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A Concerned Sister offers the Jamiat KZN the following advice:

Assalaamu Alaykum

Ulama at the Jamiat KZN

An extremely evil quality in a man is that when someone notifies him of his wrong he will justify it (argue with the critic) or ignore it (not respond to the critic), and indulge further in it (continue with the wrong acts). This arrogant attitude is very similar to that of Shaytaan's.

A Muslim, a true Muslim must analyse the criticism, see if he falls within it and if so make taubah, make amends and erase that evil from his life.

For year and years we have preached and followed the lifestyle of our beloved Akaabir Ulama who we boast were so particular in following every aspect of the Sunnah and of our Deen.

Have a look at the two snap shots of the Jamiat KZN website below, reflect and decide whether you are rendering a service or disservice to the Ummah.

We can never be too particular about our Deen.

Dont be so short sighted oh Jamait!, if you (who the masses look up to) are going to become lax in the finer points of the Deen then how do you expect the masses to change and become ardent follows of the Deen? For example, who will take the prohibition of Photography seriously after visiting your website? ‘Why? If the Moulanas are doing it, why cant we?’

Now you go on the Mimbars and moan and complain about the sad state of the Ummah all you want, but at the end of the day their weakness stems from your example and actions.

Deep contemplation on this point brings one to a point of frustration. How can it be that those who wish to advise us and take up the position of Ulama-of leaders of the Ummah- are the very ones who are subtly destroying the Deen???

South African Ulama really need to catch a serious wake up!

Respond if you wish, ignore if you wish but know well that this email will stare you in the face on the Day of Qiyaamah.

Was-Salaam, F.Akram

30 Rabiuth Thaani 1437  (10 February 2016)


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