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Our Mashaaikh say: “The stomach is the home of every disease.” The following is a remedy for constipation which is the root cause of most diseases:

“Make sure your diet has enough roughage from wholewheat that is preferably stoneground. Two tablespoonsful of blackstrap molasses in warm water shifts most people’s problems without strain.

Yogurt is also to be recommended, but make sure that it is free from synthetic colours and flavourings. The following can be used individually, or together:

  • Spinach 16  fl.ounces (450 ml)
  • Carrot 10 fl.oz. (275 ml); spinach 6 fl.oz (175 mil)
  • Carrot 8 fl. Oz. (225 ml); apple 10 fl.oz (275 ml)
  • Potato 12 fl.oz. (350 ml)”    (The Complete Raw Juice Therapy)


Destructive foods which completely ruin the health in the long term resulting in diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart problems, liver, problems and kidney problems, etc. should be avoided like poison.  When organ failure develops as a result of years of poison ingestion, it is then too late for remedial measures. All things made from white flour, commercial bread even  if  from brown flour, all processed foods, all processed juices even ‘pure’ fruit juices, white rice, sweets, chocolates, even home-made desserts, samoosas, pies and the like should be avoided if you value your health and wish to be saved from the disasters of self-invited diseases.

It is of   utmost importance to totally abstain from broiler chickens and their eggs. Even if a broiler chicken is slaughtered properly observing all the rules of Thabah, then too abstain from these diseased chickens.  The carrion chickens which scoundrels halaalize are the worst  muck, filth and poisons which man has  invented in the history of mankind. There is no single ‘food’ which is so destructive to the health as carrion chickens.

Switch to a diet of vegetables, fruit, fresh fruit juice, nuts, wholemeal bread (made at home), oatmeal, honey and fish. By no means is it suggested that one should become a vegetarian.  Meat is one of the bounties of Allah Ta’ala. But excessive indulgence in meat as is the practice of our people, is also destructive for the health. The other problem related to meat is that almost all meat commercially available is haraam. There is therefore an imperative reason for abstention.  If the meat is 100% halaal, then too, consume it occasionally.

The immediate benefit of a vegetable diet within days, will be relief from constipation. Fast foods and take-aways are practically ‘haraam’ even if all the ingredients are halaal. The damage which habitual consumption of these junk ‘foods’ cause is irreparable. Health is an Amaanat (Trust) for which an account will be demanded in the Aakhirat.

20 Shawwaal 1437 – 25 July 2016


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