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Question: Are Bakers Biscuits halaal? I have understood from an article by the Jamiatul Ulama Gauteng that Bakers Biscuits or at least some of their biscuits are not halaal. However, in a rebuttal, the NIHT (National Independent Halaal Trust) says that they have certified that Bakers Biscuits are halaal. Please advise.


The NIHT is in fact a NATIONAL HARAAM CARRION entity.  Like SANHA and the MJC, this NIHT haraam entity halaalizes carrion and other kuffaar manufactured products which are not halaal. The motive of the chaps of these carrion outfits is mercenary. The money is the objective. To gain the haraam boodle, the carrion cabal insanely halaalizes carrion and other non-halaal products of the kuffaar enterprises.

The NIHT’s argument pertaining to ethyl alcohol is drivel. The Jamiatul Ulama Gauteng’s statement on Bakers Biscuits is valid and correct. Do not be bamboozled by the stupid and mercenary arguments proffered by NIHT to justify its halaalization of haraam biscuits. These carrion cliques cling to the ‘synthetic’ argument, even synthetic pork, like parasites.

The presence of alcohol naturally in any item created by Allah Ta’ala like fruit, does not support the baseless arguments of NIHT. If a fruit contains naturally alcohol, then it is simple to understand that The Allah Who has made alcohol Haraam, has made the fruit Halaal. The argument of NIHT is carrion just as is their halaaized carrion.


Furthermore, the biscuits are, at the minimum Mushtabha, and at the worst, HARAAM, not only on account of the ethyl alcohol. All brands of biscuits contain mushtabah and haraam ingredients – colourings, dosium acid pyrophosphate, sodium metabisulphate, whey, flavouring, choc filling,  emulsifier, E322, E476, E471, proteolytic enzyme, colourant, E160a, crème filling, gelatine, E33, E104, E122, E110, glycerine, glucose, etc.

NIHT presenting its 6 grounds for proclaiming the haraam biscuits ‘halaal’, states:

(1) “The Baker Tennis, Lemon Creams and Chockits do not contain any alcohol.”

This is a blatantly false contention. Regardless of the ‘miniscule’ amount of .05%, it does contain alcohol.


(2)  “The alcohol is of a synthetic nature and is not fermented khamr (intoxicant made from wine, grapes or dates.)” 

Firstly ‘khamr’ is wine – grape wine. It is not an “intoxicant made from wine”. This statement is stupid drivel. Secondly, all alcohols, whether fermented or synthetic, are intoxicants, and Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) prohibited all intoxicants regardless of the product from which it is made. The khamr argument is a massive fraud and deception which the halaalizers of carrion and wine perpetrate. Thirdly, regardless of the method of production, whether by fermentation or magic, the alcoholic substance is an intoxicant, hence haraam. Fourthly, if the biscuits are free of alcohol, why does NIHT abortively labour and sweat to halaalize the alcohol? Why seek to make it acceptable? This by itself exposes the thief in the heart. 

(3)  “The synthetic alcohol is used purely as a solvent to disperse the flavorants and allow it to mix evenly with the biscuit dough.”

This is extremely ludicrous. Regardless of the purpose for which the alcohol is used, it is  added to the dough just as  one would add a little urine or faeces, then argue that the biscuit is halaal because the faeces/urine was used for a specific purpose which is deemed necessary by the manufacturers for the freshness, taste and shelf-like of their product.  The deliberate display of jahaalat by NIHT is constrained by deception to mislead the Muslim community. The issue is not the purpose for what the alcohol is used. The fact is that it is used in the product which NIHT claims is ‘halaal’. 

(4)  “According to Imam Abu Hanifah (Rahmatullah Alaihi), alcohol from sources other than grapes and dates is not considered impure (Najis). Contemporary Scholars (Ulama) have thus declared their use as a solvent to be acceptable since the intoxicating properties have been fully eliminated. This is also the view of the majority of Muslim Scholars locally as well as worldwide.”

This argument is devoid of Shar’i substance. It is not permissible to cite a Marjooh view, i.e. a view which is overwhelmed and set aside by the Jamhur Fuqaha. And, in this case, not only the Jamhur Fuqaha of the Hanafi Math-hab, but ALL the Fuqaha of ALL other Math-habs have registered consensus (Ijma’) on the opposite view, viz., all  intoxicants whether made from grapes, dates, potatoes, onions, halaalized carrion, etc., etc. are haraam and najis. 

NIHT is quite deceptive or starkly ignorant in citing Imaam Abu Hanifah’s statement which the Hanafi Math-hab as well as the other three Math-habs have discarded. The Mufta Bihi view of the Hanafi Math-hab since the era of the Aimmah Mujtahideen more than 13 centuries ago, has always been on prohibition of all intoxicants regardless of the substance from which they are derived. This is still the Mufta Bihi view, and the whole world of ‘contemporary scholars’ cannot and have no right to scuttle this Law of the Shariah. Furthermore, ‘contemporary scholars’ are notorious for their liberal shenanigans of the nafs. Credence cannot be accorded to drivel ‘fatwas’ – fatwas which tamper with the Shariah. Imaam Abu Hanifah’s view in the context is tantamount to non-existence. 

And does this wayward carrion halaalizer cater for only Hanafis? In fact, we believe that all of these shaitaani carrion outfits have no respect for any of the Math-habs. They respect and honour only the math-hab of  Fuloos (Money). Why does NIHT ignore the Shaafi’ Math-hab when perhaps the majority of the Muslim population in South Africa is Shaafi’? The Shaafi’ Math-hab, the Maaliki and Hambali Math-habs, as well as the vast majority of the Hanafi Fuqaha hold the view that all types of alcohol are najis. In fact, the official Fatwa of the Hanafi Math-habs is the same as that of the other Math-habs. Digging out from the Kutub rarities and obscurities is the job of deviates and those who pursue nafsaani and worldly goals. For them Allaamah Abdul Wahhaab Sha’raani (Rahmatullah alayh) and numerous other illustrious Ulama said:

“He who grabs on to the rarities of the Ulama, verily he has made his exit from Islam.”

Those who lack expertise in the Uloom of the Shariah – those such as NIHT and other morons parading as ‘scholars’ – should not dabble in Fiqhi issues.


(5) “The synthetic alcohol is completely evaporated during the manufacturing and baking process.” 

This too is fallacious in terms of the Shariah.  The NIHT chaps should add a couple of drops of urine to their tea and boil it sufficiently to ensure that no properties of the urine remain, then drink it on the assumption that the urine has evaporated. Regardless of the process of evaporation, every molecule of the flavourants and of the biscuits is diffused with the alcohol, and so is every molecule of NIHT’s tea diffused with urine. A couple of drops of urine added to the dough of the cake/biscuits will be haraam, and the evaporation argument holds no water.


(6) “The gelatine used for the Iced Zoo biscuits is from a Halaal bovine (beef) source and is totally halaal.” 

This is totally a LIE. The animal gelatine is Haraam. It is derived from halaalized carrion beef.  Thus, the biscuits are haraam. 

These ingredients, some unpronounceable, appearing like hieroglyphics, and E numbers camouflage poison, mushtabah and haraam substances. But for NIHT everything is ‘halaal’. By hook or crook everything has to be made halaal for the sake of the boodle. 


Never trust these carrion-halaalizing outfits, and do not be misled by ‘halaal’ symbols, stickers and haraam certificates which the scourge of certifying entities doles out. 

The Muslim human being is expected to exercise restraint and control his nafsaani desires. He should not behave like the lowly beasts which do not distinguish between halaal and haraam. Allah Ta’ala has created the Muslim human as a lofty species. The Qur’aan, describing the Muslim human being, says: 

“Verily, We have ennobled the progeny of Aadam, and We have granted them control of the land and over the ocean, and We have provided them with Tayyibaat (halaal and wholesome food), and We have bestowed excellence to them over numerous of Our creation.”


The Qur’aan specifically enumerates Tayyibaat (halaal and wholesome food) among the attributes of Allah’s bestowals of nobility to ennoble man – Muslim man. Carrion is not fit for even dogs. 

Firstly, Muslims should drastically curtail their consumption of even halaal home-made biscuits, for biscuits are unhealthy leading to obesity in the wake of which develops diabetes. As far as commercially prepared biscuits are concerned, total abstention is Waajib. There is not an iota of health to be gained from consuming biscuits. On the contrary, these biscuits are ruinous for the health – both physical and spiritual health.

1 Zul Hajj 1437 – 2 September 2016


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