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Rasulullah (sallallahu alayh wasallam) said that with the approach of Qiyaamah, idolatry will return to the Arabs. The women of a certain tribe will dance around idols with their ‘buttocks’ gyrating. (NB Rasulullah –sallallahu alayhi wasallam – specifically mentioned ‘buttocks’).

Not so long ago the rulers of  Kuwait had participated in an actual puja (idol-worship) ritual of the Hindus on the occasion when India’s prime minister, Modi, visited the country and extracted permission from the so-called Muslim country to construct the largest Hindu temple.

Currently, another act of kufr/shirk has been enacted by the moron king of Bahrain. A brother reporting on the kufr/shirk scenario, writes:

“The director of an Orthodox European rabbinical association lit Hanukkah candles in the palace of the king of Bahrain on Monday in Manama, Bahrain’s capital.

According to a press release from the Conference of European Rabbis, the ceremony was the first of its kind in the Persian Gulf nation’s palace since the establishment of Israel in 1948.

Conference Director Rabbi Moshe Levin, who was invited by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, recited the traditional blessings while lighting the candles, and sang a verse of “Ma’oztzur,” the traditional Hanukkah hymn. Some 50 Jews were present for the ceremony.

“A little light drives off a lot of darkness,” Levin told the king, according to the press release. “Bahrain under your rule is a little light in a dark world of radical fundamentalism.”   (End of letter)

Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, all being U.S. satellites serfdoms, have for long been in secret cahoots with Israel. The relationship is now incrementally being exposed. All of them have treacherously stabbed the Ummah and Islam in the back. Anyhow, we have to accept that Rasulullah’s predictions have to practically materialize.

The Arab states like all other Muslim countries, have already transgressed all bounds in fisq and fujoor – vice and immorality. They have traversed beyond the confines of redemption and are now set on the path of idolatry – shirk. Qiyaamah cannot be too distant in the future.

All of these kuffaar bootlicking rulers believe that their honour and safety are guaranteed by their god, the U.S. They therefore have to dance to the tune of their master, hence all the bootlicking.

6 Rabiul Awwal 1437 (18 December 2015)


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