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Read  with reflection the following report and understand  what you are consuming when devouring the CARRION chickens which  all of the devil’s agents – the cabal which operates the ‘halaal’ certificate racket -  halaalize. All assurances  these vile agents of Iblees proffer to allay the fears of a stupid consuming public, are  pure flapdoodle to trick people into  consuming the  diseased carrion chickens satanically labelled ‘halaal’.


Note: the statements in brackets in the under mentioned report are the comments of The Majlis.

“Halal chicken firm that supplies top supermarkets boiled birds ALIVE after blunders meant they had not had their throats slit before being plunged into the water

Factory workers boiled more than 60 chickens alive during a row at a halal slaughterhouse. Faulty equipment at 1Stop Halal in Eye, Suffolk (England), meant a total of 81 birds were plunged into scalding water in separate incidents over a period of four months. The plant uses an electrically charged water pool to stun some birds before cutting their throats.

(Faulty electrical equipment, power failures, etc. happen routinely at all chicken killing plants  all over the world. Such occurrences due to defective equipment or equipment  malfunctioning are not isolated  episodes. This is just one evil factor in a compound of factors which render the chickens haraam  CARRION.  On rare occasions  information of this kind comes to light.)

...........An argument then broke out between two slaughtermen over the quality of cutting as some birds passed them without being killed.  (This is a usual practice at these killing facilities. In terms of the Shariah, the cutting and the ‘quality of cutting’ do not constitute Thabah. On the contrary, the method of killing at all chicken plants  is described in the Hadith as ‘Shareetatush Shaitaan’ –the Slaughtering of the Devil’).

This led to 64 chickens suffering agonising deaths by being plunged into boiling water for two minutes. (At all chicken killing facilities across the world, millions and millions of chickens on a daily basis face agonising deaths in scalding water.)

The workers, who have since left the firm, had to keep up with the production line, which processes 60,000 to 100,000 chickens a day. (At South African chicken-killing plants, approximately a quarter million chickens are brutally killed every day at single plants. Millions are killed daily at the various killing facilities. At some plants, the chickens are killed at the  rate of 60 per minute).

1Stop Halal, which supplies major supermarkets (in England), admitted causing unnecessary suffering to 81 chickens. (81 is a fairy tale which even baboons will not swallow. ‘Unnecessary’ and haraam suffering is caused daily to millions of chickens in the Shareetatush Shaitaan system of killing. Any system which is in conflict with the Islamic system is a brutal system of the Devil).

The animals, killed in a tank intended to remove feathers off already dead birds, were disposed of and not sent to supermarkets. (All chickens, and they are  still alive at the point of immersion in scalding water for defeathering, are rendered HARAAM by this single act of brutality).

Company boss Ranjit Singh Boparan (is a Hindu idol-worshipper on whose word, the U.K. Muslims accept that the killed chickens are ‘halaal’), a multimillionaire businessman known as the 'chicken king' (According to the Shariah –‘Carrion King’), was fined £8,000 and ordered to pay £6,000 costs.  (A total of about R300,000.  Even the kuffaar court in England found the brutality abhorrent. Yet Muslims continue devouring chicken meat which  is  perhaps fit for only the shayaateen, and perhaps for vultures).

The firm suggested the birds died in a single incident in July last year but The Times reported that chickens were killed in boiling water on ten occasions on different days.

(The millions of chickens are brutally killed in boiling water by the million on a daily basis. The ‘single incident’ or the ‘ten occasions’ re[ported by The Times, are unacceptable stupidities).

Stop Halal : 'We deeply regret the circumstances which occurred on the 6th July, 2015, during our non-stun slaughter when up to 81 birds were caused unnecessary suffering. (Such hollow and insincere ‘regret’ does not halaalize the CARRION which the Devil’s agents – the ‘halaal’ certifiers – satanically pass off as ‘halaal’ to a stupid Muslim public addicted to carrion-consumption).

This occurred on our first day of operating the facility at Eye and involved a degree of human error. (Human error, human indolence, human neglect, faasiq killers, kuffaar entrepreneurs, malfunctioning equipment, total lack of honest Muslim supervision, greedy ‘halaal’ certifiers hungry for haraam boodle, and most important, the Devil’s slaughtering system, are the ingredients of the Devil’s compound and potion which render the chickens HARAAM CARRION).

Employees who were involved in the incident no longer work for the business.

'Since this incident the company has invested substantially in further training [and] improved control systems and have processed more than 30 million birds.' (All of which are HARAAM CARRION according to Allah’s Shariah. The investment of millions of pounds to ‘improve’ shaitaan’s system of killing does not render the CARRION halaal.  The equation remains the same:  CARRION = HARAAM = CANCER AND DISEASE = PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL DISEASE).

Morrisons, Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's have all sold chicken which has come directly or indirectly from 1Stop Halal. A Morrisons' spokesman said it did not sell chickens which were affected by the failure. (The failures occur routinely. Such failure is merely one factor of the plethora of haraam acts which render the chickens HARAAM CARRION).

Sainsbury's said it had received assurances that its chicken was not affected by the factory error. (Such assurances may placate and appease those who are incurably addicted to devouring carrion. They are people of have extinguished their Imaani conscience, a crime entrenched and embedded in Muslims by the carrion halaalizing agents of Iblees. Here in South Africa they are SANHA, MJC, NIHT and  a cabal of other similar agents of Shaitaan).

Animal rights campaigners have called for a crackdown on slaughterhouses' welfare standards.  (But the majority of so-called ‘ulama’ continue supporting crimes which even kuffaar find horrendously inhumane. They should hang themselves and perish).

4 Rabiuth Thaani 1438 -3 January 2017


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