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UNIVERSITIES Shaitaans Cauldron


(By a university graduate who personally experienced campus life)

With the imminent onset of the university year there is currently a vibrant debate regarding Muslim females attending university to pursue tertiary studies. (The question is incomplete, and so is the debate. The question should be: Should Muslim males and females attend university? –Mujlisul Ulama)

Those who support the idea of women studying at university argue that Muslims need to be progressive in their thinking. Confining women to their homes is narrow minded they say. (Such persons are zindeeqs. Their brains have been polluted by shaitaani manipulation. They are muslim  by name, not at heart – Mujlisul Ulama) This argument implies that all those women who choose to be homemakers are backward. But this is not at all true. Homemaking was the way of the Sahabiyaat and pious women throughout the history of Islam. Women who followed this path produced the Junaid Baghdadis and Hasan Basris of this Ummah. Homemakers are the foundation of the Muslim Ummah.

If this foundation crumbles the Ummah will be left in free fall. We need to be unapologetic about this: homemaking is the most progressive career that a female can follow.

UNIVERSITIES Shaitaans Cauldron

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