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Music Programme

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“This coming weekend Johannesburg will be hosting one of the biggest music festivals hosting up to 40 000 and it is said that more than 50% of the people attending are young Muslims girls and boys. To the extent that muslim businesses go to set up halaal huts with take aways "strictly halaal "

Some ulama are planning on standing by the gates preventing Muslims from entering.

Would it not be better to be hosting an alternative programme to keep the Muslim youth  busy



The music programme and participation by Muslims are in fulfilment of Rasulullah’s prediction pertaining to the signs of Qiyaamah. It is also a sign of Allah’s impending Athaab which is overhanging the Muslim community.

No alternate programme can compete with shaitaan’s music programme. No alternate programme will have the attraction for those who have no idea of the Shariah.  Muslims who will be attending shaitaan’s musical programme will NOT be attracted to any Deeni programme.

Furthermore, the idea of ‘alternate’ programmes is corrupt, stupid and unproductive. Ta’leem and Amr Bil Ma’roof must be a programme all year round. But the Ulama have shunned their obligation of Ta’leem and Amr Bil ma’roof. In fact, Ulama are organizing shaitaaniyat and kuffaar sport.  Durban’s Daarush Shaitaan (the so-called Darul Ihsan) is a prime producer of sin, fisq and fujoor in the Muslim community.

The other devil is the NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg with the Reverend Abraham Bham at the helm of the programmes of fisq, fujoor and even kufr. Another mudhil is Mr. Solomon (alias Suliman Moolla) who misuses his ability of speaking for egoistical motives. Another notorious agent of Iblees is the character called ‘mufti’ Menk. The display of rodomontade attitude and performing to the gallery of females of this jaahil are appalling.

Thus, the so-called ulama who are in fact Juhala, are the primary cause of the degenerate condition of the community. They are all in the League of Iblees. The rotten moral condition of the Ummah worldwide is the consequence of the haraam shenanigans of the ulama-e-soo’. They have initiated and nurtured the fisq and fujoor which have destroyed the Ummah.

The Muslim participation in the music show of shaitaan is simply a natural consequence of the rot and filth of the ulama-e-soo’. May Allah Ta’ala save the Ummah from the rapists of Imaan and bandits of Akhlaaq.

Only those who are incorrigibly evil attend such programmes. They have absolutely no idea of the Deen. They were born in Muslim homes, but practically they are kuffaar, hence they find it valid and pleasurable to attend such programmes.

In fact they are worse than one who commits zina. The one who indulges in zina is aware of his abomination. He commits his evil in secret, regrets and repents. But those who flagrantly rebel against Allah Ta’ala by openly attending shaitaan’s festival of music are murtad. They are kaafirs whilst they know not.

16 Jamadul Awwal 1437 (26 February 2016)


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