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*"If one of you sees something wrong, let him change it with his hand; if he cannot, then with his tongue; if he cannot, then with his heart and this is the weakest faith." Some versions add: "there is no part of faith beyond that, not even so much as a mustard seed." (Muslim, Tirmidhi, Abu Da`ud, Ibn Majah.*

I require the Shariah’s Fatwa regarding the "Marriage Conference" to be held in Sandton on 30 July 2016 and the female speakers at the event._


I  am e-mailing with a very heavy heart an issue that has hurt and concerned me deeply and I would like clarity from your respected self  on these flagrantly un-Islamic issues. The Ulema are supposed to be the beacons of the  Qur’aan and Sunnah  from whom the public need to be guided and advised in the correct direction.

There is a 2 day ‘Marriage Event’ taking place in Johannesburg in Sandton on the 30th July entitled 'The Marriage Conference' which has been a global event and now has come to South Africa through a well known public figure .It is being advertised as an event for the entire family. There are male speakers and 2 young female speakers who were brought up and studied in America. Men, women and youth can attend this event

A little more information from my limited knowledge on one of the female speakers. She has written a book called 'Reclaim your heart' which claims to assist a person on re-finding their heart and removing attachments of the dunya towards ALLAH. She is taken as an ‘authority’ in Islamic spirituality and modernists  look up to her as a role model. In South Africa she seems to be to be very popular among the women. Her book is sold worldwide and here as well.

The part that is extremely worrying is that she claims to invite toward spirituality and the LOVE and OBEDIENCE of ALLAH and she is TEACHING people this, however many things she OPENLY promotes and does are in contradiction to shariah and haya. This is akin to making a mockery of deen. She appears to have a hypcritical stance.

1.She appears on television, youtube videos of her talks which are circulated all over the world , even by herself on her personal Facebook page and website

2.Her new video series called ' Reclaim your heart' which is being released in a few parts has MUSIC in the background, and the camera is focussed on her through most of it ...where she is attractively dressed and not in accordance to shariah.

3.She regularly posts pictures of herself on social media platforms (Her Facebook page , website and twitter) in various attractive poses.There are men who post comments on her pictures and state how much they admire her.

4.She does not wear Niqaab and dons colorful and attractive clothing that is sometimes revealing of a woman's awrah and shape.

5.She often travels all over the world without a Mahram for lectures and events.

6. She addresses mixed gatherings of men and women and many times in the talk or during the 'Q and A' session there is laughter and light hearted jokes shared.

7.During a Q & A she was asked about a movie called Frozen , which is Disney Animation Movie for kids and she identified herself with one of the characters in the movie , apparently the movie had a moral. She even stated once (in jest )  that she finds it hard to communicate with those who have not watched the movie as she explains her personality through the main character displayed there. TV and movies are projected as acceptable for muslims to watch.

This really hurts me. Is THIS the honour we are giving to ALLAH and our DEEN by taking examples from Haraam sources and claiming to connect people to ALLAH?

8.The manner in which she explained certain concepts were not conducive to Haya  as there were men in the audience ...of which she clearly was aware.

These are just a few of the concerns that I have stumbled over, among the many of those that I don't even know of.

The sister is now coming to South Africa for the ‘Marriage Conference’ and A LOT of sisters will be attending and many trust her as an authentic source of Islamic Spirituality. BUT how can this be so taking into consideration all the facts above ?

It is my concern that these sisters are being taken as role-models when in reality they are going against the essence of what they claim to teach... the LOVE, OBEDIENCE and SUBMISSION to ALLAH.

The other female speaker also follows similar patterns...

I recently came to know through listening to a radio interview that there are Ulema from South Africa that will be participating in this conference.

Can the Ulema e Haqq please give clarity and guidance on these Issues?  The silence from the Ulema on this is saddening ....Looking forward to your esteemed response and guidance InshaaALLAH

Was salaamu alaikum


(1)  BY MUFTI EBRAHIM SALEJEE of Ta’le,uddin Madrassah, Isipingo Beach, Durban

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

These types of programs have nothing to do with Islam and Muslims. Further, the organiser does not have the necessary Islamic education nor the experience in Islamic affairs to be able to guide and instruct others.


It is haram to attend such conferences and to promote them. The inherent conscience of a sincere Mu’min is sufficient to guide him/her to differentiate between truth and falsehood, vice and virtue. May Allah Subhaanahu wa Ra’ala guide all Muslims and save us all from the pitfalls of vice.


Once the reality of the developments in this era is understood from the Islamic perspective, there will be no cause for surprise despitr the grief which true Mu’mineen will feel  at the appearance of  fitnah, fasaad, fisq and fujoor in the Ummat in rapid succession and on a momentous scale.  Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had  informed us more than  fourteen centuries  ago of the  rise of  evil and fitnah in the Ummah in times  in close proximity to Qiyaamah.

Describing the rapid  emergence and spread of fitnah (i.e. vice, filth and immorality), Rasulullah (Sallallahu  alayhi wasallam) analogized the fitnah with a string of beads. When the string is cut, the beads will scatter rapidly helter skelter. He likened the  rapid emergence and spread of fitnah to  the beads scattering swiftly from the cut string. This is what we are precisely witnessing in our day. Every day a new filth and fitnah develops, and the prime  innovators and inventers of the  fitnah of vice  (fisq and fujoor) are the ulama-e-soo’ – the evil molvis and sheikhs who sell their mothers and daughters  to Iblees for his lustful gratification. That is why some  molvi agents of Iblees  are participating in the  lewd, immoral, haraam so-called ‘marriage’ conference which in reality is an immoral function embracing alol facets of zina. Perhaps the ultimate act of zina – real fornication -  may not as yet  be an integral constituent of  this type of  fisq and fujoor function. But the time is not far away when   these types of shaitaani conferences will  be highlighted by actual prostitution justified and halaalized by the most weird and bizarre logic of satanism.

The silence of the ulama too has been predicted by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), hence he described these silent molvis and sheikhs who despite believing  the immoral so-called ‘marriage’ conference  to be haraam, zipping their lip, as DUMB DEVILS” .  The molvis who are participating in the  zina filth of the  immoral conference are not the “dumb devils” mentioned by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). The participating  molvis and sheikhs are real DEVILS. The “dumb devils” are the sincere molvis who understand that the zina function is haraam, yet they  weld their lips and refrain from proclaiming the Haqq, and they  do so for nafsaani and worldly reasons. Their  haraam silence too is not at all surprising since that has been predicted by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

The female speakers who are  shaitaani role models are  faahishaat and faajiraat. They fall under the purview of the Hadith: “The dunya will be pursued with the amal of the Aakhirah.” The name of Islam will be misused to camouflage their worldly and nafsaani designs. Their fisq and fujoor will be promoted under Deeni guise, and that is precisely what these faahishah and faajirah females are perpetrating with the aid of  molvis whose hearts are rotten to the core with immorality and  worldly lusts.

On the occasion of shaitaan’s expulsion from the heavens, he supplicated to Allah Ta’ala to provide him with “TRAPS” to enable him to ply his  trade of deception and ensnarement on earth. Granting his  supplication, Allah Ta’ala said: “Your traps will be women.” This is the role which the  faahishah/faajirah  female speakers  fulfil. They are authorities in the art of satanism and seduction.

The evils which we are  witnessing  in this era  developing by the day  are merely  starters and stepping stone  for  such filth, fisq and fujoor  which  will  make  today’s immorality pale into insignificance and oblivion.  May Allah Ta’ala save us all from the fitnah of Dajjaal and the fitnah of his  agents who are  preparing the stage for him.

25 Shawwaal 1437 – 30 July 2016


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