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The Cowardly Lawyer in the Shadows of Anonymity-MPL Kufr

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8 Rabiul Awwal 1432 – 12 February 2011



On 11th February, 2011, Maulana Abdullah Khan of Jamiatul Ulama KZN delivered a Bayaan of Haqq, explaining to the Muslim community the evils and the kufr of the so-called ‘Muslim’ Marriages Bill.  A Durban lawyer who is well-known for his cowardice and poison-pen letters sent under cloak of anonymity, taking umbrage at the inspiring talk of Maulana Abdullah Khan, sent the undermentioned  fax  to  the Jamiatul Ulama KZN.  Displaying his notorious trademark of cowardice, this miscreant lawyer who craves to be known as an Aalim of the Deen, as usual slinked in the shadows of anonymity. The moron stated in his fax:

“I was extremely dismayed to hear Maulana Abdulla Khan who stated openly in a Juma lecture today at the Westville Mosque that, the Jamiat wanted the legal recognition of Muslim marriages only, and that otherwise happy with the Constitution. This means that the Jamiat KZN endorses that the consequences of a Muslim marriage must be regulated by the common secular law, and not Islamic law. Such a position is, with the greatest respect, one of KUFR, which requires to be redeemed by an appropriate public taubah.”

Firstly, we say to this misguided wolf-in-sheep’s skin that he is the first munaafiq who should make public Taubah for his vigorous and  continuous support for the KUFR MPL-MMB bill. For years he and his ilk have been supporting the  glaring kufr of the KUFR MMB. In fact, these cranks masquerading as ‘aalims’ have assisted in the process of drafting pure kufr and struggling to pass it off as  pure Shariah.

As for the bayaan of Maulana Abdullah Khan, the munaafiq lawyer has deliberately cited the Maulana’s statement out of its proper context. Maulana Abdullah Khan never endorsed the kufr, immoral Constitution which this munaafiq lawyer and his ilk have all along accepted to the degree of being contented with the transmutation of the Shariah in the form of their KUFR MMB.

The present secular Marriages Act and the Matrimonial Property Act allow a legally recognized Muslim marriage 100% Islamic/Shariah consequences. Maulana Abdullah Khan at no stage even remotely implied endorsement of the country’s constitution with all its evils which the lawyer, the crank ‘aalim’ does accept. Any Muslim who requires legal recognition for his Islamic Nikah, does not need KUFR MMB for achieving this objective. If for whatever reason he requires legal recognition, this is currently available. He only has to adopt the Antenuptial Contract system which excludes the Accrual Clause, and ensure that he leaves an Islamic Will.  By following this legal route, the secular law will ensure that the Muslim’s estate after his demise is distributed 100% in terms of the Shariah. This is what Maulana Abdullah Khan conveyed to the Muslim community. On the contrary, KUFR MMB makes absolutely no provision for the Islamic distribution of a Muslim’s estate. But it does provide for several haraam ways of usurping Muslim wealth.

What the Maulana said was, in a nut shell, as follows:

MMB is Kufr. The MMB reeks with KUFR. MMB mutilates and transmutes the Shariah to produce a transmogrified concept which purports to be the Shariah, but which is KUFR. There is no need for legal recognition because Allah Ta’ala recognizes our Marriages in the Heaven. However, if any Muslim for whatever reason he may have, requires legal recognition, then he should adopt the proper option which the secular law provides to enable his Nikah to have 100% Shariah consequences. That proper option is to adopt the Antenuptial Contract system which excludes the Accrual Clause. This assures 100% Shar’i consequences.

This is all that Maulana Abdullah Khan said. It devolves on the coward to reveal his identity which is well known. He should retract his buhtaan (slander) which he directed at Maulana Abdullah Khan, make Taubah, realize his folly of supporting and promoting the KUFR MMB, and join the rest of the Ummah fighting the KUFR MMB which has been introduced to undermine Islam.

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