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In a desperate attempt to project an image of innocence and to beguile the Muslim community, the MJC has released for public information its belated letter to the Egyptian embassy regarding the planned visit of Sisi’s ‘grand mufti’ of murder and satanism.  The MJC has made an attempt to deceive Muslims into believing that it (MJC) is opposed to the ‘grand mufti’ and to the brutality and genocide of the Yahudi Kaafir, Sisi, who had usurped power in Egypt with the active connivance of the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.


The KZN Jamiat, coming to the defence of the MJC, says in its latest statement:

“It is gratifying to note that the MJC has declined to host Egypt’s Grand Mufti’s visit and we applaud and endorse their decision.”

Either the KZN Jamiat is  extremely naive or it  being a bedfellow of the MJC, deemed it necessary to attempt bailing out the MJC from the  bloody mess in which the MJC is complicit with Sisi and Sisi’s ‘grand mufti’. The belated letter of withdrawal, not of decline, as the Jamiat puts it, by the MJC has been imposed on the evil scholars of the MJC by public opinion.


Having misread the mood of the South African Muslim community, the MJC was in cahoots with the Egyptian embassy to host  Sisi’s delegation. The MJC had planned to be the host of the murderers in Cape Town while it (the MJC) had imposed the bloody hosting task for Durban on the KZN Jamiat which is currently in an unholy illegitimate embrace with BOGUS uucsa run by the MJC and the NNB (No Name Brand) Jamiat of Fordsburg.  The withdrawal of the MJC from the undertaking it had given the Egyptian embassy was a decision at the very last moment when it woke up to the tumultuous uproar in the making. We, hereunder, outline the evidence of the MJC’s complicity in the planned visit which shall hopefully be aborted and cancelled in the wake of the opposition of the Muslim community.


Currently there is an ongoing legal battle between Genuine UUCSA and BOGUS uucsa.  In order to impress its importance and to illustrate credibility, BOGUS uucsa has submitted in its court papers a number of letters of dignitaries with whom it was in communication on  different issues. One such letter reflects the MJC’s contact with the Egyptian embassy regarding the panned visit of the murderers. The letter, marked UA6 is reproduced here:





The importance which BOGUS uucsa attached to the planned visit of the Zaalimeen is adequately borne out by the following extract from the affidavit submitted to court by Yusuf Patel on behalf of BOGUS uucsa:


“An e-mail of 14 September addressed to the applicant (i.e. BOGUS uucsa) using email address ‘secretariat”’ requests the applicant (i.e. BOGUS uucsa) to advise regarding the program proposed for the “visit of the Grand Mufti of Egypt and his accompanying delegation comprising senior officials from Palestine and Sudan’ due to arrive on 2 October 2016, and a planned visit to the applicant’s Durban offices.”


The KZN Jamiat is the Durban office of BOGUS uucsa. The MJC’s jahaalat did not permit it to understand the mood and emotions of the Muslim community, hence it had proceeded to make arrangements for hosting Sisi’s murderer mufti. The following statement by a senior official of the KZN Jamiat further confirms that the MJC had finalized its program for the Egyptian Murderers:


“How can we even think of hosting the criminal who endorsed the death sentence against Hafiz President Muhammad Morsi, is beyond my understanding (and the understanding of numerous of our Ulama).

MJC can expect a serious backlash if the community discovers who Mufti Shawki is. MJC detractors will have a field day. Public protests are not to be discounted. Protests will take different forms. The general membership of the MJC must be considered as they are the ones who will have to face the music on the ground.”

“Their intended visit for South Africa is planned for 2nd and 3rd October, 2016. The main objectives of their visit as outlined by the Egyptian Embassy in

1. Support the efforts made by the MJC and other Ulama bodies in South Africa in their service to Islam.

2. Correct possible wrong fatwas and underlining the real moderate values of Islam.”

These muftis are also anti-Palestine, pro-Assad and anti-Erdogan. Some of Egypt’s muftis (i.e. the haraam state muftis) are against Hijaab, claiming it to be a culture and not part of the Deen. A while back, Mufti Ali Jumuah who was the state Mufti, said that people do not have to atend the Musaajid. They can follow the Imaam on TV at home.......................”


In its damage-control letter to the Egyptian embassy, constrained by public opinion, the MJC highlights the good relationship  it has with the embassy and with Al-Azhar University which everyone knows is an integral constituent of Sisi’s Murder apparatus since the  endorsement for his murders  are  issued from this institution which is no longer a pure  Islamic Madrasah which it used to be many centuries ago. Referring  to its good relationship with  Sisi’s agents, the MJC states in its letter:


“We pray this important relationship with Egypt and its people continues for many more years to come..... (This is a reference to the brutal Egyptian Sisi regime and his  supporters.)

The MJC leadership places on record its continuous commitment to the partnership  with the Al-Azhar University and wishes to express our sincere gratitude for your understanding.” (i.e. for the  perks and pies doled out as bribes by  Sisi’s brutal, murderous regime with its  vile scholars and muftis who rubber stamp Sisi’s murders.)


It is palpably clear that the MJC’s re-think  was the effect of  the mood of the Muslim community which  it (the MJC) realized belatedly, hence its last minute letter to the Egyptian embassy. Confirming this fact, the MJC concedes in its letter:


“We fear that the South African  liberation movements  in our country would strongly oppose and protest the visit of the  Mufti and his delegation and could potentially escalate into adverse conditions for them during their intended visit.”


Far from a forthright  condemnation of the role of the grand murderer, and far from  outright dissociation from Sisi and his agents which include the Egyptian embassy, the MJC expresses its profound apologies for having been compelled by the Muslim community and the “liberation movements” to withdraw from the  hosting arrangement. Thus,  the accolade which the KZN Jamiat seeks to laud on the MJC is misplaced, stupid and  hogwash. Since the KZN Jamiat being rudderless is lying in a filthy embrace with BOGUS uucsa it feels constrained to defend the MJC.


No one should labour in deception  regarding the intentions of both the MJC and the Jamiat KZN. Their  statements are devoid of Shar’i altruism  and Ikhlaas. The Jamiat has  sharply deflected from the Haq. Its anti-grand mufti statement rings hollow. It is calculated to  garner public opinion in its favour.  In the Egyptian episode, the Jamiat KZN is aware of the side  which is buttered, hence it is able to issue such a ‘strong’, seemingly ‘fearless’ anti-Sisi statement. But such statements and stances are in total conflict with the confounded kitmaanul haq ‘hikmat’ policy of the Jamiat.


Further confirming that it was withdrawing from the already arranged program, not declining  an offer, the MJC says in its letter:


“Thus the Muslim Judicial Council (SA) regrettably informs the Egyptian Embassy that it would NO longer be able to facilitate such a visit to South Africa.”


The MJC  no longer has any relevance in the Muslim community of Western Cape, and the Jamiat KZN is  following in the MJC’s boots.  If it continues on its course of baatil to court the pleasure of people instead of the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala, it will soon become redundant and find itself discarded flotsam at the wayside. The MJC’s  primary function is  carrion and pork halaalization and collecting money for its private pockets in the name of Islam.

22 Zil Hajj 1437 – 24 September 2016


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