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Cruelty and Disease go hand in hand with a system of slaughter which Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) described as SHAREETATUSH SHAITAAN or the Slaughter of the Devil. The standard procedure – the norm – in the broiler chicken industry which the Carrion Cabal consisting of SANHA, MJC, NIHT and some other unfortunate and miserable agents of Iblees have halaalized for  monetary objectives, is cruelty, and the natural consequence of this cruel, satanic and filthy industry from inception to end, is DISEASE, both physical and spiritual. The following report highlighting the cruelty, filth and disease of the ‘halaal’ certification industry related to broiler chickens is just the tip of the iceberg.


“The Midrand SPCA recently received a complaint from the public with regards to a chicken run, and after arriving at the scene, found chicken carcasses lying among live chicken, and subsequently opened an animal cruelty case.

Inspector Jerry Seemise said, “We had an emergency slaughter of 99 chickens and removed 119 dead ones. We ordered the people responsible, to give food and water to the rest of the chickens that were left.”


Spokesperson for Midrand SPCA, Brenda Lucas confirmed, “Cruelty charges have been filed with Midrand police and the location of the chicken farm cannot be revealed as investigations are ongoing.”

In a Facebook statement, Midrand SPCA said inspectors Jerry Seemise and Theo Mokgatle responded to the complaint and were shocked at the conditions that they found the chickens and facilities in.


The statement further read, “Together with the assistance of our kennel manager, Renny, and our kennel assistant, Zachary, they started checking crates and facilities and the welfare of all the chickens. No water or feed was to be seen and the staff was instructed to provide water and food immediately.

“The chickens could not wait to get some water and a warning was issued onsite by the inspectors.


“We are appalled at this situation and cannot imagine the suffering that these animals have gone through. Cruelty charges have been made and further action will be taken. Thanks go out to the public who remain vigilant and we urge the public to always come forward with any information pertaining to animal cruelty. All info is kept anonymous.”

Midrand SPCA also thanked its inspectors, kennel staff and the NSPCA for their assistance and guidance in the matter.”




Regardless of the plethora of justifications which SANHA, the prime Carrion Certifier, proffers to justify its  Maitah-halaalizing  business, every Muslim who  has some  understanding of the Deen and of the reality  underlying the halaalization of carrion, can readily understand that the  ONLY motive for  having evolved this accursed, brutal, satanic  industry of  certifying kuffaar  chicken and meat plants, is the HARAAM BOODLE.

Money is the only devilish objective which propels the shayaateen operating this  filthy and brutal industry to press on resolutely  with their haraam money-making projects at the expense of ruining the physical, moral and spiritual health of the Ummah. But the time will come when their resolution will  choke  in their throats – and this will be at the time of Maut. It will be a time when the paralysis of hubb-e-maal (love for boodle) has dissipated and the reality of Barzakh is revealed to them – to these Carrion Purveyors who had manipulated the Deen to  ravage, pillage and plunder the  health, morals and Imaan of the Ummah.

20 Zil Hajj 1437 - 22 September 2016


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