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Namibia/Zimbabwe Ban MJC Certufied Haraam Supreme Chicken

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29 Safar 1432 – 3 February 2011



The City Press in its edition dated 30 January 2011 reports:
“Namibia and Zimbabwe have banned meat products produced by Supreme Poultry, the company
at the centre of an alleged reworked chicken scandal. (Supreme Poultry is certified ‘halaal’ by MJC).
According to papers in the Bloemfontein High Court, Namibia cited the frozen chicken scandal – in
which the company is alleged to be selling expired chickens with new expiry dates – as a reason for its ban
on Supreme Poultry chicken imports.

Thani Bolani and Ina Wilken, chairperson and vice-chairperson of the National Consumer Forum
respectively, said they would continue their investigation of the chicken industry. “If they (Supreme Poultry)
say they do nothing illegal, that they do everything within the law, we say that this is untrue. ….A last
option was to register a charge of fraud,” said Bolani and Wilken. “

The MJC should hang its head with utter shame. In fact the MJC rotten carrion halaalizers should jump
into the filthy scalding water tanks of Supreme Poultry thereby ridding the community of such treacherous
shayaateenul ins who masquerade as ‘ulama’, and feed human beings chlorinated, rotten, reworked haraam
carrion chickens with new expiry dates long after the initial expiry dates had expired. It should be noted that
at the centre of this rotten carrion scandal are MJC certified Supreme Chickens.
The fact that thousands of expired, diseased chickens were removed from their packets and repacked in
MJC halaal-stamped packets with new expiry dates, speaks volumes and loudly for the quagmire of haraam
corruption in which the MJC is mired. The removal from the original packets and repacking after reworking
the rotten chickens with chlorine, explodes and debunks the MJC and SANHA myth of supervision. Their
claims of supervision is perhaps the worst and the biggest LIE of this century. There is absolutely no
supervision at any of the chicken killing facilities which MJC and SANHA certify for the sake of the haraam
riba boodle.

This satanic ‘halaal’ carrion chicken scandal is a global phenomenon. Russia has banned carrion chicken
imports from the U.S.A. for the very same reasons that we have all along been highlighting. Last year Russia
had imported $900 million of carrion chickens from America. Now Namibia and Zimbabwe have followed
suit and have banned these MJC certified Supreme Poultry chickens.
The Rotten Carrion Chicken Scandal (RCCS) - carrion chickens halaalized by MJC - is so appalling that
even the non-Muslim organization, The National Consumer Forum, has expressed its “shock and disgust at
the practice of re-processing and re-packaging of expired poultry products”. They are demanding “an
immediate investigation into these (haraam MJC certifying) practices by all Government institutions tasked
with Food safety.” “We demand that regulations be put in place immediately to outlaw this practice.”

The Muslim community has a Waajib obligation to apply pressure on evil halaalizing mercenary bodies
such as MJC and SANHA to bring to an end the halaal certificate industry in which billions of diseased,
rotten, haraam carrion chickens are passed off as ‘halaal’. Muslims who are devouring these processed
carrion chickens certified by MJC and SANHA, should understand that they are eating pure, unadulterated
HARAAM carrion which destroys their Imaan and their physical health. Their bodies and souls suffer
irreparable damage and harm. The consequences of consuming haraam, especially rotten, cancer-producing
diseased halaalized carrion chickens pumped with antibiotics and polished with poisonous chlorine, are
disastrous, both physically and spiritually.

While Muslims are displaying extreme lethargy in this matter, the non-Muslim National Consumer Forum,
calling on the Muslim community to play its role – its Islamic role – says:
“We request that Certification Authorities such as Muslim Halaal Authorities immediately withdraw
their Certification of the Processing Plants ……We advise the Certification Authorities to use the
mandate from their communities to stop this practice as any food that holds real Safety risks for the
Consumer cannot be Halaal…”

The MJC and SANHA fussaaq should learn from these non-Muslims and heed their call. While The
National Consumer Forum makes its call from a health point of view, Islam makes the same call with the
added spiritual dimension –the Law of Allah Ta’ala. The carrion chickens which MJC and SANHA are
halaalizing are, according to Islam, food fit for only Shaitaan and his progeny. These halaalized carrion
chickens are, according to the Shariah, food for only the devils. We doubt if even vultures would consume
these rotten, diseased haraam carrion chickens which MJC and SANHA halaalize to satiate their inordinate
craving for the haraam riba boodle.

While Supreme Poultry is being severely lambasted by non-Muslims for the satanic practice of re-working
expired carrion chickens which are sold to the public, the MJC breathes not a word. Hitherto MJC has
miserably failed to make a statement regarding Supreme Poultry’s reworked carrion chickens in MJC
‘halaal’ stamped packets.

Muslims should not soothe their conscience with the belief that recycling of haraam, rotten carrion
chickens is restricted to only the MJC certified Supreme Poultry plant. This happens throughout the carrion
chicken industry. All chicken plants are guilty of this satanic corruption. Supreme Poultry has confirmed
this fact. Tish Stewart, representing Supreme Poultry said: “Reworking happens in Supreme Poultry and
throughout the industry continuously.”

What has happened to the MJC’s much-claimed supervision? Is this ‘reworking’ of rotten carrion
chickens –re-packed in MJC- ‘halaal’stamped packets carried out under MJC supervision?



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