ‘musharaka’ concept, it does not succeed in deceiving Allah Azza Wa Jal. 

Laymen who sign the application for loan forms under the guise of ‘musharaka’, do not understand head or tail of the stupid ‘principles’ mentioned in the contract’s item No.16. The client in fact understands NOTHING of these conditions stipulated by the bank. The client only understands the amount of money he will be receiving from the bank. The client does not even know the end figure – the price which he is paying for the loan sold in the haraam ‘musharaka’ showcase. 

No.16.1 speaks of a careful opportunity afforded to the client to understand the transaction.  We have had numerous complaints from clients of Albaraka. All of them were ignorant – entirely ignorant – of the details and the manner of the contract’s operation. The entire transaction consists of haraam shenanigans. 

No.16.2  blatantly  puts forward  the capital lie that “the client understands the complex nature of Islamic law”. This statement is scandalously false. Even numerous, in fact most, Ulama do not understand the complex nature of Islamic commercial law. It is preposterously baseless to aver that laymen have understood the ‘complex nature of Islamic commercial law’ by scanning through pages of matter which constitute hieroglyphics for ordinary people who are not schooled in higher academic knowledge of the Shariah. 

No.16.3 Is another blatant LIE. None of the bank’s clients understands what the figment of AAQIFI is. This is another hallucinatory ‘shariah’. The chaps   who have fabricated ‘aaqifi’ are all mercenaries who acquire lucrative haraam ‘salaries’ from the kuffaar capitalist banks. They are all miserable traitors to the Deen. There is only one Shariah for Muslims, and that is the Shariah which has come down to us from Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). The ‘aaqifi’ ‘shariah’ is a bunkum ‘shariah’ based on the fiction of the whimsical opinion of mercenaries. 

No. 16.4  Whilst the client agrees to be bound, he in reality binds  himself to the riba principles of Albaraka Riba Bank. The principles which the bank advertises as ‘shariah principles’ are not genuine Shariah principles. The agreement is palpably baatil. 

No.16.5  The Bank binds the client to its paid mercenary ‘shariah’ board of moron molvis, yet it audaciously and baselessly alleges that this haraam ‘shariah’ board of mercenaries is “independent of the bank”. Perhaps the baboons in the mountains may fall for this satanic LIE.  How can the ‘shariah’ board be independent of the bank when the miserable characters serving on the board are the paid workers of the Riba Bank? 

Let it be well understood that banks do not pay its mercenary ‘shariah’ board for fatwas of impermissibility. They pay for fatwas of jawaaz (permissibility). It is the primary obligation and job of the mercenaries on the corrupt ‘shariah’ boards to fabricate fatwas of permissibility, and to render the bank’s riba products halaal by hook or by crook. 

No.16.6 declaring the satisfaction of the client, is an imposition which the client simply has to accept for the sake of the loan. In fact, the client does not know what he signs. His concern is only the money acquired by loan. He understands that it is a loan, while pretending to go by the deception perpetrated by the bank with its baseless ‘musharaka’ transaction.

23 Muharram 1437 – 6 November 2015


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