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There is a hair treatment called Brasil Cacau Keratin that keeps the hair straight. However, this results in the hair being coated by this substance, keratin and it remains on the hair for up to three months. This prevents water reaching the scalp.


Many Muslim women use this treatment. Some repeat it annually or after six months. Once applied, it cannot be removed. The removal is gradual over a few months. What can these women now do if they have already used this treatment? What is the status of their past and future acts of Ibaadat which requires Tahaarat?


While keratin is applied to the hair, it can come into contact with the scalp, after application, the hair is straightened with a hot iron. It is the heat which seals the keratin on the hair. Since the scalp is not heat-treated, the keratin on the scalp is temporary. But it may last for a few days. Is it permissible to undergo this treatment? According to the MJC, it is permissible, and ghusl is valid.


There is no need for profound knowledge to understand this simple issue. The masalah is straightforward. There is no conundrum in the ghusl not being valid. The confounded keratin substance along with the application of heat in this satanic treatment, forms a thoroughly impervious coating which completely prevents water from seeping through. Regardless of whether the substance forms a coating on the scalp or not, the fact remains that the 100% waterproof coating on the hair prevents water reaching the scalp. Furthermore, it is inconceivable that nothing of the devilish substance coats a portion of the scalp.

Keratin is pressed into every single hair providing an impervious coat to it. The keratin seals every single hairafter. Wikipedia states: ...This means that the hair is now infused with extra keratin and chemicals of treatment thereby altering its natural state. adds a protective keratin layer around the hair shaft......This treatment lasts three or four months eventually washing out.

According to the Shariah the ghusl of a woman whose hair has been satanically treated with keratin is not valid. Thus, for months this woman wallows in the impurity of janaabat. Her ghusl is not valid. Her wudhu is not valid. Her Salaat is not valid. Her Tilaawat of the Quraan is not valid.

She has to make qadha of all the Salaat which she had performed whilst her head was covered with the satanic substance. The Qadha may be commenced only after the keratin has been removed and a ghusl taken. Meanwhile, whilst this evil substance still bedevils her hair, she cannot engage in any Salaat and Tilaawat. She should regret, repent and engage in much Thikr until she attains purification.

What the juhala of the MJC know of the masaa-il of the Shariah is dangerous. There is no affinity between Deeni Knowledge and the MJC. As far as Shari masaa-il are concerned, the MJC is ignorant. It is not permissible to seek Deeni guidance from the MJC carrion halaalizers. The primary function of the MJC is to halaalize carrion and collect the haraam boodle for their pockets. They lack in even the basic masaa-il pertaining to Istinja. In fact, they are lamentably ignorant regarding the practical implementation of the Shari method of Istinja. They stand to urinate like animals, and they suffer from hydrophobia, hence they are averse to the utilization of water for Istinja purposes. Masaa-il may not be sought from them. They blurt out just any drivel which the nafs disgorges. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had predicted that a time will dawn when juhala will seek fatwas from juhala. The one who will issue the fatwa will be astray and with his fatwa will he mislead others. The ilk of the MJC comes within the purview of this prediction. Accepting the stupid fatwas of the MJC brings ruin to ones Imaan.

The 100% impervious/waterproof layer coating the hair prevents water from reaching the scalp. The analogy with normal hair, i.e. hair not satanically transformed, plaited on the head being excused from loosening, is absolutely fallacious. Such hair uncoated with the urine of shaitaan (keratin) does not block water reaching the roots of the hair. If the substance applied to the plaited hair prevents water reaching every root of the hairs, then it is Waajib to loosen the hair and wash every strand, not only the roots. The MJC is too dense in the brains to comprehend this simple rule of the Shariah.

The keratin hair treatment is haraam even if we should hallucinate that it allows water to penetrate and reach the scalp. It is haraam to change the natural appearances created by Allah Taala. Those who have naturally curly hair and bristles should be satisfied with their hair. Changing their natural appearance by the application of poisonous, alcoholic substances such as keratin, hot irons, coffee and vinegar is an inspiration of shaitaan. Referring to this type of shaitaani manipulation, the Quraan Majeed records the oath of shaitaan made at the time of his expulsion from the heavens. Shaitaan, taking an oath, said:

Most certainly, I shall take a fixed share from Your servants. And, most certainly, I shall lead them astray, and most certainly I shall give them false hopes, and most certainly I shall command them, then they will certainly pierce the ears of cattle, and I shall most certainly command them, then they will certainly change the (natural) creation of Allah. Whoever takes shaitaan as a friend besides Allah, then verily, he has suffered a manifest loss. (An-Nisaa, Aayat 118, and 119)

By promoting the haraam keratin hair treatment, the MJC is inviting women to become the friends of shaitaan.

1 Shawwaal 1437 - 6 July 2016

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