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Please review the article by some miscreant sheikh criticizing Hijaab

What is the status of one who criticizes Hijaab? Please respond to this deviate.


The ‘sheikh’ who contends that Hijaab is “not an Islamic duty” is a Ghabi and his status at the best is that of a donkey, and at the worst that of a Zindeeq-Kaafir. His ghabaawah (intellectual density) has given effect to his appallingly moronic view. His stupid view creates no controversy in valid learned circles of Ulama. Ulama understand that only a jaahil suffering from the malady of gross ghabaawah is capable of disgorging the type of drivel the Al-Azhar sheikh has ventured. 

Al-Azhar is a phantom “Sunni seat of learning”. It is a modernist zindeeq institution controlled by the kuffaar Egyptian rulers. Al-Azhar in today’s era holds no status in terms of the Shariah. Its convoluted, corrupt fatwas are  designed for the trash can. 

The moron sheikh’s claim that Hijaab refers to the head cover, amply illustrates his stupidity and lack of  Ilmi expertise.  If the Ghabi was genuinely qualified in the Shariah,  he would not have made a fool and a clown of himself  with his disgorgement of tripe. His claim that Hijaab is not mentioned in the Qur’aan, is laughable.  This claim is the evidence for his jahaalat. The Aayaat of Hijaab are so  conspicuously stated in the Qur’aan and Ahaadith that  it  will constitute a sheer squander of time  to  reproduce them. Our books on Hijaab explain the evidences. The Niqaab (Face-Veil) is as old as Islam. Only a moron lost in  compound ignorance disgraces himself  by uttering laughable absurdities. The PhD  candidate has acquitted himself like a donkey  by  displaying his  stupidity. He is just like a  person who   drops his pants  to put  up his  satr for shameless display. Since he lacks  intelligence, he is unable to understand the  mockery he makes of himself. 

Leave alone interpreting and misinterpreting the Qur’aanic aayaat, the moron has failed to understand even the literal translation of the Verses. It appears that his brains are vermiculated by satanic  rijs. It comes in the Hadith that shaitaan  even urinates into the ears of some people. This  ghabi appears to be a candidate  for satanic urination, hence the derangement of  his intellectual faculty. 

The  claim of following ‘ancient  scholars’ further illustrates this moron’s ghabaawah. Everything of Islam is  ‘ancient’. Islam’s Tauheed  is ancient.  All the Aqaaid and A’maal are ancient. The Rasool is ancient. The Sahaabah are ancient. The Qur’aan is ancient. The entire edifice of the Shariah is ancient. Jannat is ancient, the Malaaikah are ancient, and everthing is ancient except the   rubbish which morons excrete. 

Allah’s decree of finality of Nubuwwah  confirms the  validity of  every ancient institution of Islam. There is no modern Nabi  who will come to overhaul the ancient, Divine Shariah which Allah Ta’ala has completed and perfected more than fourteen centuries ago.  What the ancient scholars said, contrary to the understanding of the stupid sheikh,  is sacred, and what the Ijma’ of the Ummah has upheld is the inviolable Law of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Such Ijma’ is not the subject of Ijtihad as the Ghabi avers. The moron who suffers from vermiculation of the brain  is never a candidate for ijtihad. He is too dense in the brains to understand the meaning of Ijtihad as employed by the Aimmah Mujtahideen of the Khairul Quroon epoch. We are certain that this moron sheikh lacks expertise in even the rudimentary masaa-il pertaining to Istinja. Like all modernists and western bootlickers and bootleggers, this moron must be  relieving himself in the fashion of asses and cattle. A man who executes correctly the requisites of Istinja will not utter the type of rubbish which this moron has excreted. 

The moron’s contention that the Umoom (Generality) of the Qur’aanic aayaat should be subjected to the narrow ambit of  their  historical context, is a loud proclamation of his jahl-e-murakkab (compound ignorance). The Qur’aan was revealed for all time, to encompass all spheres of life in every detail until the Day of Qiyaamah, hence no new Scripture will be forthcoming. The Aayaat of the Qur’aan are not antique, and may not be antiquated within the  narrow confines of causes of revelation (Shaan-e-Nuzool). It is precisely the principle of Umoom which will encompass all expediencies and all developments until the Day of Qiyaamah. 

Contrary to what the jaahil claims, the Ulama have not formulated the masaa-il of Hijaab by way of interpretation, and contrary  to what the moron says, the Ulama do not  say that  Hijab means the veil or the khimaar or the jilbaab, etc. This modernist donkey sheikh does not understand even the meaning of Hijaab. Hijaab is a whole concept inherited from Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).  The details of Hijaab are all acquired from the Uswah Hasanah of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahabah. 

The niqaab, jilbaab, khimaar, etc. are items of Hijaab. Each one item is not the be all of  Hijaab. Remaining within the confinement of the home is Hijaab, Wearing the veil is Hijaab,  Segregation between  males and females  is Hijaab. Restraining the gaze from the opposite sex is Hijaab. Covering the head is Hijaab. Covering the Satr is Hijaab. Hijaab is a multifaceted  Institution of Islam consisting of a plethora of artefacts. It is not what the  Ghabi has understood. 

The Ahkaam of Hijaab are not the products of  the stupid reasoning of donkeys who confine the meaning to the disgorgement of their whimsical fancy. Thus, the moron’s claim that Hijaab is confined to  a partition on the basis of the Qur’aanic verse which commands  a screen between male and female  when there is a need for  speaking to one  another, displays  his stupidity and his  egregriously defective  smattering of textual knowledge. 

He further denudes himself, displaying his jahaalat with his ignorance of the principles (Usool) of Fiqh. He confines the Qur’aanic verse pertaining to the screen to the Wives of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). In so doing, he illustrates colossal ignorance  of the  Usool such as Dalaalatun Nass, etc. While an academic discussion is  possible with  a person of knowledge, it is absurd to engage a donkey  in such debate. 

The moron’as jahaalat is scandalous and ludicrous. He is scandalously unaware of the meaning of  even jilbaab. If he had even a mediocre  awareness of Hadith, he would have known exactly what a jilbaab is. He would then not have  criticized the Niqaab which is integral to the Jilbaab which the  Sahaabiyaat  used to don. This is explained in greater detail in  our book on Hijaab. His argument that the intent underlying the command  of the jilbaab is merely to cover the breast further displays his ghabaawah. This  shaitaan’s brains are  truly dense or beyond ordinary density, for he is  stupidly unaware of simple facts – what a jilbaab is and which parts of the body it covers. According to the authentic Hadith, a jlbaab was so large  that it would cover two women completely.  Every woman would wear such a large jilbaab, and according to the authentic Hadith, they would cover their faces with the jilbaab exposing only one eye to see  the ground where they walked. But what  can be expected from the understanding of a moron who  lacks expertise in even the masaa-il of Istinja? He should  learn  the art of practical Istinja, for only then  will the density of his brains begin to thaw. 

The understanding and interpretations of moron sheikhs, stupid  historians, and  old aunts whose brains are defective  have absolutely no status in the Shariah. All such  opinions are  designed for  flushing down the sewerage drains. 

In fact, the historic background of the Hijaab Aayaat and Ahaadith all confirm the validity and incumbency of Hijaab as expounded by the Fuqaha of Islam. The views of modernists and morons, and of  Ghabi sheikhs  have absolutely no significance and no status  in the Shariah other than the status of  trash.

The ‘D’ in the  scrap degree, PhD  which some  moron sheikhs and molvis flaunt, signifies ‘DONKEY’. About such  donkeys, who follow their lusts and shaitaan, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“Recite to them the  story of the one  to whom We  had bestowed Our Aayaat (Laws), then he extricated himself therefrom (i.e. he reneged) and he followed shaitaan (like these moron PhDonkeys). Thus he became of the deviates.........he followed his lust, hence his similitude is like that of a dog. If you attack it, it pants or if you leave it, it (also) pants (stupidly-like these PhDonkeys).  He is like those who have belied Our Aayaat (Ahkaam of the Deen such as Hijaab). Therefore, narrate the stories (of bygone times) for perhaps they may reflect (and gain guidance).”

(A’raaf, Aayat 175 and 176)


Elsewhere the Qur’aan, describing these PhDonkeys, says:

“The similitude of those  to whom the Tauraah was entrusted, but then failed to fulfil the trust, is like that of a DONKEY which carries books, Vile indeed  is the similitude of people who belie the  Laws of Allah. And, Allah does not guide people who are (flagrant) transgressors (such as these PhDonkeys and Dogs).

(Al-Jumuah, Aayat 5)


The Qur’aan likens those who enter into the fold of Zandaqah (kufr deviation) with their misinterpretations and distortion of the Shariah to donkeys and dogs. This is the analogy most befitting the moron PhDonkey shaikhs and molvis who mutilate the Shariah with their bootlicking misinterpretations which are the effect of western modernism and liberalism.

8 Jamadul Awwal 1437 (18 February 2016)


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