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Stating its  extremely short-sighted ‘fatwa’ to entitle dubious characters to  raise funds for dubious and even haraam  and sinister objectives, the wayward Jamiat of Natal, answers a query as follows: 


At work am involved in our Citizenship drive, which involved raising funds and assisting the needy and thus far all non-Muslim orphanages. I would like to know is this ok from a Muslim point, as I have been confronted why not helping Muslims.  Hope to hear from you soon, Insha Allah.


Islam teaches us to be charitable to Muslims as well as Non-Muslims. There are many Ahadith that give general encouragement in assisting all of Allah’s creation.

For example, “The best of men are those who bring the greatest benefit to mankind”. (Tabrani)

The only distinction is in regards to compulsory charities like zakat, which can only be used for Muslims. In regards to general charity, it may be given to Muslims as well as non-Muslims.

(End of the question and answer)


Commenting on the Jamiat’s ‘fatwa’, the Brother wrote to the Jamiat:

Respected Moulana Saheb

Daily Q&A

I am intending to break my link in communicating with the Jamiat KZN.  However that is an issue for a separate day. This most recent Daily Q&A is another in a series of disappointing rulings.

The Jamiat KZN considering their many local and international relief and welfare campaign experience should firstly have been more cautious and reserved in their response and secondly possibly not even answered this question on a public platform.

The questioner indicated very briefly his/her charitable work in assisting non muslims. Whilst this is a meritorious act the Jamiat has not seen the bigger picture namely:

1. What is the Citizenship drive?

2. What is their background?

3. What is their mission statement, ethos, principles?

4. Who are the behind the scenes drivers of the project?

5. What are their religious belief? Or are they atheists, agnostics, other?

6. What type of money is received and donated?

7.  etc, etc

You are aware of my involvement in certain charity and social affairs. We have seen first hand sly, behind the scenes scenarios where muslims with good intention are funding and helping some times unknowingly and sometimes knowingly Christian and Hindu organisations or under a "neutral banner" the same objectives. The muslims in those campaigns are "brainwashed" or blind to the reality.

A simple example muslims are funding christian based groups feeding poor at the hospitals, non muslim drug dealers giving musjids charity money to give children, national lottery fund supporting charitable organisations, muslims helping to care for aged, sick, frail under christian based organisations. I know of very high profile cases which cannot be mentioned over a mail.

Also when joining his co-workers who will inevitably be a large percentage of non muslims on their charity drives their mindset is different. Their goal, objective and means is contrary to a Mumins mindset. There is no focus on the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala, HIS fear and doing things in accordance with Shariah. There is bound to be a compromise in our principles when joing the kuffaar.

I have seen this and so have others. It is not a figment of my imagination. There is ALWAYS a hidden motive and agenda even if the masses cannot see.

Even if we "overlook" all this often the non-muslim orphans, orphanages are run soley by non muslim faith based groups who inject their poison into the children, brainwash the masses and community with their local tabloid newspaper adverts and garner sympathy, praise and more funding.

The impression of a neutral based organisation is a fallacy and the ulama know this very well. You know full well that this has been the sinister tactic of the imperialists and missionaries for centuries in India, around the world and in SA. A quick read through the Darul Uloom Deoband website on the tactics of the British missionaries done centuries ago in India should enlighten the ulama.

This brother/sister is jeporadising his imaan, the community and aiding baatil.

The brother/sister should be advised to engage in his charitable work on an individual basis, with local saathies or under a muslim organisation under the supervision of a pious alim.

I once again ask for Allah Ta'ala's sake for the Jamiat to reflect and think deeply prior to issuing rulings. Focus on Taqwa and with much foresight on the potential door to fitna which you may lead people to.

If the Jamiat is unable to appropriately follow such a path please suspend this forum. If you insist on continuing then Q&A extracted from Ml A.A Thanwi's kitabs would suffice for the Jamiat.

May Allah Ta'ala have mercy on us and not punish us.

Was salaam


The Brother has commented adequately.  The Jamiat’s answer displays the puerility of the Jamait’s ‘fatwa department’. This fatwa as well as previous answers show that it is best for  this ‘ fatwa’ department to shut shop. The personnel of this ‘fatwa’ department lack in fatwa expertise. The answer to this question and to the question on lipstick stated in an earlier ‘fatwa’, are  bunkum, and an insult to the ‘mufti’s’ knowledge.

A mufti should be far sighted. His gaze should be panoptical. He should understand the consequences of issuing bunkum ‘fatwas’. The Brother’s comments amply portray the bunkum and the danger in the ludicrous ‘fatwa’ issued by the Jamiat which has already fallen from the pedestal of Haqq and is now peddling the path of baatil as a tail or poodle of the NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg.

We are 100% in agreement of the views expressed by the Brother.

3 Rabiul Awwal 1437 (15 December 2015)


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