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QUESTION:  I wrote to SANHA seeking information on the slaughtering system of Rainbow chicken plant. My questions were as follows:

  1. How many chickens do they slaughter per day?
  2. How many chickens do they slaughter per minute?
  3. How many slaughterers do they have?
  4. How many chickens must each slaughterer  slaughter per minute?
  5. What defeathering process  do they use?
  6. Are the chickens stunned?

SANHA refused to answer a single question. Instead of answering my questions, they sent me a  very ambiguous statement which they had issued some time ago. Please comment on their statement?


SANHA refused to answer  your perfectly reasonable questions because every  answer to your questions  will  glaringly highlight the HARAAM CARRION  status of the  diseased rot which SANHA halaalizes. The questions are all simple and rationale, so why does this Carrion  Shaitaan refuse to answer? Because  SANHA is Iblees in human form, and the  primary food of Iblees according to the Hadith is carrion -  meat on which the Name of Allah Ta’ala is not recited.

The statement which SANHA sent to you is old carrion hat.  Clutching at straws like a drowning man, SANHA had issued the carrion statement  on 29 April 2013 which is the date appearing on the statement. The statement is an insult to intelligence. It conspicuously  highlights SANHA’s total inability to respond to the charges directed at it by the Ulama and the  discerning and  conscientious segment of  the  Muslim community. Clutching at straws, SANHA said in its carrion argument:

“The Halaal poultry slaughter process at Rainbow and commercial abattoirs of the like was initiated/or endorsed by Ulama Institutions and leading Islamic Scholars of the past. The likes of  the marhoom Mufti Shafi RA, Moulana Ansaari RA, Moulana Omarjee RA, Moulana Sema r.a., Mufti Ebrahim Sanjalwi RA, Mufti Bashir Sanjalwi RA, Moulana Yunus Patel RA, Mufti Ahmed Mia RA, including many leading contemporary Ulama ??”


Firstly, we draw attention to the brazen, filthy carrion  LIE which SANHA stated in the names of the following Ulama: Mufti Ebrahim Samjalwi, Mufti Bashir Sanjalwi, Mufti and Ahmad Mia. These Ulama had unequivocally branded Rainbow chikcens HARAAM. SANHA is guilty of a despicable carrion LIE for having lumped  these Ulama’s names  together with the other   lot of names. We reiterate that SANHA is a confounded carrion LIAR for claiming that these Ulama had  halaalized Rainbow or any other  of SANHA’s or MJC’s carrion plants. So vile  and shocking is this LIE of SANHA, that  Maulana Abdul Hamid Sahib, Principal of Darul Uloom Azaadville was constrained to issue the following statement:


“The most important thing is to follow in their footsteps (i.e. the footsteps of the three Ulama mentioned above). It is not proper for us to use their names for our benefit and to sell their names for this dunya’s benefit. They can fix bayaans and seminars whilst they do the opposite to what  they (the senior Ulama) have taught us. This is making a mockery and like making a haraam. It is like being born to your father. You take his name, but depart from the ways he has taught you.

Deceiving the public! In this point I am going to become a bit emotional. Please forgive me. I have heard a few times (from certain quarters) that Mufti Sanjalvi Saheb (rahmatullah alayh)  had sanctioned commercially cut chickens and had said that such chickens are halaal. THIS IS A TOTALLY BLATANT LIE. I was with the Jamiat (i.e. the then Jamiatul Ulama of Transvaal of which Mufti Ebrahim Sanjalwi Sahib was the Ameer) very strong in those days. I was sent personally by Mufti Sahib for an inspection  of various (chicken) plants.


So, people who are vying with Mufti Sahib and using his name so wrongly, saying that he had sanctioned (the carrion chickens), PLEASE FEAR ALLAH! FEAR THE DAY OF QIYAAMAH! AND FEAR THE QABAR, PLEASE!”


The vehemence of Maulana Abdul Hamid’s tone which is not his usual style of naseehat,  more than adequately highlights and  confirms the LIE uttered by SANHA. Nothing better than LIES are expected from those who halaalize CARRION and feed Muslims  diseased, rotten Maitah. Labouring under the notion of dead men unable to talk, SANHA ventured the carrion LIE, little realizing that there are still  some Ulama alive  who are aware of the reality. We too, had participated in the inspection of Rainbow carrion plant in 1970 when the aforementioned three Ulama had unequivocally branded Rainbow chickens HARAAM.  They did it right at the plant.

Secondly, as far as the other Ulama are concerned, we say with Qur’aanic emphasis that we Muslims are not permitted to follow the errors, especially the egregious blunders  of Ulama regardless of their stature and seniority. Allaamah Abdul Wahhaab Sha’raani (Rahmatullah alayh), the illustrious Shaafi’ authority of the 9th century said:

“He who   clings to (i.e. cites as daleel) to the obscurities (errors and obscure views) of the Ulama, verily, he has made his exit from Islam.”

This in fact is standard attitude and  constitutes a principle in the Shariah.


Thirdly, the Qur’aan castigates and  prohibits elevating the Ulama and the Mashaaikh to the  level of ‘godhood’.  The meaning of ‘godhood’ in the context of the Tafseer of the aayat is to assign the baatil opinions of Ulama a higher status than the categorically  clear and conspicuous Rulings of Allah’s Shariah. Thus, the Qur’aan Majeed reprimanding the  masses of Bani Israaeel, the then Muslim Ummah, says:

“They (Bani Israaeel) take their Ahbaar (molvis) and their Ruhbaan (buzroogs/sheikhs)  as  gods  besides Allah…..”

Elaborating on this very Aayat, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) explained that

It was the evil  practice of Bani Israaeel to  accept and follow their ahbaar and ruhbaan

in their haraam fatwas. Since  such fatwas were palatable to the nafs, the masses would readily accept the process of halaalization of haraam and vice versa which the ulama of Bani Israaeel had adopted  primarily for monetary gain. And, this is precisely the carrion rotten rut in which SANHA, MJC, NIHT, ICSA, etc. are entrapped. Theyhalaalize haraam carrion only for the boodle – boodle in the forms of millions of rands for their coffers and pockets, and extracted from traders and the carrion plants suffering under blackmailing duress.


The couple of senior Ulama who are today all in their graves,  had grievously erred with their  utterly baseless opinions in total conflict with the Shariah. In a deluge of  publications have we  proven in detail the conflict between the personal, rickety, baatil views of those Ulama and the Shariah. The  brazen conflict with the Shariah can be ascertained by even  laymen who  make a cursory perusal of  the Isamic system of Thabah. From A to Z, beginning to end, the system of brutal killing  in operation at all the carrion plants is HARAAM! HARAAM! HARAAM! There is not a single step in the entire devil’s system of  killing which conforms to the Shariah. The couple of senior Ulama of the past had rendered Islam and the Muslim community a gigantic disservice   by having condoned a system of killing which Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) himself had  dubbed Shareetatus Shaitaan (the slaughtering of the devil).


Do we follow the Qur’aan, the Sunnah, and the Shariah  explained by countless  thousands of Fuqaha – the most senior of all senior Ulama – since the age of the Sahaabah, or do we follow the  utterly  baseless personal opinion of a couple of senior Ulama  who lived a couple of decades ago? Even those who  are still devouring these carrion chickens, should fear Allah Ta’ala and  reflect. If they do, they will not fail to  see the light and understand that indeed the entire system of killing is satanic and that a  100% shaitaani system cannever produce Halaal Tayyib food. The talk of the ‘end product’ to which SANHA and the  Carrion Cabal  desperately cling is  pure faeces – swine’s faeces.


We are not awed by names. Regardless of  seniority  and  academic accomplishment, the opinions of the erring Ulama have absolutely no veracity  and no acceptability in the Shariah.  They have grievously erred. May Allah Ta’ala grant them Maghfirah.


SANHA, bankrupt in entirety of rational argument and Shar’i daleel, is clinging on to the  carrion straw opinion for its dear life. But it must drown itself in the deluge of the stinking, rotten carrion mess.

Speaking another confounded LIE to bamboozle and befuddle the ignorant masses, SANHA alleges in its old hat carrion argument:

“SANHA has since its inception in the early 90’s further streamlined and improved on the Halaal regulatory protocols and systems laid down by our Pious Predecessors??”


We fail to understand the  question marks. It appears that deep in its carrion heart SANHA  doubts its own carrion ‘protocols’. The ‘streamlining and improvement’ is another dastardly carrion canard – a blatant stinking LIE. That is why, SANHA refuses to answer the simple questions which the Brother has posed. Why conceal the facts? Why  attempt to sidestep the issues at hand? Why  resort to chicanery and deception? Why no transparency? Simply because the facts – if the questions are answered  are just too damning – too ugly – too brutal and too satanic  for  the Muslim’s heart.


We state unequally that the killing system and the method is by far worse than what it had been  some decades ago when  some senior Ulama had blurted out their opinions without applying their minds, and without the slightest regard for the  vile, shaitaani consequences  of their   lamentable and regrettable opinions.  The devil’s murderous killing system cannot be streamlined into halaal. Shaitaan’s system remains the haraam system of Iblees irrespective of adornment. But the reality is that while in some other haraam issues cosmetic changes can be effected for deception to succeed, in the devil’s system of brutal killing in operation at all commercial killing facilities,  even cosmetic changes cannot be effected. There is simply no way in which the brutality and the haraam status of the  carrion products  can be camouflaged. It is simply too ugly, gory and brutal to conceal. That is  why questions are not answered, and that is why inspections by Ulama and other responsible Muslims are not allowed. Inspections are pre-planned and the  plant is doctored  and an attempt is made to cosmeticize the villainous operation, but to no avail. The stench is just too horrible and intolerable, for after all, it is, as said by our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), Shareetatush Shaitaan.

It is indeed lamentable that  some senior Ulama had fallen victim to the nafs and others to  carelessness, hence they proffered opinions  to halaalize Shareetatush Shaitaan.

Another lament from SANHA’s old hat carrion argument is:


“It is rather sad that each year prior to the coming of Ramadhaan, some miscreant individuals attempt to create confusion and doubt in the minds of the general public specifically targeting our mothers and sisters, on the subject of Halaal poultry and undermine and discredit the services of other mainstream Ulama  and Islamic organisations.”


The valid Shar’i condemnation of SANHA & Carrion Clique is not restricted to  Ramadhaan.  It is a requisite of  Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi Anil Munkar which is a perennial obligation  being  voiced and disseminated all year round. However, there is a greater need to remind  Muslims of the filth and destruction of consuming carrion during the Month of Ramadhaan which is the Month of the greatest  auspiciousness in which one Fardh  ibaadat equals 70 Fardhs of another month, and in which one Nafl is the equivalent of a Fardh of another Month.  The need is greater  in Ramadhaan  to remind  Muslims to abstain from devouring  the  muck and rot of carrion chickens  to save their Fasts and Imaan from  being egregiously contaminated by the food of Iblees, and to have mercy on their  bodies by saving  themselves from diseases such as cancer, heart problems, etc. caused by  the rijs (filth) which   SANHA  halaalizes.


The  confusion in the community is the consequence of halaalization of carrion and  bamboozling  ignorant Muslims with  copro-fatwas which have no truck with the Shariah. All  of these copro-fatwas are the effects of  personal opinion which  is devoid of  even a semblance of Shari’ substance. There is no confusion in the Masaa-il of the Shariah. Allah’s Shariah is  glitteringly clear.  The opinions of  men unsubstantiated by the Shariah  are smitten with incongruity and are the cause of confusion and satansim.


The verdict of the mainstream Ulama is that all commercially killed chickens are HARAAM CARRION.  The ulama-e-soo’ are SANHA’s ‘mainstream’ ulama. They are either the followers of shaitaan or dumb devils. The mainstream Ulama are those who proclaim Allah’s Deen without any ambiguity, without employing forked tongues, and without any consideration for  friendship, monetary and  nafsaani designs.

SANHA claims: “...mainstream ulama not only in SA but also abroad endorse the systems employed by SANHA and acknowledge its bona fides.”


Acknowledgment  by a world full of  ulama-e-soo’ who miserably fail to  present their Shar’i dalaa-il for their putrid, carrion opinions in no way whatsoever transform SANHA’s carrion mala fides into Islamic bona fides. According to the Shariah carrion fides are malafides, never bona fides. About the  majority  of the miscreants who fill the world, the Qur’aan Majeed states: “And, if you follow their majority, then you too will become Musrikoon.”

The  decrees of the Shariah are not based on  any hallucinated ‘majority’ principle, least of all the majority of the miscreants, mudhilleen, zindeeqs and ulama-e-soo’. The Brother asked  for answers to specific  simple questions, not for  hoodwinking tactics to pull wool over the eyes. SANHA’s proffering of an old hat  stupid response is nothing but an abortive attempt to pull a smokescreen   to avoid answering the simple  valid and extremely relevant  questions.

The Shariah’s  laws are not determined by  any majority of  miscreant ‘ulama’ here and abroad. The Shariah is  the Qur’aan and Sunnah. There is no ambiguity in the Sunnah. SANHA has no  Shar’i facts, hence it is hopelessly lost and unable to  present  Shar’i  arguments to bolster its carrion position. We have  substantiated our every  contention with solid facts from the Shariah’s sources, and not a single molvi  nor any grand mufti has been able to  neutralize our dalaa-il to this day. Their responses are pure laymen twaddle bringing insult to their own intelligence.

Mentioning its absolutely corrupt phantom so-called ‘ulama committee, SANHA says in its  old hat corrupt statement:  “The Committee component of SANHA reaffirms its position that Rainbow, Goldi, Romeo and other poultry  plants under its jurisdiction comply with the required criteria and are certified/approved as Halaal?? “ (Again question marks by SANHA.  This indicates the doubts in their own brains.

The ‘ulama’ component’ of SANHA is a laughable  clique of clowns. This clique is a stupid rubber stamp which SANHA uses to deceive and bamboozle the stupid masses. SANHA dictates to the handful of imbecile molvis to whom perks are provided to toe the line. SANHA treats its molvi component as a dirty rag. It has no respect for these couple of spineless molvis who have betrayed the Deen and the Muslim community for the  despicable worldly perks and monetary gains. SANHA has them hooked on to bait. These  evil molvis lacking in  Ilm and spirituality have  their own nafsaani agendas  which are partly  seen to by SANHA.  There is no ulama  component so incompetent, imbecile  and lacking in self-respect as the clique of stupid molvis  who dance to SANHA’s tune. They are   foul puppets of the Carrion Halaalizer. Useless rubber stamps!

We now take the liberty of answering the Brother’s questions on behalf of SANHA.

Q. How many chickens do they slaughter per day?

A. Rainbow alone kills 300,000 chickens daily. This was the output some years ago. It may have multiplied substantially.


Q. How many chickens  do they slaughter per minute?

A. A slaughterer has to kill 40 chickens per minute. However, 5they killing up to 60 a minute.

Q. How many slaughterers do they have?

A. Eight killers


Q. What is the line speed?

A. The line speed is normally 180 chickens per minute for three killers. Thus each killer  has to kill up to 60 per minute, and even if the speed is  reduced,  a killer has to kill 40 chickens  per minute.


Q. What defeathering process do they use?

A. The  still alive chickens, dangling upside down, kicking and flapping are immersed in scalding water whilst the entrails are still inside the carcases.

Q. Are the chickens stunned?

A. The chickens are cruelly electrocuted. The  chickens hanging upside down are passed threw a trough of electrified water. They pass through this  electrified water with their heads immersed inside. This shocks and  even kills them.


We have detailed literature available on all aspects of the Devils Slaughtering system  which SANHA has certified. Anyone interested may write for  these publications.



The dishonesty and falsity of SANHA can be gauged from the LIES  it feasts on in its sordid bid to sustain some credibility. In its statement which it had first issued in 2013, SANHA   brazenly  stated the blatant LIE that  Mufti Saljalwi and the other two Ulama had  passed  the carrion chickens as Halaal. In addition to ourselves, Maulana Abdul Hamid Sahib immediately laid bare the filthy LIE spoken by the Carrion SANHA shaitaan. SANHA was knocked cold by this exposure. It slinked into a fortress of silence  on this specific issue. Neither did SANHA contest Maulana Abdul Hamid’s categorical rejection of SANHA’s LIE, nor did SANHA  issue an apology  and retraction.  Like Iblees, it  deemed silence best  for  its carrion image. Now after three years, SANHA again issues the very same LIE  to vindicate its haram carrion trade.

In clinging to the LIE like a parasite, SANHA has  further exposed its contemptibility, its dishonesty and  its total untrustworthiness. Any Muslim having some skin of shame on his face, would have apologized for the deliberate LIE spoken  in the nmames of Ulama who  are in their graves.


5 Rabiuth Thaani 1437 - 15 January 2016


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