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Channel Shaitaan is charging a fee of R250 for a program of zina featured by some Faahishah and Faajirah females who have been employed by Iblees Laeen himself. Indeeed ‘Muslims’ have degenerated to the lowest ebb of immorality since the inception of Islam more than fourteen centuries ago. 

Now there can be no wonder and surprise when hearing the Hadith which predicts that people will fornicate in the public on the roads in full view of others, like dogs, pigs and asses. Channel Shaitaan is the forerunner in setting the stage for the public zina predicted by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). 

The overtones and the undertones of the filthy, immoral advert of sexual perversion published by Channel Shaitaan leads to the conclusion that the devils behind this event of zina and prostitution cannot be Muslims. Whilst they sport Muslim names, they are among the worst shayaateen, munaafiqeen and zanadaqah. 

The Qur’aan Majeed explicitly states: “Do not approach near to zina”. But these illegitimate, accursed offspring of Iblees blatantly and shamelessly advertise and invite to zina – and they perpetrate their noxious filth and perversion in the name of Islam. Allah’s Athaab will most certainly overtake and destroy these Mal-oon agents of shaitaan. 

Such ‘Muslims’ who are prepared to barter away their Imaan to gratify the worst of their immoral lusts will be trading their Imaan with a lousy R250. With all the zina fees, the Faahishahs and Faajirahs will fill their filthy bellies and further destroy their humanity to degenerate to sub-animal levels. They no longer have Imaan to destroy. They are in the process of eliminating whatever vestiges of humanity they may still have. These people cannot be Muslims. 

When zina is advertised so blatantly and when ‘Muslims’ audaciously and publically participate in such absolutely immoral and lewd events. Then Qiyaamah cannot be  in the too distant future. Sounding a grave and fearful warning for people who publically indulge in zina and the like as the nation of Loot (Alayhis salaam) had perpetrated, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“When We intend to destroy a place (town, city), then we command its affluent ones (i.e. give them  rope to plunge recklessly in their filth) who then plunge into immorality  in the  town. Then the decree (of Athaab) is ordained. Then we utterly destroy them.”

13 Zil Qa’dh 1437 (17 August 2016)


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