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‘salaatul istisqa’ stunt

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‘salaatul istisqa’


A layman’s comments

Please allow me to share my views on the Salaatul Istisqaa hype that South African Muslims are going on.

Muslims and South Africans are crying left right and centre for rain. Every conversation is about rain both Muslim and Non. This weekend Muslims want to perform the Salaatul Istisqaa throughout the country. I am no Aalim and can’t say whether this is the correct time to perform the Salaat or not. My reason to doubt this is because I have seen people up in Africa quite comfortably live with far less water than we have in our current ‘drought’ situation. But besides this, I have a few points that I would like those who are running to perform this Salaat to ponder on.

My Points are:

-        Just take a look in our homes before crying for water.

1.      How many of us MUSLIMS have washing machines that can use as much as 150 litres of water for a full washing cycle? For how many years has this been going on in our homes without a care for the Ni’mat of water Allah Ta’ala has sent.  A friend of mine once collected one and a half full dustbins of water from one days washing load of one of his tenants (a family of 4) who complained about the water bill. That’s over 200litres of water just for washing clothes!

2.      How many of us MUSLIMS have dishwashers in our homes. A family of 4 instead of each washing their own plate and cup will rather do a full wash and rinse in the machine for those 4 plates and cups. Why haven’t we trained our children to wash their own dishes to save water. Not to mention the electricity these machines use.

3.      How many of us MUSLIMS for years have been having a 5 minute shower daily (to beautify ourselves to go to our Kuffaar environment of work) with the water flowing at full pressure. How many of us MUSLIMS atleast shut the water off to scrub our bodies down or shampoo and then re-open to rinse? How many of us MUSLIMS have trained our children to do this? Have we forgotten how our fathers grew up? Have we forgotten the bucket system? Give a youngster of today a bucket and ask him to bath, he won’t know where to start leave alone knowing about the Masaail of using a bucket. They are too used to letting the water flow!

4.      How many of us MUSLIMS flush away up to 10 litres of water for our 250ml of urine? How many of our children have been trained to do the same? For how many years has this been going on?

5.      How many of us MUSLIMS water our gardens daily not caring about the quantity of water being used. A hose pipe pours out 9 litres of water per minute. All this for the sake of beauty for our pleasure. How many years has this gone on for? Sprinkler systems set on a timer daily! Are we truly crying for water today?

6.      How many of us MUSLIMS spend our Sundays washing our idol cars. One doesn’t even have to speak about the amount of wastage in this exercise!

7.      Take a look at our Wudhu Khaanas in our MUSJIDS. Stop and have a look at how fast those taps are open while we are making the IBAADAT of Wudhu. Just have a look before a Salaah and see how many of our MUSLIM brothers are having a conversation while the water is flowing! Are we truly concerned about water?

These are just a few outstanding examples of mass scale wastage of water that is coming from our South African MUSLIMS lives, there are many more if each of us sincerely analyse our daily lives. If we as MUSLIMS can’t correct our usage of water how can we expect the rest of the country to do so.

Think deeply about this before trying to imitate the Saudis by performing Salaatul Istisqaa. The Muslims of South Africa are always looking for new projects, new exciting things, fancy Jalsas, Qiraat competitions, Islamic TV etc etc. They never want to get serious and think responsibly, they are way too childish in their brains. This is the consequence of too much wealth and the desire to follow the kuffar. They want to live flashy, extravagant, sporty, braai and Dubai lives and forget their place as Muslims in society. This Salaatul Istisqaa that everyone wants to perform this weekend is another one of their ‘new exciting projects’. Half of the areas that are performing the Salaah are not even performing it for 3 days. Many are on sports fields and school grounds where all sorts of filth takes place. Many are not even properly on the outskirts of the towns. This just shows how sincere they are.

Allah Ta’ala has blessed us with an abundance of water for years on end and we openly and arrogantly wasted it. Now a little water gets held back and we pretend as if we are worried.

- Let not the day come when we all open our taps in our homes and nothing comes out.

- Let not the day come when that boy who was grown up under the shower has to rope up a bucket from a well to have a bath.

- Let not the day come when we have to dig for water like our brothers up in Africa.

Then we will see how sincerely we will perform this Salaatul Istisqaa!

May Allah Ta’ala save us and help us to recognise our faults and get serious about being and living like true MUSLIMS.

(End of the layman’s letter)


Whilst waste is a surely contributing factor for the invocation of Allah’s Athaab (Punishment),  the primary factor  for drought – although there is no real drought yet affecting us – is the filth of fisq and fujoor in which the Muslim community is wallowing, and in which the ulama-e-soo’ are the  main culprits. These evil molvis and sheikhs have legalized almost every sin in the Book of Sins, from carrion to riba, from immodesty to zina.

The ‘istisqa’ hype is simply another publicity stunt by the aggrandizement-seekers of the NNB Jamiat. This is why they have published lists of towns where the mock ‘istisqa’ shows are being organized. The Muslim community’s worst enemies are the villainous molvis and sheikhs of the NNB Jamiat, the MJC, Daarush Shaitaan and a recent member of the fraternity of evil jaahil ‘scholars, the Jamiatul Juhala of Durban.

The roots and causes of the wickedness and immorality (fisq and fujoor) prevailing in the Muslim community are these jamaats of juhala ulama-e-soo’. Even the ‘khaanqahs’ of the day have clambered on board the wagon of fisq and fujoor. These morons have not seen suffering. They do not have the haziest idea of suffering and hardships. But when the calamity of Divine Punishment descends, then it will be too late to open up the blind eyes.

The morons are too stupid to understand that a fundamental precondition for valid Salaatul Istisqa’ is Taubah which entails abandonment of the sins in which there is current involvement. The very same jaahil and fussaaq molvis who are organizing their mock ‘istisqa’ shows are indulging in television zina and videos. They halaalize and consume carrion. They organize kuffaar sport. Theyhalaalize haraam television, videos and pictures. They halaalize  intermingling of sexes. They lure women out of their homes to participate in public programmes. They operate haraam ‘counselling’ services with women at the helm. They embezzle and misappropriate Zakaat and Lillaah funds. The list of their public acts of fisq and fujoor is indeed formidable.

They refuse to abandon these brazen haraam acts of transgression, yet they organize ‘istisqa’ shows. As long as the evil in the community is not remedied, the punishment of Allah Ta’ala will become incremental until it reaches its climax in the sudden and devastating elimination of the community. May Allah Ta’ala have mercy on us.

24 Muharram 1437 - 7 November 2015


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