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A Brother from Durban commenting on the sinister  Gulenist ‘islamic’ schools, says:

It appears that ulama want to stick to "safe" non controversial topics. The really difficult and current problems facing the community are either not addressed or inadequately covered. The issue in particular about these Turkish schools is saddening as our own community are assisting in funding these institutes.

A few years ago I was travelling with some men from my area and whilst passing one of these Turkish schools he asked the driver to stop there as he had family working there and wanted us to see the place. He was singing the praises of their good work and implementation of "full sunnah".

He never mentioned it was a Turkish school. It was only when I entered that I immediately recognized from the décor that it was a Turkish setup.

At the time of the visit there were no students in the facility.

We saw several modernist teachers all in their turkish olive pants and white shirt so fully shaven. The head took us on a tour of the place.

There is no noor in this place. It is barren.

I asked several questions including the demographics of the students and i checked the names on the notice boards. They were targeting the local indigenous community. The furniture and décor was from Turkey. I was explained the cycle of teacher rotation every several months from Turkey. When I asked where funding was sourced for the facility the head smiled and was cagey. The question was not completely answered but he alluded to substantial local contributions as well from local communities. I enquired the areas at which these schools were setup and was told a list of various areas in SA.

We were also told that if we intend visiting Turkey they would make arrangements to take us around.

The problem with our community is that these Turkish the other baatil sects appeal to the nafs and we also have an inferiority complex. We are enamoured by the white European Turkish Muslims or the sweet talking western educated scholars or the modernist Arab sheikhs.

Our simple Indian and Pakistani moulanas are not appealing and glamourous to us.

Today our Musjids are soiled with young and old dressed in western attire or ridiculous outfits branded as kurtas and bare headed.

Islam is being eroded in the community but the masses cannot open their eyes, because the ulama have elected to mislead them with their silence.

16 Rabiul Awwal 1438 -16 December 2016


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