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In a letter to Zehir Attorneys, the program manager of the radio station, Voice of the Cape, states:

“VOC is also on record as supporting the bill in principle, because we believe it to be in the best
interest of SA Muslims, in line with the position held by the majority of SA ulema.”

In addition to the ambiguity of the program manager’s statement, the claim that “the majority of
SA ulema” support the MMB bill is glaringly false. What is the basis for this exaggerated claim?
Did VOC undertake a survey of all the Ulama of South Africa, or does it rely on the huge hyperbole
which is the usual trademark of UUCSA, the paper ulama council?

It will be salubrious for the program manager to explain the basis for its grandiose and misleading
contention. At this juncture it will suffice to say that the claim made by VOC is baseless and false.
We advise VOC to contain its pro-MMB bias and not allow it to become a subtle propaganda
institution for the promotion of KUFR MMB.

We should also clarify for the benefit of the program manager that the Shariah is not reliant on
majority opinion. The majority is not a principle of rectitude. The determining factor is the Shariah.
If any act is in conflict with the Shariah, it will be haraam notwithstanding majority support.

The ambiguity of the program manager’s statement is the averment of “supporting the bill in
principle”. The current issue of concern is the current Muslim Marriages Bill which has been put up
for public comment. The present issue is not the ‘principle’. VOC should clarify its stand. If it is a
‘Muslim’ radio station, then VOC should state with clarity whether it is promoting the current bill
along with its load of kufr provisions – provisions which are in diametric conflict with Allah’s

Right now, the community is not interested in the ‘principle’. We all are aware that in principle it
is permissible to consume meat. But carrion is haraam notwithstanding any ‘halaal’ certificate
issued by the carrion hawkers. So, when someone asks you: ‘Is it permissible to devour carrion?’,
the response should not be: ‘In principle it is permissible to eat meat.’ Such a response is devious,
dishonest and plain fitnah. Assign the principle to the academic zone, and speak on the issue as it
affects the community in practical life.

All radio stations are dishonest. While they portray themselves to present views fairly, giving all
the variegated shades of opinion on an issue, in practice they are institutions of propaganda,
promoting subtly and not so subtly their own biased view. And, this we are told is a contravention
of their radio licence.

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