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A Brother who had participated in the mock ‘istisqa’ organized by the miscreant NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg, writes:

Assalamu alaykum 

On Sunday the 8th November 2015, Salaatul Istisqa was performed with much hype in Lenasia. 

It was advertised on Radio Shaitaan etc as a great event. Posters in the Masaajid, invited Muslims to attend this Salaah which would sent out a message of unity to others. 

Many people attended the Salaah event.

The virtues of repentance were emphasised upon. 

When the Imaam mounted the mimbar, I personally saw a brother videoing the crowd. He did so in full view of many Musallees and Ulama. 

I am a layman. I was shocked. Not a single Aalim stopped him. 

Were we not making Taubaah unto Allah? Everyone knows that the sacred Ibaadah of Salaah cannot be treated like a festival. I  felt disgusted that such a mockery of Salaatul Istisqa could take place in front of the Ulama. Whilst some of them appear on T.V, surely there are some limits. 

I was against The Majlis but the silence of every Aalim, Mufti and Imaams (and there were at least a hundred of them) shocked me and made me understand why the Majlis uses such a harsh approach. Every word you now use which is filled with anger and condemnation makes sense to me. 

How will the rains come when we sin whilst pretending to make Taubaah? 

Please comment. 



The so-called ‘aalims’ are in fact DUMB DEVILS, hence their silence when the Ahkaam of the Deen are recklessly and flagrantly flouted and trampled on. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), severely reprimanding these human devils, said:

“He who maintains silence regarding the Haqq is a dumb shaitaan.”

Recounting the virtues of repentance was another great mockery – a hollow display of fraudulent piety. An essential constituent of a valid Taubah is to pledge abstention from the sins for which Taubah is made. But these molvi clowns who paint and powder their faces and snouts to appear on haraam television, and who flagrantly  flout the Shariah in other ways as well, have no intention of abandoning their fisq and fujoor, yet they project themselves as paragons of piety and virtue at the mock ‘istiqsa’. 

They are people who are capable of sinning in front of Allah Azza Wa Jal on the Day of Qiyaamah, hence they possess the satanic audacity and nifaaq of allowing the videoing of an act of Ibaadat whose very soul is humility and grief. What type of mockery is this? A mockery which eliminates Imaan? It is a mockery which is kufr. 

When even these molvis are ignorant of the meaning of Taubah, what can be expected of the flock which follows these juhala? Molvis who may be sincere, but too timid and cowardly to speak up for Allah’s Deen, should at least educate their underlings regarding the meaning of Taubah. It is not sufficient to say: “Make Taubah.” Making ‘taubah’ without abandoning the sins is a mockery of Taubah. It is imperative to repeatedly remind the people to abandon their rotten, immoral life of fisq and fujoor. 

Taubah whilst holding the wine-bottle to the mouth is not Taubah. It is kufr. ‘Taubah’ whilst having absolutely no intention of abandoning the love for Dajjaal’s Eye, the haraam television, is not Taubah. It is a mockery inspired by shaitaan. 

Yes, these pillagers and plunderers of the Deen –the ulama-e-soo’ – will still live to see that “every word we use makes sense”. But that day will be too late.

“If you aid  (the Deen) of Allah, then He will aid you and plant your feet firmly (against your enemies).”  -- Qur’aan

28 Muharram 1437 (11 November 2015)


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