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A Brother who had observed the haraam, immoral acts of fisq and fujoor at a haraam school fair, writes:


The Durban Hartley Rd. School Fair.

If ever any Allah-fearing Muslim wanted to see with his own eyes a sign of Qiyaamah - it was here at this Hartley Rd School Fair in Durban. The traffic, the Muslim men and women pushing and shoving, the young girls dressed like kuffaar prostitute models, the Haraam food being sold etc. etc, made me cry. Hazrat Hajee Ahmed Nakhooda, who resides in Medina, mentioned a worrying aspect in his Bayaan on his visit to Durban. He said that South Africans are beginning to experience hardships which are in its early stages. This, he said are due to the intermingling of males and females, joint functions where intermingling of sexes prevails, and  Muslim wives  not covering up. He further said that we could end up like Syria, Iraq etc. Very worrying indeed. (Such disasters are sure to overtake Muslims in this country. This is as clear as daylight. – The Majlis)

At this Hartley Rd school Fair I noticed that 70% of the attendants were from the Barelwi sect and the rest were Deobandi etc. But the stall holders were mainly Deobandis with Sanha also having a stall there. (They are all fussaaq and fujjaar of the worst order, and perhaps even kuffaar.  Remember that none of the participants in this shaitaani fair of fisq and fujoor are Deobandis.  People who follow the Sunnah as explained by the  true Ulama of Deoband will never  participate  so flagrantly in satanism, and the fair  was undoubtedly a fair of Iblees. – The Majlis)

We distributed the booklet about the Al Ansaar/Hartley Rd School Souk/Fair. Many other booklets were also distributed eg. Awake 2016/2017, Dangor's Trashcan Diatribe against Ulema -e-Haqq and Commercially there are no Halaal meat/beef and chickens in South Africa.


Kindly please send me more of the booklet 'Commercially there are no Halaal meat/beef and chickens in South Africa'. This is because with Ramadaan a month away, this booklet would definitely open the can of worms.




(A MUDHIL is one who leads Muslims astray. He paves the path of Jahannam for them. He is an agent of Iblees)

A certain wealthy Brother from Port Shepstone runs a Madressa in India. Every year after Ramadaan he goes to check on the progress etc. there. This year I got wind that the Brother will be taking Moulana Vanker along with him. All Moulana's expenses will be paid by the Brother. Now, Moulana Vanker also gets an all-expenses paid for trip for Hajj every year from Miraj Travels. Moulana Vanker is the resident Aalim every Hajj. I am not sure if he also goes for Umrah trips. Moulana Vanker is the Imam at the Umhlanga Rocks Musjid where there are Ladies facilities. He was also the guest speaker at the A.G.M of Sanha for 2016.

Now, I spoke to the Brother that it is not advisable to take Moulana Vanker because he is of the Ulema-e-Soo. Also i read in your earlier articles some of his deviant ways. Please Moulana Saheb, can you send me that information so that i could email it to the Brother in Port Shepstone.  (End of the Brother’s letter)

Molvie Vanker is a real Mudhil. He is a mudhil like a chameleon. He changes his colours as the circumstances suit him.  Sometimes he portrays himself as a Deobandi, sometimes as a Shiah follower of Ninowy. Sometimes he is a Barelwi Bid’ati. Sometimes he is a Salafi modernist. He is at home in every group and sect of baatil, fisq and fujoor.  He is a veritable shaitaan in human form. Muslims should beware and not be impressed with his glib tongue of deception.

27 Rajab 1437 – 5 May 2016


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