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The Thabah system of Islam ordained by Allah Ta’ala is unparalleled in humanity and morality. Understand it and compare the Devil’s killing system with the Islamic system to understand what SANHA’s halaalized carrion is. The constituents of the Islamic system are:

  • The knife must be exceedingly sharp
  • The knife may not be sharpened in the presence of an animal
  • The animal may not be dragged or cruelly handled when bringing it to the point of slaughter
  • An animal may not be slaughtered in the presence of another animal
  • The animal to be slaughtered should not see the blood of the previously slaughtered animal. It has to be washed away.
  • The animal must be laid down horizontally facing the Qiblah
  • The slaughterer too must face the Qiblah
  • The slaughterer should not be an immoral person
  • The Tasmiyah must be recited on each animal
  • Skinning may not begin whilst there is even a vestige of life in the animal
  • The  fowl / chicken may not be immersed in hot water prior to removal of the entrails
  • Injury may not be inflicted on the animal prior to slaughtering
  • The Thabah process requires several minutes to slaughter one chicken
  • From the point of slaughter to the point where the consumer takes delivery, the chicken / meat must be under 100% Muslim supervision.


When the animal is slaughtered according to this Islamic system of Thabah, the meat will be Halaal and Tayyib.


Shareetatush Shaitaan or the Devil’s system of slaughter is any kuffaar system of killing animals. The system of killing chickens and other animals in the kuffaar  killing facilities halaalized by SANHA and the other conglomerate of rubbish carrion halaalizers consists of the following imperative constituents of brutality: 

  • The chickens and animals are cruelly manhandled by the kuffaar staff
  • The animals, especially the chickens are subjected to hunger and long waits in overcrowded cages prior to killing
  • The chickens and also the other animals are hung upside down on fast moving conveyor belts
  • The chickens, goats and sheep are cruelly stunned electrically.
  • Cattle first have their brains brutally smashed by shooting of a 10 cm bolt into their brains.
  • The chickens are slaughtered in motion on a fast moving conveyor belt.
  • The animals are faced away from the Qiblah
  • The killer does not face the Qiblah
  • The killers generally are scum. Dagga, drugs and immorality are their life style. They hardly perform Ju’muah and Eid Salaat. They are required to work on these days. There is no Taraaweeh Salaat for them.
  • The norm is abstention from reciting the Tasmiyah
  • Innumerable – millions – of chickens are merely nipped in the neck with the knife. The chickens are incorrectly killed and die horrendous deaths.
  • Officially, in terms of the contract, 32 or 36 chickens have to be killed per minute on the fast moving conveyor chain. In  practice, the norm is  about 50 chickens per minute
  • Whilst still alive, the chickens are immersed in hot water with the entrails and filth still within the carcases.
  • Shar’i supervision is 100% lacking


From A to Z, every step in the kuffaar killing system is Haraam. Every step is in violent conflict with the Shariah. Now how can a 100% Haraam killing system termed Shareetatush Shaitaan by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) ever produce 100% Halaal?  This is precisely what SANHA and the Carrion Cabal are saying. They magically produce 100% ‘halaal’ from a 100% brutal Haraam killing system. According to SANHA, the equation is Haraam + Haraam + Haraam + Haraam + Haraam = 100% Halaal Tayyib 

SHAREETATUS SHAITAAN means the slaughter of shaitaan. This term is the designation used by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) to describe kuffaar killing systems. Shaitaan had rebelliously refused to make Sajdah when Allah Ta’ala commanded him. He is at war with Allah Ta’ala and the progeny of Nabi Aadam (Alayis salaam). At every step and turn he beguiles man to ruin his dunya and his Aakhirat. 

SANHA and the Carrion Cabal are in an unholy embrace with Shaitaan. With his system of brutal killing, Shaitaan has blocked the execution of the two most fundamental constituents of Thabah:  the Tasmiyah on each animal and the severance of all the neck vessels. In the Shareetatush Shaitaan system employed by Rainbow and all other killing plants, Shaitaan has succeeded in preventing the Tasmiyah by means of the speed of the conveyor chain, the large number of chickens required to be killed per minute, and the overall number of 12,000 per slaughterer in a daily shift. The tremendous speed supplemented by the many other satanic factors of the devil’s system does not allow the recitation of the Tasmiyah on each chicken. 

Another method for preventing the Tasmiyah is that a slaughterer has to kill 12,000 chickens daily. That is, each slaughterer has to kill this amount. There is not a single one of the numerous fussaaq slaughterers who is able to recite Bismillaahi Allaahu Akbar 12,000 daily. 

Shaitaan has accomplished the plot of preventing the correct severance of the neck vessels by the method of hanging the chickens upside down, killing in motion and at speed. 

Only such morons who deliberately close their eyes may succeed in self-deception to believe that the brutally killed chickens in the Devil’s killing system are ‘halaal’. 


Of importance is to understand that even if broiler chickens are slaughtered 100% correctly by yourself in your backyard, then too you should abstain from consuming these artificial chickens. They are disease-causing.

23 Rabiul Awwal 1437 – 4 January 2016


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