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Please study the following report, and DO NOT CONTRIBUTE MONEY TO JUST ANY TOM, DICK AND HARRY.


We got a survey done through our contacts in Sind and following facts were revealed. We are sharing with the donors who should take care white getting the schemes implemented through local people there.

1.   Many a jobless young people has resorted to making NGO’s with different names and are involved in very fishy activities in the name of Sind and Thar. In addition people who were working with foreign and local NGO’s and were removed due to malpractices and now they have started their own NGOs.

2.   There are hundreds of small Hand Pumps that were made by different NGO’s over the last many years.  Those have developed faults and local population don’t have means to get these repaired. These people go and ask the people to allow them fix the old pump and place new plates and get the photos of the community taken. Poor people agree and by spending 1000/1500 they show it as a new project.

3.   Those who make new small or big pumps use one pipe instead of two pipes going in the ground. The pump works but it cannot be repaired in future. It costs less and these people quote less price to the donor and donor thinking it cheap and give them the contract.

4.   Most of the bigger pumps are made in areas near the main towns that are cheap to make and transportation charges are less.

5.   The areas that need attention are far flung areas where most of these people do not go to save funds for themselves. The pumps are made in nearby localities on main metalled roads.

6.   Big hand pumps are also made with one main pipe and that cannot be repaired in future although it is cheap.


Being sent to all our contacts for your info and guidance please.

Warm regards,         

Col (R) Mushtaq Ahmad                                                         
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Line: 0092 (0) 51 5788 070
H. No. 22-D, Omar Zeb shaheed road,
Defense Housing authority - 1, Islamabad-46600.

13 Safar 1438 – (14 November 2016)


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