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Assalamu Alaikum

The last seven minutes of the first video of mufti Menk lecturing in a masjid are being circulated.  It is about unity of the Ummah. In it he collectively mentions Shafi, Maliki and Salafi.  He gives some (which seems to me) disconnected examples of unity in everyday life. He goes on to say we have differences of opinion amongst us and should not let it be a cause of division and that we must learn to tolerate. 

My understanding is that there is unity amongst the Madhabs and this is respected. But differences in belief are not meant to be accepted in order to bring unity amongst the Ummah. Is this incorrect? The mufti gives an explanation at the very end of a verse from the Qur’aan to drive his point home. 

The second video is of a man who has become a famous speaker. He is not a scholar. He speaks about unity and also says  that Muslims judge each other according to school of thought and he uses a Surah to explain.  He says things like:  "We have to honour human beings etc".

There are many such videos making the rounds. It has become the latest method of reaching out to people. A large number of Muslims watches video clips of Islamic topics delivered by various ‘famous’ (notorious) speakers, some of whom are not Ulama, but well-versed in Arabic. (There are many scavengers, murderers, robbers and scoundrels in the Arab countries who are experts of the Arabic language – The Majlis). 

Very often the incorrect understanding is being spread through TV, radio and social media by eloquent speakers. not just overseas speakers but even people in our own communities have become "respected" and  are then pursued to speak at ladies only fundraisers or at masjids etc. People who are not scholars, but might have an "islamic education degree" (scrap degree based on a smattering of corrupt ‘knowledge’ – The Majlis) are invited to speak at gatherings. 

Public speaking has become a desired profession or pastime activity. (It is the profession of frauds and deceits – The Majlis). Sometimes the words might seem correct, but  deceptive. But, when you point out this  to   people, advising them to be wary  of the speakers and the videos,  they will say  that what they are saying is correct and that we should  not to look at other factors that might make one distrust them. For example, the second video's speaker always wears a suit and tie and speaks about how Muslims should be with each other. 

Women speakers whose face and voice are not concealed,  speak about how to love correctly. These do not seem superficial elements. They are serious factors to take note of. I cannot explain what it is that causes the distrust or feelings of discomfort in me. I remember reading once about a scholar being taught that public speaking was dangerous to get involved in.
(End of the Sister’s letter)



In the Hadith of our Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) we are warned  about deviates from whom it is not permissible to acquire knowledge. The Ilm of the Deen is a Divine Treasure, and such a Treasure is not available from a faasiq, and all these  facebook characters and aunts are fussaaq and fujjaar.  Their sole objective for utilizing the Deen is aggrandizement – to fulfil nafsaani  motives. They are hungry for name and fame. Others again seek to create an image of holiness and erudition for themselves since these  are requisites for monetary gain. 

The character Menk is what the Ulama term, ‘mufti maajin’. In fact, all of these facebook / Youtube ‘muftis’ are of this same ilk. They are juhala who are astray and who mislead the unwary and the ignorant. The world nowadays abound with one cent ‘muftis’. Regarding these propagators of misguidance, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Verily, I fear for my Ummah the aimmah mudhilleen.”


The aimmah mudhilleen are the  maajin (moron) muftis, the juhala imams, molvis and  sheikhs who misguide people, taking them along the path of Jahannam into destruction. 

These charlatans masquerading as ‘scholars’ and ‘ulama’, in order to promote themselves for gaining recognition have selected the most immoral medium, viz., facebook, etc. This very selection of a zina medium  testifies to their moral bankruptcy and spiritual barrenness.  A natural attribute of an Aalim of Haqq is concealment, that is concealing himself from the public, NOT concealing and corrupting the Haqq, a concealment which has become the outstanding feature of  the droves of publicity-seeking moron ‘scholars’ of deviation roaming on the immoral facebook terrain in search of  the carrion of the world. 

Their gimmicks in their trade of peddling their wares of baatil are their baseless theories of  ‘unity’ and the  ‘math-hab’ slander against the Ulama-e-Haqq who are the obstacles in their pathway  of their pursuit for  cheap glory and aggrandizement. 

They seek to mislead the ignorant masses with the canard that the firm adherence  to the Math-habs propagated by the Ulama-e-Haqq is the cause of disunity when in reality, diversion from the Math-habs and admixture of Math-habs are the  actual causes of disunity. Diversion from the Math-hab is deviation from Siraatul Mustaqeem, and such deviation is the pathway to Jahannam which these facebook moron ‘scholars’ of the nafs are plodding. 

Rigid practise on the Math-hab is  painted as lack of tolerance and condemnation of the other Math-habs whereas the opposite is the reality. An unbiased scrutiny of the baseless claims of the men of ghabaawat and nafsaaniyat will reveal that the Ulama-e-Haqq who are the staunchest adherents of the Math-habs are the most tolerant of the other Math-habs. Since it is our belief that the Four Math-habs constitute the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah which is the sole repository of Najaat (Salvation) in the Hereafter, the charge of  intolerance is slander and utterly baseless. On the contrary, those who renounce the Math-habs such as the  libertine modernists, and those who have an extremely lax bond with the Math-habs, such as the fussaaq momparas, and the revilers of the Four Math-habs, viz.,  the Salafi deviates who masquerade as Hanafis, are  the ones who display gross intolerance and create discord and dissension in the Ummah by denouncing  Taqleed of the Math-habs. 

The Ulama who are grounded in Knowledge, understand and accept the differences of the Math-habs.  It has never been the policy of our Ulama – our Akaabireen – to convert  followers of other Math-habs to the Hanafi Math-hab. In our Institutions of Ilm, are students of  different Math-habs who  retain their Math-habs even after spending years in the Hanafi Madaaris. There is not a single  Shaafi’ who has studied  at the Hanafi Madaaris who can claim that lack of tolerance was displayed for the Shaafi’ Math-hab by either the Asaatizah or by the Hanafi students. 

In fact, in practical terms, all the Ulama-e-Haqq of all Four Math-habs have a common culture, and that is the Culture of the Sunnah. They all look alike, dress alike, practise the Sunnah alike and appear as a homologous single entity. It is only when they perform Salaat will it be known that they are of different Math-habs. Besides such differences  in the practical masaa-il of the Deen, the Ulama-e-Haqq of all Math-habs are one  Fraternity – a Brotherhood of the Sunnah. There is mutual  honour and respect  in their ranks. 

Never will you find a Hanafi criticizing a Shaafi’ for adhering to his Math-hab nor will you find a Shaafi’ criticizing a Hanafi for following his Math-hab. The criticism is the  satanic  work of the moron facebook juhhaal who legalize zina of the eyes, zina of the mind, zina of the tongue and zina of the heart. These facebook characters go to hell to impress the stupid ladies who grovel in their stupidity. These miserable facebook and television molvis and sheikhs and maajin (moron) muftis like the menk character, and the other juhhaal you have referred to,  debase themselves by applying facial cosmetics like the stupid women to make them presentable for the dumb viewing audience of fussaaq and fujjaar. 

The broadmindedness and tolerance of the Ulama-e-Haqq could be gauged from the fact that Muslims  of the Shaafi’ Math-hab from Indonesia, Malaysia, etc., and Maalikis from West Africa, etc.,  refer their Deeni queries to a Hanafi ‘fanatical’ entity such as The Majlis for the simple reason that they  lack confidence in the ulama-e-soo’ of their own Math-habs in their respective lands. In this era of fitnah and fasaad, fisq and fujoor, kufr and ilhaad,  we always adopt  the ‘unprincipled’ stance of  answering their queries in terms of their own respective Math-habs, NOT in accordance with our Hanafi Math-hab. We say ‘unprincipled’ because in terms of the Principles of the Math-hab, the Ulama of  a Math-hab should not issue fatwa  in terms of another Math-hab. 

However, we live in a delicate era  which  preponderate with deviates – the Aimmah Mudhilleen. Refraining from answering the queries of the followers of the other Math-habs is tantamount to sending them to the spiritual gallows. It is like sending them to the  wolf’s den. The vile ‘scholars’ are nowadays bandits, highway robbers and dacoits who ruin the moral character and destroy the Imaan of the masses. For the safety of the  masses, it is no longer  permissible for the Ulama-e-Haqq of the Hanafi Math-hab for example, to refer  Muslims of the Shaafi’ Math-hab, for example, to a corrupt and jaahil entity such as the MJC whose only credential is to certify carrion and collect the haraam  boodle for the procurement of expensive vehicles and beachfront mansions. 

The argument that firm adherence to the Math-hab is the cause of disunity is a slanderous canard inspired to the menk-style morons by Iblees. Nowadays the only qualifications necessary  to be known as an ‘erudite scholar’ to the juhhaal masses are a glib tongue, the ability to recite some qiraa’t and sing a couple of nasheeds / nazams / na’ts, and to  disgorge an upside down discourse of  some disjointed facts and figures. These are the only qualifications of the facebook morons. 

The contention that “Muslims judge each other  according to school of thought” is another lie disgorged by another Ghabi wallowing in jahaalat.  Let him cite just one example to substantiate his canard. Who has judged Hanafis, Shaafis, Maalikis and Hambalis in terms of Math-habs?  The only judgement in regard to these Math-habs is that all Four are the Haqq. 

Yes, we do judge false ideologies such as Salafi’ism, Shi’ism, Modernism and Satanism.  All of these deviant ideologies  are not  part of the Math-habs of Haqq. The moron facebook  characters are at pains to pass of these deviant ‘isms’ as valid Math-habs of Islam. That is why they lump the deviations together with the Four Math-habs. Any ideology  besides the Four Math-habs is not part of the Ahlus Sunnah. For such deviant ideologies there is no tolerance. 

“We have to honour human beings” is accepted. No one  teaches  that human beings should be dishonoured. However,  proclaiming the Haqq and  informing Muslims  of the deviations and Satanism propagated by the facebook  moron ‘scholars’ is incumbent for the guidance of the masses.  In fact, the Hadith commands that these juhala be dishonoured. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“When  a faasiq is honoured, the Arsh of Allah shudders.”

“He who  honours a man of bid’ah, aids in the demolition of Islam.”

It is necessary to examine the person from whom one wishes to acquire Deeni knowledge and guidance.  One should not seek knowledge of the Deen from fussaaq, fujjaar and the zanaadiqah. All of these facebook and television jaahil ‘scholars’ are zindeeqs. It is not permissible to listen to their talks.  The talks of zindeeqs and fussaaq  exercise a detrimental effect on the heart. Imaan is damaged by the deviance which they propagate.

26 Muharram 1437 – 9 November 2015


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