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A Brother writes:

We have observed a new trend here in Natal. When a mureedah or mureeds wife passes away, a biography of the mureedah or mureeds wife is written on the advice of the Shaikh. We understand the emotions at the loss of one's dear ones and the need for an outlet to express ones love for the deceased.

However, the manner such articles are written creates an impression of showing  the close relationship between the mureedah or mureeds wife and the shaikh. It also seems to glorify the shaikh and
seems like a mureeds campaigning exercise. The issue of concern is now that every shaikh will get his mureed to write about the kamalaat (virtues and excellences) of his shaikh in an endeavour to promote himself. Where is the ikhlaas that is spoken about in the Khanqa? Where is the fana fillah (Divine Absorption) so much propagated? But in reality, we only observe ostentatiousness.

Are we to accept such practices because it comes from a person running a Darul Uloom and that he knows better?  "What about the fitna we hear between the Shaikh and Mureedah? (This is a widely prevalent disease among the new brand of kahlifahs . The Majlis) Such articles will make other Mureedahs compete with their co-mureedahs to be close to the shaikh and in his  good books and favour. The wives of the mureeds will feel guilty for not favouring the shaikh with Samoosas, etc.

Can the example of Ummi Sulaim and other great female Sahabiyyaat (Radhiyallahu anhunna) be used to support such closeness and gestures? (The shaikhs   relationship with female mureeds should be
exceptionally formal and aloof  The Majlis). Please provide some guidance  on this  issue for the benefit of the shaiks, mureeds and mureedahs.                         (End of letter)

The  trend  mentioned by the Brother is most certainly un-Islamic. It is in conflict with the  teachings of Tasawwuf.  Such publicity smacks strongly of riya  and hubbe jah. It is also in conflict with Hijaab.  A females identity should be concealed as far as possible.
Projecting her is shameless. It is utterly fallacious  to analogize  a contemporary  woman of our age on the basis of the illustrious Sahaabiyaat.
Citing a Sahaabiyah or a Waliyah of  bygone times is an entirely different issue. The status of a pious woman of  our age  may not be compared to  the great illustrious personalities of the Salafus
Saaliheen  era. To publicize and advertise  a biography of the mureedah is highly improper and uncalled for. To provide naseehat, the anecdotes of the past Auliya and Sahaabah  should be  published, not   episodes of  people of  our age regardless of their piety.
In fact,  according to the Hadith,  the accolades which people laud on  their  shaikh who has passed away,  may be a source of shame and pain for him in Aalam-e-Barzakh (the life in the Grave). The Angels  will say to him somewhat mockingly: Are you indeed such a (great) person?   Ignorant mureeds commit  excesses in praising their shaikhs and  in doling out titles. The  shaikhs who  lack in  proper
understanding of the Maqsad  of Tasawwuf,  do nothing to educate their mureeds  regarding their improper conduct. On the contrary, they  are instrumental in the deviation of their mureeds.
It has become a spiritually ruinous fashion nowadays for mureeds to  deliver their  deceased shaikh into the seventh heaven or above the Arsh with  unwarranted praises. Titles and accolades have in fact become insipid, false and  strongly coloured with riya.

The problem we are saddled with is that the  shaikhs of today lack proper understanding of Tasawwuf.  Tasawwuf demands  Tawaadhu (Humility) and Ikhfa (Concealment). Looking at the  ways and methods of todays  shaikhs and khaanqas, one  can realize how far they have drifted from the Path of genuine Tasawwuf.  Their emphasis is on self-expression and projection instead of  humility and concealment.

A shaikh may test his degree of  ikhlaas by his reaction to this article/naseehat. His immediate reaction will be annoyance. He will be offended by this naseehat and embark on justification to accord validity to his  misdeed of   publicity.  Publicity is the death knell of Tawaadhu.

All the observations which the Brother has made are  sound and valid. But naseehat  benefits only those  who  have genuine Ikhlaas.

A disease in  todays circles of tasawwuf is obsession with females, and this is cause for great concern. The Mashaaikh say that when Allah Taala  wills to  destroy sufis, He involves them with women and young lads. Shaitaan is an expert ustaadh in the field of deception.  He presents a deeni facade  and  whispers into the heart of the buzrug fanciful  arguments which he adorns  with  hikmat to beguile the  shaikh who has not understood  the  proper meaning of Tasawwuf.

Shaikhs are becoming too free with female mureeds.  We are aware of khalifahs of  genuine Akaabir  Mashaaikh, who have become satanically and immorally involved with their female  followers (mureedahs).  The very first seed of immorality is planted in the heart of  todays shaikhs by the  voice of the woman who  utilizes it provocatively.

It is indeed sad that  in our era, tasawwuf is  being manipulated for worldly and nafsaani  objectives. For this reason our stock advice is that people should stay far from all so-called tasawwuf tareeqahs of this  age.  For Islaah,  read the anecdotes of the Auliyaa on a daily basis.  Whatever is not understood in their kitaabs, seek clarification from such Ulama who love the Auliya although they may not be Auliya themselves.

We are living in times to which the following Quraanic Aayat is applicable:
They (the lay people) take their ahbaar (molvis/scholars) and ruhbaan (tasawwuf shaikhs) as gods besides Allah..........

May Allah Taala save us  from the evil in our nafs and the snares of shaitaan who  employs  ahbaar and ruhbaan as his agents.

4 Shawwaal  1437 - 9 July 2016

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