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In this era in close proximity to Qiyaamah, the world abounds with juhala and mudhilleen who pose as ‘authorities’ of the Shariah when in reality they grope and grovel in a quagmire of jahaalat. One such jaahil whose articles and stupid ‘fatwas’ are loaded with hogwash and nafsaani flotsam, is one Atabek Shukurov  who has set himself up as an ‘authority’ of the Hanafi Math-hab whilst he dwells in a mire of  jahl-e-murakkab.

Some of the flotsam ‘fatwas’ of this mudhil have crossed our part. Insha-Allah, we shall respond in detail in refutation of the copro-jahl with which his ‘fatwas’ of jahl are besmirched. Here we briefly make mention of some of his haraam ‘fatwas’ of jahaalat to alert Muslims of this mudhil agent of Iblees. It is mentioned in the Hadith that in times close to the approach of Qiyaamah, there will be shayaateen masquerading as human beings. They will deliver lectures, give fatwas and even recite the Qur’aan Majeed right inside the Musjid to lure and ensnare Muslims into their den of Imaani destruction. It appears that this Atabek character is one of those shayaateeni mudhilleen predicted in the Ahaadith.

This jaahil has written considerable drivel and hogwash in his stupid ‘fatwas’ on the  issues of mortgages, homosexuality, smoking, etc. If Allah Ta’ala grants us the taufeeq, we shall demolish all the rubbish which this latest mudhil has excreted in his ‘fatwas’ which are the copro-effects of his jahl-e-murakkab.

In brief, we apprize the Ummah of the Haqq of the masaa-il which the mudhil coprocreep has convoluted and corrupted with his jahaalat which may be deliberate and designed to further the scheme of Iblees in his mission of undermining and destroying Islam.


Know and understand well that all bank loans are interest-bearing.  There is no type of loan given by a bank which is free of interest/riba. Atabek’s laborious and abortive attempt to ‘prove’ that bank interest is not Riba, is the effect of shaitaan having gripped his brains. Just as the mushrikeen of Arabia would say: “Trade is like Riba.”, hence it should be halaal, so too, does this agent iof Iblees, Atabek say: “Bank interest is taukeel.” This agent of shaitaan is at war with Allah and His Rasool, for the Qur’aan Majeed issues the following ultimatum of war:

“...If you do not desist (from devouring riba), then take notice of WAR from Allah and His Rasool.”


By no stretch of Imaani logic and Fiqhi logic can such clear-cut Riba   charged by banks, ever be interpreted to mean anything other than Riba. Therefore, all bank loans are haraam. All such loans are encumbered with interest which no brand of interpretation can ever cancel.

Homosexuality is HARAAM. Homosexuals are worse than adulterers. Islam prescribes the severest punishment for homosexuals.  If homosexuality is proved in the court of the Qaadhi, even the death penalty may be applicable. Atabek’s article is designed to placate the palates of his western kuffaar masters whom he is bootlicking.

Smoking breaks the fast. The arguments in negation of this mas’alah are baseless. Insha-Allah, a detailed response shall be forthcoming for the khuraafaat (drivel and trash) which Atabek has expectorated.


Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Verily, I fear for my Ummah the aimmah mudhilleen.”

This Atabek is from amongst the Mudhilleen mentioned in this Hadith.


1 Zil Qa’dh 1437 (5 August 2016)


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