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In the wake of the considerable hike of so-called ‘umrah-hajj’ visa fees by the Saudi regime, comes an outcry from some Juhala who have stupidly dubbed themselves ‘Anti Visa Committee SA’. Some wayward molvis who have lost the Path of the Deen – Siraatul Mustaqeem – have also clambered aboard this baatil committee of Juhala thereby exhibiting their own jahaalat and lack of Deeni understanding. Confirming the error and deviation of this group of juhala is the presence of Reverend Abraham Bham of the NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg. Since he is an embodiment of baatil and dhalaal, his presence on any forum signifies the deviation and error of a group to which he is aligned.

The presence of Molvi Akoodie in an embrace with a faasiqah, on this committee of juhala, evidences his treachery. He has betrayed the Ilm and Tarbiyat he had acquired under the guidance of Hadhrat Masihullah (Rahmatullah alayh). By his association with fussaaq, especially his embrace with the faasiqah, and joining the clamour of baatil, he has illustrated his allegiance to the fraternity of ulama-e-soo’.


The anti-visa fee clamour is a lot of baatil sound and fury dictated by the nafs and inspired by shaitaan. They are all dwelling in the deception of shaitaan, hence they are raising a hog-wash clamour about a nullity. If viewed in the light of intelligence and the Shariah, those of sound Aql will not fail to understand that the exorbitant Saudi ‘umrah’ and ‘hajj’ fees are in reality a boon – a favour – for Muslims. It will be more appropriate to call a spade a spade if the fees are described what exactly they are, namely holiday visa fees or haraam holidays.

The entire Hajj and Umrah Ibaadat has been commercialized by the Saudis, and as far as the people are concerned these noble Acts are no longer Ibaadat. People – the vast majority – go to the Holy Cities not for Hajj and Umrah, but for haraam holidays and for even zina and prostitution. The morally bankrupt, and now also economically bankrupt Saudis, have converted Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwarah into immoral holiday resorts along western styles and standards. It is this dimension of the Holy Cities which the jaahil holiday makers enjoy. Their objective is nafsaani enjoyment, not Ibaadat.  Hajj and Umrah have become flimsy outer veneers for finding expression for lustful gratification.

Muslims are going in droves to satisfy their carnal lust in the Holy Cities. Billions are squandered down the drain on these haraam tours and holiday-making whilst millions of Muslims are suffering world-wide in abject poverty, squalor, ignorance and misery. Amid the horrendous suffering of millions of unfortunate Muslims, we find the mobs of shaitaan squandering millions and billions to gratify their haraam holiday desires. Instead of diverting the funds to assist the downtrodden and brutalized Muslims, these shaitaani holiday-makers, fill Saudi toilets with their excreta in the name of Hajj and Umrah. They should all commit ‘suicide’ to purify the surface of the earth of their vile presence.  They have already committed moral and spiritual suicide with their inordinate haraam lusts.

The Anti Visa Committee is a terrible aberration of Jahaalat which has no truck with the Shariah. Every aspect of this committee is evil and haraam. Muslims should not be so gullible as to be trapped by every haraam clamour raised in the name of the Deen. The Qur’aan Majeed commands Muslims to employ their intelligence before embarking on any venture. There is no goodness in this newly formed committee of jahaalat and dhalaal. The worst culprits and assistants of Iblees on this committee are the molvis, viz. molvi Akoodie and Reverend Abraham Bham.

Molvie Akoodie stupidly laments:

“Hajj and Umrah is a religious obligation and should be performed by any Muslims who can afford it. This new fee will be an added burden on pilgrims.”


Together with a faasiqah this imbecile molvi is the “co-vice chairperson” of the baatil committee of jahaalat. The poor, luckless soul despite being a molvi, appears to be profoundly ignorant of the Hadith of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam):

“Never ever will prosper people who entrust their affairs to a woman.”


This molvi should defrock himself, remove his bulky turban and not mislead people about being someone’s khalifah. He has betrayed every requisite of the office he was entrusted with. He should hang his head in shame and get lost – out of public view to conceal his shame, that is if he has any vestige of Imaani shame.

Regarding his comment above, nowadays ‘umrah’ and nafl ‘hajj’ are no longer acts of Ibaadat. These are holiday acts of athaab. From the time a person sets out from his home to ostensibly perform umrah and nafl hajj until the day he/she returns, he/she is trapped in sin. The chimera of ‘umrah’ is a massive deception and fraud perpetrated by these shaitaani holidaymakers from whose minds the idea of Ibadat is the furthest.

The new exorbitant holiday visa fees levied by the Saudis come as a favour and is most welcome. For once we must congratulate the Saudis for having displayed some intelligence. The “added burden” to which Akoodie refers, is not an added burden for genuine “pilgrims” as alleged erroneously by Akoodie. It is an added burden for the mobs of haraam holidaymakers. In fact, it is a small addition to the huge sums of money they squander in haraam holiday-making. It is haraam money added to haraam expenditure.  The earnings of most of these haraam holiday-makers are in fact haraam, hence they are deprived of the taufeeq of diverting their money in spiritually productive channels to gain Allah’s Pleasure and to consolidate their position in the Aakhirat.

We are of the opinion that the Saudis may even be rewarded for even their unintentional attempt to curb the droves of haraam holiday-makers. If the exorbitant visa fees discourage many people from going for holidays to Saudi Arabia, it will serve a noble purpose, and for which the Saudis must be congratulated.

In today’s haraam scenarios it is NOT permissible to go for Umrah and Nafl Hajj. To say that this is “religious obligation” as the jaahil committee of miscreants alleges is palpably false and deceptive. On the contrary, it is a religious obligation – an incumbent demand of the Shariah to abstain from going for Umrah and Nafl Hajj in the present climate of fisq and fujoor. Total moral and spiritual chaos – haraam compounded with haraam – prevails on these journeys right from home until the return.

It is hoped and prayed that the Saudis will not buckle under the stupid demands to scrap the justified holiday visa fees. Stupid people do stupid things. People of intelligence should not demean their Aql and Imaan by joining the shaitaani clamour of the Committee of Juhala.

15 Muharram 1438 (17 October 2016)


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