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Al-Fidaa’ Foundation is a Port Elizabeth charitable body. Its name conveys the notion that it is devoted to alleviating the needs of suffering Muslims. The term ‘Al-Fidaa’ is distinctly Muslim, and it means to devote and to sacrifice for the Ummah. In line with this meaning, the motto of this organization is given as “Sacrificing ours for the needs of others for the pleasure of Allah.”
Every Muslim will infer from the name and motto that Al-Fidaa’ serves primarily and overwhelmingly the poor and destitute members of the Muslim Ummah. But this notion is highly erroneous. There is therefore a need to clarify this erroneous notion. Furthermore, this organization has incrementally deflected itself from the Shariah and is now pursuing a path in flagrant conflict with the Shariah. It has therefore become necessary, for the guidance of the Muslim community, to diagnose Al-Fidaa’.
Certain activities of Al-Fidaa Foundation and a number of enquiries from as far as United Kingdom have constrained us to embark on this clarification.
This organization publicly appeals to the Muslim community for Zakaat, Lillah, etc., and its contributors are members of the Muslim community. In its audacious advert it avers:
“Your sincere donations of Lillah and Zakaat will ease the hunger pangs of many families. Assist Al-Fidaa’ Foundation in establishing Maktabs and Madrassahs to continue the sacred heritage of Islaam.”
Far from ‘continuing the sacred heritage of Islaam’ which we have inherited from the Sahaabah, this organization is moving away from Islam. Its ‘maktabs’ are a deceptive front, and its non-existent ‘madrassahs’ are a falsehood with which to lure contributors and impress Muslims.
Thus, the idea is peddled that Al-Fidaa’ is channelling the funds it collects from Muslims for the needs, both worldly and spiritual, of the Muslim community primarily. However, in a statement to The Herald, a spokesman of this body stated: “We are not limited to helping Muslim communities. About 95% of our recipients are non-Muslims.”
This claim should speak volumes for the avenue in to which Zakaat and other forms of Waajib Sadqaat are diverted. While we are not averse to assisting non-Muslims, for there is thawaab in this too, nevertheless, your Zakaat and Sadqah will NOT be discharged if diverted to non-Muslims. All Waajib forms of Sadqah have to be compulsorily expended on only Muslim Fuqara and Masaakeen. But, 95% of ‘Al-Fidaa’s recipients are non-Muslims. In view of this inadvertent confession made by Al-Fidaa’, it is not permissible to contribute Zakaat and all forms of Waajib Sadqah to this organization.
Al-Fidaa’ Foundation on the basis of its own admission is most certainly not ‘fidaa’ (devoted) to the Fuqara and Masaakeen of the Muslim community, nor does it offer the ‘sacrifice’ which the term ‘al-fidaa’ denotes, viz., devotion and sacrifice  to the Muslim Ummah.
This organization has, in flagrant disregard for the Shariah, advertised its haraam fete which will be held on 30 January 2011 in a haraam community hall where a variety of haraam and immoral activities take place on a regular basis. The organization has advertised its “BANQUET” for the 30th January to be held at the Malabar Community Centre. The following factors render this ‘banquet’ haraam:
a)    The venue is Islamically a place of immorality. Non-Muslim funerals with corpses put on display, intermingling of sexes, musical shows, liquor functions, zina functions, haraam wedding functions, both non-Muslim and Muslim, and all types of haraam activities  associated with non-Muslims take place at this centre where Al-Fidaa’ is organizing its  ‘banquet’ supposedly for an Islamic cause.
b)    The banquet is fund-raising stunt for which there is an admission fee, hence tickets at an exorbitant price will be available. Only ticket-holders will be permitted to consume the mal-oon (accursed) food which will be served to the mixed gathering of men and women who have to pay a haraam “entrance fee of R150”. Charging an ‘entrance fee’ to eat a platter of food is not permissible. In addition to the plate of food being exorbitantly priced, the R150 entrance fee is not a rewardable charity in terms of the Shariah. It is a haraam fee solicited under the pretext of ‘charity’, but for participation in nafsaani fun.
Charity is given purely to gain Allah’s Pleasure, not in lieu of a plate of food, and not for participating in fun and stunts. It is the lure of the outing and the fun, and participating in mixed gatherings, that induce people to pay R150 for a plate of food. If the intention is sincere – to seek Allah’s Pleasure – then the contributor will of his/her own accord silently make a contribution without the need to be fed a plate of mal-oon food, and without the need to attend a haraam banquet draped with pure nafsaaniyat.
c)    It is haraam to lure women from their homes to attend public functions. When it is haraam for them to attend the Musaajid for even Salaat, what then has happened to the brains of Al-Fidaa’s organizers who have plotted this stunt to entice even women into the immoral community centre to participate in a nonsensical, haraam banquet? The Qur’aan Majeed commands women: “And remain resolutely (glued) in your homes, and do not make a display of yourselves like the exhibition of Jaahiliyyah”. In flagrant violation and disregard of Qur’aan and Sunnah – of the Shariah – this organization is calling on women to come out of their homes perfumed and adorned in their finery to participate in a public stunt where males will be attending in a hall of immorality.

Allah Ta’ala is not in ‘need’ of such ‘charity’ which is the product of a host of violations – violations against His Laws. Such ‘charity’ according to the Hadith is like washing impure clothes with urine.
In emulation of the kuffaar to entice prospective donors to contribute R2,000 and more, Al-Fidaa’ is organizing another stunt about which  it says: “We will have a display on each table with the company logos of donors who donate R2,000 or more.” By what stretch of Islamic reasoning can this payment be described a ‘donation for the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala’? Since the R2,000 is a fee for displaying the company’s logos, it is NOT charity in terms of the Shariah. It is a haraam charge. It is neither permissible to charge this fee nor to pay it. It is in the category of riba.
Al-Fidaa’ Foundation is also guilty of deception. It falsely claims that it ‘feeds’ 100,000 people. The Herald dated 6 November 2010, mentioned: “About 100,000 people are being fed every month.” This is blatantly false. 3,000 or a bit more are fed a month. The 100,000 trick is achieved by multiplying 31 days by 3,000. This is deception. Everyone labours under the impression that 100,000 persons are fed daily. If there are 1,000 pupils in a school, it will be false to claim that the roll is 22,000 (22 days X 1000).  If 100 musallis attend a Musjid daily, it will be false to multiply the 100 by 31 days and claim that 3,100 attend the Musjid. This huge inflation of the number actually given a meal is pure deception to impress and to obtain contributions on the basis of false premises.
HIV is associated with zina – fornication and adultery.  It is the evil consequence of zina. This is one of Al-Fidaa’s specialities. What relationship does an organization which claims to be devoted to the Muslim Ummah have with adulterers and fornicators? It is not permissible to waste Muslim Lillah and Zakaat funds caring for the effects of zina. The array of ‘counselling’ activities which this organization advertises is laughable and exhibits the misdirection of the ‘al-fida counsellors’ who in fact are Islamically unqualified personnel. There is no one in the ranks of Al-Fidaa’ Foundation to counsel in the field of ‘Family Relationships’. The youngsters of Al-Fidaa’ should learn how to conduct their own marital and family relationships in accord with the Morality of Islam. The claims regarding the counselling programme are deceptively grandiose.
Al-Fidaa’ has draped itself with a cloak of Riya – Show and Ostentation.  Sincere men who have the Aakhirah in mind, who act for Allah’s Pleasure and for their own spiritual well-being do not  advertise themselves nor embark on haraam projects in the name of the Deen to mislead and hoodwink the unwary and the ignorant. The greatest harm caused to ignorant masses is by molvies and sheikhs who portray their haraam projects with a thin outer ‘islamic’ veneer. This is precisely what this Al-Fidaa’ Foundation is perpetrating. There is very little Islam in its activities. While 95% of its recipients are non-Muslims and while it engages in haraam projects and haraam methods of raising funds, making use of Islam’s name, it looks at Muslims for their Zakaat and Sadqaat. Since almost the entire sum of the funds Muslims contribute are diverted to non-Muslim projects, Al-Fidaa’ should solicit funds from non-Muslim business enterprises. There are thousands of non-Muslim businesses, and multi-billion rand concerns whom Al-Fidaa’ should approach for funds. Since Al-Fidaa Foundation’s Muslim service is negligible, it is only proper for it to acquire non-Muslim funds for its activities.
While the Ummah world-wide is suffering and wallowing in grinding poverty and ignorance, Al-Fidaa’, in line with its trademark of Riya  engages in  projects solely for the sake of name and fame, hence it shoves its nose of riya into projects which are the responsibility of the government and  in which the government is already involved. Among the wasteful activities in which this body engages and in which Muslim Sadqah funds are squandered are the following, as reported by The Herald on 6 November 2010:
1)    “Assisting existing soup kitchens”: Existing soup kitchens for non-Muslims are functional entities which have their donors. Why does Al-Fidaa’ enter into this established field while there are millions of others who are not catered for by the ‘existing soup kitchens’. We venture to say that the motive is only publicity.
2)     “The soup kitchen at Livingstone Hospital”: This is a government responsibility. Men of sincerity will search for the truly destitute in areas which promise no publicity – no name and no fame.
3)    Supporting feeding schemes at schools which are the direct responsibility of the government. Al-Fidaa’ dabbles at schools where the Department of Education provides support.

Lest there is a misunderstanding, we set the record straight: we are not averse to assisting non-Muslims in need. In fact Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) mentioned that charity to even non-Muslims is an act of thawaab. However, deception and haraam methods are abominable.   Since Al-Fidaa’ Foundation is a predominantly non-Muslim serving body, it must change its name and adopt a mundane appellation so that Muslims are not misled to contribute their Zakaat and Waajib Sadqaat to it. Secondly, since the organization is run by Muslims, haraam methods such as the haraam banquet, may not be employed to solicit funds.

Contributing Zakaat and Waajib Sadqah to Al-Fidaa’ Foundation is not permissible. Participating in the Islamically immoral banquet at the community centre of zina, shirk, fisq and fujoor is haraam. The R150 entry fee is haraam. The R2,000 stipulated for the stupid display of stupid logos at stupid tables by stupid people is haraam. The money falls in the Riba category. Eating the mal-oon (accursed) food at the mal-oon function is haraam.



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