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Assalamu Alaikum

On the 15th November 2015, Lusaka Hindu Association hosted a Diwali Show at the Hindu Sports Club. We will send to you a Zambia Post Newspaper advert separate to this email as evidence of the same show. The Diwali show had cultural dances, Bollywood dances, fireworks, cash bar etc. 

The  shocking part of the show is as follows :

(1)  Amongst many Hindu sponsoring companies, one of the sponsors was a Zambian Muslim owned company which makes soda and carbonated drinks etc. The evidence of this sponsorship is shown in the advert sent to you where the Muslim company's drinks products are shown. Also during the actual live Diwali show , the organizers thanked  the same Muslim company. 

(2) What is even more shocking is that this Muslim-owned company is the same soda/carbonated drinks making company that  was mentioned in one of your previous articles. The owner of this company is the same person who continues to be the main supporter of a certain 'sheikh' from Pakistan who frequents Zambia and conducts mass i’tikaaf on a yearly basis. In fact this businessman is one of the main persons who introduced the 'sheikh' to Zambia.  The sheikh has also given this same person khilafat. 

(3)  Could there be a connection between the spillover of the mass i’tikaaf of the 'sheikh ' held at a Hindu hall near Masjid Umar and the sponsor of a Hindu Diwali haram festival ? The common word is Hindu !! Is the soda/carbonated drinks Muslim manufacturer paying the hindus back for their hall hire support for the mass i’tikaaf ? There could  to be a connection. 

(4) Another  shocking part is that Muslims actually attended the Diwali show, while other Muslims watched and listened from outside the venue. 

In Zambia we seem to be having wolves in sheep skin. Please comment. .Jazakallah.   (End of the Brother’s letter)


Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that in the human body there is a lump of flesh. If it is healthy, the entire body will be healthy. If it is diseased, the whole body will be diseased. That lump is the heart. 

The Ulama and the Mashaaikh are the heart and the brain of the community. Today, in this era in close proximity to Qiyaamah, the Ulama are rotten to the core. Spiritually, morally and even physically they are wrecks, deviates, and robbers plundering the Akhlaaq and the Imaan of the Ummah. The world today abounds with ulama-e-soo’ and bogus sufi sheikhs who are, as you have correctly observed, ‘wolves in sheepskin. 

The corruption of the molvis, sheikhs and the so-called ‘sufi sheikhs’ has destroyed the Ummah. They excel in merrymaking festivals designed for monetary gains and despicable nafsaani motives – riya, takabbur and israaf, and at a time when the Ummah at large is grovelling in poverty and misery, and wallowing in jahaalat, fisq and fujoor.

The Hindu nexus speaks volumes, and very loudly, for the corruption of the bogus sufi sheikh who organizes his mass i’tikaafs.  Utilizing the hall of the mushrik Hindus for the ‘spillover’ of the misled participants in the mass mock i’tikaaf shockingly highlights the deviation, corruption and Satanism of the misguided ‘sufi’. Be assured that no genuine Sufi will ever acquit himself in this disgraceful manner. 

Allah Ta’ala has bestowed sound Aql to all Muslims. However, instead of correctly utilizing this wonderful Ni’mat, they debase their intelligence with nafsaaniyat, and blindly follow just any deceit who stages a festival where the inordinate craving and lust of the nafs find gratification. About such mobs who debase their brains and follow  deceits whose misguidance is conspicuously portrayed by their glaringly un-Islamic and anti-Sunnah shenanigans disguised as acts of the Deen, Allah Ta’ala reprimandingly says in the Qur’aan Majeed: 

“They take  their ahbaar (molvis and sheikhs) and their ruhbaan (sufis and sheikhs of tasawwuf) as gods besides Allah.....”

This was the style of the masses of Bani Israaeel. Muslims of this Ummah have become stagnated in the same  rut of corruption.

Those who had participated or facilitated the Hindu shirki festival, have lost their Imaan. They should renew their Imaan, repent and also renew their Nikah. May Allah Ta’ala  have mercy on this lost Ummah destroyed by the marauding molvis and sheikhs of deception and deviation – the wolves in sheep skin – the  shayaateen in human form.

13 Safar 1437 – 26 November 2015

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