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Hard on the heels of the debacle of the kufr MMB (Muslim Marriages Bill), the ulama-e-soo’ of the NNB Jamiat (NO NAME BRAND JAMIAT) of Fordsburg, masquerading as ‘uucsa’, are surreptitiously and treacherously attempting to hijack, rape and destroy the purity of  Ilm-e-Wahi – the Knowledge of the Qur’aan whose Amaanat Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has  entrusted to the Ulama of the Ummah.

There is a dastardly, underhand plot by the ulama-e-soo’ to place the Knowledge of the Deen under the influence of the non-Muslim authorities of the country. The plot is to liberalize Islamic Knowledge – to tear it from its roots of orthodoxy (i.e. the Sunnah), and to submit the Students of the Deen to systematic western indoctrination for the production of zombie molvis such as the zombie products of Gulen’s model. The conspiracy is to fit the brains of the Students of the Madaaris into a kufr straightjacket to produce harmony and congeniality with all the liberal and kufr concepts of western culture.

The shaitaani scheme envisages that only those who submit to the indoctrination of the kufr curriculum which the NNB Jamiat is hatching in collusion with the government authority known as HWSETA, will be recognized as Ulama, Imaams and Aalimahs. The plot is to breed zombies who will make blind taqleed of the libertine cult of the western world.

Even some ostensibly sincere Ulama due to their short-sightedness have become entrapped in the flowery, shaitaani arguments presented by the evil NNB Jamiat molvis in justification of the plot to sell the Deen down the kufr drain thereby placing the Ilm of Wahi under kufr domination.

The deceptive argument proffered by some Molvis who lack foresight and who are unable to foresee the danger in this pernicious plot, is the issue of visas for foreign students. In pursuance of America’s anti-Islam and Islamophobia concept and policy, the South African government is now refusing to issue study visas to foreign students who wish to pursue the Aalim course of study at Darul Ulooms in South Africa. Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, licking the boots of the U.S.A., have placed a total ban on foreign students who wish to pursue Islamic education at the Darul Ulooms. While these Muslim lands governed by kuffaar governments prohibit Islamic education, they welcome foreign students for secular education. South Africa has adopted the same policy ostensibly to toe the American line and submit to the orders of the U.S.A. just as it (S.A.) has submitted to America’s command to import its diseased chickens.

One Darul Uloom Maulana Sahib presenting an extremely lame excuse for toeing the line, states:

“The madaaris only have one objective which is to facilitate visas for foreign students. However, this will lead to government regulation and also exposure to our donor base which is a matter of concern. Also students will have to write a nationalised board exams like matriculants. Assessors will be nominated by UUCSA i.e. bogus ‘uucsa’ – the ulama-e-soo’. If they pass they will be given government recognized degrees. After analysing pros and cons we feel that we should comply.”

The short sightedness of the Maulana Sahib is indeed lamentable. For the sake of mere visas for foreign students the Ulama are prepared to enter into such a compliance with kufr authorities, which debases the Ilm of the Deen, humiliates the Talaba and which will extinguish the spirit and ethos which diffuse pure Deeni Ilm – the Ilm and the System of Ta’leem inherited from the Salafus Saaliheen.

It is not permissible to submit the Ilm of the Deen to secular authorities for the sake of the peanuts of visas. The Waajib obligation is to guard the Amaanat of Ilm and the System of Ta’leem. It is not a Shar’i requirement to acquire visas for foreign students. If such visas are not honourably attainable without the attachment of conspiratorial strings, then confound the visas. The foreign students should remain in their countries and make attempts to gain admission elsewhere. Assuming they are unable to gain admission to foreign Darul Ulooms, they should content themselves with Dua and the Fardh quota of Knowledge which is available in their countries from a variety of avenues.

Furthermore, in Malawi, Mozambique and some other African countries there do exist Darul Ulooms. Students from such countries come to South Africa unnecessarily. Their objective is indulgence in luxury and comfort. They should remain in their home countries and pursue Ilm at their local Darul Ilooms.

Ulama from South Africa who operate the big Darul Ulooms should go to other countries and assist with setting up Darul Ulooms. This is well within their means. But to subjugate the Ilm of the Qur’aan to kuffaar dictation and domination is never permissible. Even a layman who studies the American curriculum which Deeni Students will be subjugated to will understand the villainy of the western system to which the Qur’aan and Hadith are being assigned by the evil NNB Jamiat molvis fraudulently parading as ‘uucsa’.

The Darul Ulooms should focus on the Aakhirah. They should reflect on the Maqaasid of Ilm-e-Deen, and not embark on a venture which will extinguish the  Sunnah spirit and ethos from this Sacred Knowledge, for a watered-down ‘knowledge’ spawned  by a western secular system  which will produce nothing but zombies and robots who will be western bootlickers as are the zombie products of Gulen’s madrasahs.

The degrees and certificates which the government will dole out will be haraam scrap according to the Shariah. It is extremely vile to degrade and demean the Ilm of the Qur’aan by placing it under the control and influence of those whose special characteristic is to be in the state of janaabat 24 hours of the day – physical janaabat and spiritual janaabat, i.e. kufr. What has gone wrong with the brains of the Ulama? For the sake of visas for foreigners they are prepared to betray the Amaanat which Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has placed on their shoulders. It is our obligation to zealously guard and protect the Amaanat of Ilm and also its System of Ta’leem.

Those Darul Ulooms which have a majority of foreign students are concerned with the dunya, hence they are perturbed with the government’s refusal to issue visas. If their focus is on Allah Ta’ala, there will be no need for worry and concern.  Whether there are a thousand students or ten students in the Madrasah, the thawaab will be the same if the objective of the Madrasah is Allah’s Pleasure. In fact, with a small number of students, there will be a great decrease in the headaches. The Madrasah will be better poised for the ta’leem and tarbiyat of a small number of students. Currently, there is a mass of mess students at the Darul Ulooms which are churning out molvis of soo’ – evil scholars for dollars. There is not even the fragrance of Ilm and Taqwa on the Madrasah products of this era.

It is hoped that the Ulama who are sincere, but short sighted, will reflect, understand and  abstain from supporting the conspiracy of the ulama-e-soo’ who are out  to pillage, rape and plunder the Deen for nafsaani, worldly and monetary objectives.

25 Jamadul Ukhra 1437 (4 April 2016)


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