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In a desperate bid at damage control and to save its tattered and torn image, the MJC mauled by  JAKIM who expelled  it (MJC) from its ranks,  stupidly  claims that “the requirement by Jakim that four arteries be  severed on chickens for the birds to be  considered halaal was idealistic.”

The first  damning concession  made by the MJC after  we have howled at them and the community for decades is that  indeed only two  of the four arteries are severed” at the killing facilities certified by the MJC. In this regard the following facts should be noted:

(1)  According to the Shaafi’ Math-hab which the MJC pretends to follow, the minimum requisite for the animal to be halaal is the severance of two specific neck vessles, not just any two. There are four neck vessels which have to be incumbently severed according to all Four Math-habs. The four neck vessels are Hulqoom (windpipe), Mar’ee (gullet), and the Wadjaan (the two jugular veins).

If the two jugular veins plus any one of the other two (making it three) are cut, Thabah is invalid and the meat is haraam according to the Shaafi’ Math-hab.  It is mandatory according to the Shaafi’ Math-hab   for the Hulqoom and Mar’ee to be severed. The MJC is desperately endeavouring to pull wool over the eyes of the public by claiming that two arteries suffice for the chickens to be halaal. The MJC conveniently conceals the fact that the two veins are the Hulqoom and Mar’ee. If any one of these two is missed, the animal will be haraam even if three neck vessels are severed.

(2) In the past when we and others had inspected the chicken plants certified by both MJC and SANHA, we had irrefutably established that thousands of chickens had only slight nips made in the necks. Now after decades even JAKIM, the Malaysian government certifier, has confirmed what we had been claiming incessantly for decades.

(3) The MJC’s stupid averment that the requisite of four arteries is ‘idealistic’ is in fact kufr. The MJC is guilty of Istikhfaaf, i.e. rubbishing a tenet of the Shariah. There is nothing ‘idealistic’ about the Shariah’s demand of four neck vessels to be severed. This is an essential requisite. The Shariah has not ordered it as a joke or for discardence or for rubbishing. It is WAAJIB to sever all four neck vessels.

(4) The minimum requisite of two specific neck vessels (hulqoom and mar’ee) according to the Shaafi’ Math-hab, and the minimum of three neck vessels according to the Hanafi Math-hab are exceptions, not the norm. The Waajib (compulsory) norm according to the unanimous view of all Math-hans is FOUR neck vessels.

(5) It is haraam to discard, abandon or cancel a tenet of the Shariah for the sake of  the business enterprises of the kuffaar, for the sake of luxury, for the sake of  industrial ease, and on the basis of Istikhfaaf. At all the killing facilities of the kuffaar, without any exception, the Shariah’s compulsory system of Thabah has been permanently displaced and substituted with the  brutal kuffaar system which Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) designated Shareetatush Shaitaan, i.e. the devil’s slaughter.

The products and effects of Shareetatush Shaitaan are not halaal. They are HARAAM. We have explained this aspect repeatedly in many of our writings.

(6) There are no ‘idealistic’ acts in the Shariah’s system of Thabah.  Every step in the Shariah’s system is incumbent – compulsory for practical implementation, and it will be haraam to intentionally and disdainfully discard any tenet commanded by Allah Ta’ala. To think of any tenet of Islam as insignificant is kufr. The entire holy, Waajib system  of  Shar’i Thabah has been scornfully and disdainfully rubbished abrogated by the carrion certifiers - MJC, SANHA, NIHT, JAKIM and the myriad of others belonging to the Carrion Cartel – for monetary objectives. In this satanic process only the kuffaar entrepreneurs are the beneficiaries.


23 Jamadul Ukhra 1437 (2 April 2016)


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