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We reproduce hereunder a letter by the Ulama of Port Shepstone:

Asalaamu Alaykum ww.

Respected Hazrat Mufti sahib

We require Hazrat Mufti sahebs guidance regarding the book “Key, Who am I really”. We have come across the following potentially problematic and serious issues with the book (there may be more which we may have overlooked):

A. The book is filled with the quotations of Fadhlalla Haeri, who is a Shiah.

B. On pages 25-27 there is mention made that mans Ruh ‘came from beyond time’ and that man’s “Ruh or human consciousness was always part of the eternal consciousness, Allah”

On page 66 it is mentioned that “we all took the covenant of recognising out Lord, even before space and time were created.”

C. Apparent support for Darwin’s theory of evolution (page 60). Darwins theory has been referred to as “amazing” and “marvellous”.

The author quotes Fadhlalla’s statement regarding evolution: “it is, on the one hand, biological/physiological, as life emerged from tidal pools millions of years ago, until evolving to the pinnacle of complexity, the human being.”

D. A Metaphoric explanation has been given for the expulsion of Adam from Paradise: “So, when the Quran speaks about man having to “get down” from Paradise, its actually referring to getting down from a state of paradise consciousness (pure, soul consciousness) to a state of earthly consciousness.” (Page 66)

E. The works “seven skies” in the verses of the Quran kareem have been interpreted to mean “several dimension of space”. (Page 117)

Therefore could Mufti Saheb please enlighten us on the following matters:

  1. Is it advisable for people to read this book?
  2. What is the state of the author of the book?
  3. Is it appropriate for him (the author) to be afforded any prominent post in any Muslims organization?
  4. Should he be allowed to deliver Jumuah lectures?

The author, Yacoob Moosa is the current chairman of the Islamic school of Port Shepstone who feels that the Shia are not kaafir and we should embrace them… What advice can Mufti Saheb give to the Ulama of Port Shepstone in regards to dealing with the matter as the book has been given a lot of exposure in social networks, media, radio stations, etc. A research on Fadhlalla Haeri was done. He is running a shia centre in Pretoria and his modus operandi is to target influential modernist Muslims.

He conducts classes n Druban under the guise of teaching tassawuf (Rumi). He is brainwashing the public into compromising their aqeedah. Many doctos, academics frequent his programmes. Ulama of Port Shepstone have met and informed the author about the discrepancies but he has trivialized the matter and went ahead with the distribution. In order to deal with the matter we are awaiting your speed reply and will thereafter take necessary steps, Insha Allah.


(End of letter)


Clearly the author of the booklet is a Murtad. He is either a Shiah or a Shiah-lover and supporter. His status as a Murtad stems from his claim that he is a Muslim. A person who subscribes to the kufr beliefs stated by the author of the booklet is NOT a Muslim. Since he professes to be a ‘muslim’, he is termed a murtad in terms of the Shariah. Any person who subscribes to the kufr ideas which the author, one Yacoob Moosa, professes is a Murtad.


The answers to the questions posed by the respected Ulama are as follows:


(1) It is haraam for Muslims to read the booklet which is impregnated with kufr.


(2) The status of the author of the booklet is MURTAD.

(3) It is not permissible to afford this murtad any platform of prominence in the Muslim community. It is not permissible to allow him any post in any Muslim institution/organization. In fact, it is not permissible to allow him entry to a Musjid if he refuses to repent and renew his Imaan.


(4) It is not permissible to allow him to deliver Jumuah lectures or lectures at any other time.


It is the Waajib obligation of the Ulama in Port Shepstone to expose the kufr of this murtad to save unwary and ignorant Muslims from falling into the Shia trap of kufr.

23 Jamadul Awwal 1437 – 4 March 2016


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