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TODAY, THURSDAY 1 DECEMBER 2016 IS THE 1 RABIUL AWWAL 1438. The Hilaal was reliably sighted and confirmed by the National Hilaal Committee of S.A. (NHCSA), and also by other Muslims in South Africa, who are not connected with NHCSA.

In fact, even according to the NNB jamiat of Fordsburg, sighting of the hilaal for the month of Rabiul Awwal 1438, is confirmed in terms of the Shariah. However, the villains of the NNB jamiat, are locked in an unholy embrace with the deviant MJC and the Qabar Pujaari (Grave-Worshipping) molvis of Natal and Gauteng (the sunni ulama councils). Since the sighting has not been confirmed by the MJC and the Qabar Pujaari groups who are part of BOGUS uucsa, they have gagged the NNB jamiat of Fordsburg and Jamiat KZN who are now not permitted to act according to the Shariah which decrees the validity of the sighting of the NHCSA and of others whose testimony may NOT be rejected in terms of the Shariah.

To please the haraam demands of the MJC and the Qabar Pujaaris, the two miscreant jamiats (NNB and KZN Jamiat) have resolved to set the Shariah aside. It is mind boggling that despite them being fully aware that the hilaal was sighted and validly confirmed, they have opted for not accepting the Haqq. On the contrary, they (NNB and Jamiat KZN) have resolved to set aside the Shariah to kowtow to the MJC and Qabar Pujaaris in pursuit of the hallucinated satanic ‘unity’ with the conglomerate of Ahl-e-Baatil.

It is of considerable significance that is Saudi Arabia, today it is the 2nd Rabiul Awwal. Tomorrow when it will be the 3rd Rabiul Awwal in Saudi Arabia, it will be the “1 Rabiul Awwal” for the MJC, Qabar Pujaaris, NNB jamiat and Jamiat KZN. What a diabolical farce!!!!!!

When people flagrantly and blatantly adopt a path in flagrant and blatant conflict with the Shariah, they will find their faces sullied and soiled with rijs and najaasat. Allah’s Wrath and Chastisement await them, for they have chosen the objectives of the dunya and the nafs over His Commands.

1 Rabiul Awwal 1438 -1 December 2016


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