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A  Concerned Brother, lamenting the deviation and flagrant public displays of villainy of evil molvis parading as ‘ulama, writes:


Salaam respected moulana 

I am deeply hurt and upset by the behavior of the ulama of our country. In one of your articles you mentioned that you will expose the faasiq ulama. I would like to bring certain issuess to your attention and you can choose if you would like to publish this.


1. Golf day by Sandton 'Islamic' association

The above mentioned Islamic association is known for hosting events such as golf day, dads and lads day, a CPR course inside the masjid and other such events. What is the islamic significance of such events. Please view their website and see for yourself

If you go to the gallery section of this website, you will see that haraam photography takes place at all these events. You will also see 2 ulama whom people consider to be great. These 2 are:

1. The brother of Ml Suliman Moola - Ml Bilaal Moola

2. An alim by the name of Ml Arshad Fakir


2. Photography by Ulama:

We were taught in madressa that taking out pictures of animate objects are haraam. What gives these ulama the right to change the deen and make it permissible?

I have messaged the alim mentioned above, Ml Arshad Fakir, asking him why does he persist in taking out photos knowing that they are haraam. I provided him the evidence to prove that it is haraam. This arrogant alim refused to respond to me and instead blocked me from messaging him further. To me, this is arrogance at its peak. How much more arrogant can one get? This alim uploads pictures of him and his family visiting places of the nasaarah - soccer stadiums, beaches, etc and he is proud of displaying it to everyone.

Furthermore, he posts pictures and videos of every single work of dawah that he does. Clearly, the intention here is riyaa and there can be no sincerity when one does things for show.


3. Uploading videos of Quran

The purpose of reading Quran is to get closer to Allah, to reflect on His verses, and to gain sawaab. These days there are people making videos of themselves reading Quran and uploading them to social networking sites. Some of them do not even know the rules of tajweed.

Spearheading this new trend is a qari by the name of zaheer zardad. This qari also persists in doing photography and videography. When approached he says "You have no understanding of the deen so I will not entertain you". Again, this is arrogance. 

In the past people accepted their wrongs and thanked the person who brought it to their attention. These days, even ulama do not want to accept their wrongs. They blatantly and arrogantly belittle anyone who corrects them. Their hearts have become corrupted with the dunya. Their main aim is to get applauded by people and to become famous. They compete with each other on social media to see who has the most followers.

(End of letter)



The following Hadith is an adequate commentary for the shaitaaniyat, fisq and fujoor of these molvi characters, posing as ‘ulama’ when the reality is that they lack the haziest idea of the meaning of Ulama. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“There shall dawn a time when nothing will remain of Islam, but its name. Nothing will remain of the Qur’aan, but its text. The Musaajid will be beautifully adorned structures (like Sikh temples such as the Ormonde Musjid in Johannesburg, and the Turkish ‘musjid’ Dhiraar in Johannesburg), but devoid of guidance. The worst of the people under the canopy of the sky will be the Ulama. From them will emanate fitnah, and the fitnah will rebound on them (hemming them into the web of their own satanism).”


These facebook mercenary molvis and qaaris suffer egregiously from the twin diseases of Hubb-e-Jaah (love for fame) and Hubb-e-Maal (love for money). In pursuit of these satanic objectives they have blinded themselves, hence they trample in najaasat – they wallow in najasat – they devour najaasat. Every capillary in their bodies exudes the stench of the shaitaani najaasat they devour in the name of the Deen. 

These vile molvis with their vermiculated brains and satanized hearts are signs of Qiyaamah, for Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that from among the signs of the last Times is that Knowledge of the Deen will be acquired for objectives other than the Deen, and with acts of the Deen the dunya will be searched for. This is what these louts are doing. May Allah Ta’ala save the community from the shaitaani depredations of these predators who ruin the Akhlaaq and Imaan of the ignorant and unwary.  And Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: 

“Most of the munaafiqeen of my Ummah are its qaaris.”

28 Rabiuth Thaani 1437 (8 February 2016)


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