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Clean-shaven Qaaris and Prostitutes

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Clean-shaven Qaaris and Prostitutes

By A U.K. Student

A sincere Maulana here in Brunei posted the following fatwa of The Majlis on a particular Ulama group online, after finding it to be a succinct and excellent Fatwa: 

Q. Why should it not be permissible to listen to a clean shaven qaari? A qaari is praised for his excellent recitation, not for his shaving his beard or because of his sins.

A. Go to a brothel and listen to a prostitute’s qiraa’t. Praise her for her qiraa’t, not for her zina and sins, then pose the same question to yourself. There are many brothels in Pakistan and Bangladesh and elsewhere where you will be able to locate prostitutes who are able to present excellent qiraa’t with sweet and melodious voices. Have your head examined for mental equilibrium.

However, he was immediately criticized and reprimanded for posting The Majlis Fatwa due to obvious reasons. The Maulana conveyed some of the criticisms to me, so I responded just now with the following text message below.


In terms of the Shariah ruling, there is no difference between the prevalent gatherings organized within the sacred precincts of the Masjid in which a clean-shaven Qari performs to an audience, and a similar gathering in which a well-known prostitute with a beautiful voice is invited to the Masjid to recite the Quran to an audience.


However, when this clear-cut and unambiguous ruling of the Shariah is mentioned to any one of the fast-growing breed of modernists masquerading as “Deobandis” it tends to induce an immediate epileptic disorder also known as a “severe allergy to the Haqq”.


Some incomprehensible nonsense may then issue forth from his mouth providing just a glimpse into the severely diseased state of his heart. At his intellectual best, he may blurt out, based on pure emotion devoid of substance: “Astaghfirullah! How dare you compare a prostitute Qari-ess with a clean-shaven Qari?”


But, when he is pushed for the precise Shariah reason for differentiating between the two, he is hopelessly unable to provide any cogent answer.


Since he is an obedient and fully submissive slave to his Nafs (desires), which forever fluctuates with his bestial needs and demands, and which in this particular case is dictated by the need to distinguish the ruling of a clean-shaven Qari from that of prostitute, he may suddenly adopt orthodoxy temporarily, and say, “It is Haraam for a woman, prostitute or non-prostitute, to recite in full view of a male audience.”


We will answer, “Mashallah! You have stated the Haqq. However, what if we arrange for “purdha” between the prostitute reciter and the male audience?”


Constrained now by the bestial need to defend his pride, and also his  beloved clean-shaven inclinations, the modernist “Deobandi” is forced to opt for even more orthodoxy and responds, “The alluring voice of a female is Aurah, thus it is Haraam for her to recite melodiously to a male audience.”


We shall then respond, “Even more Mashallah! You have stated the Haqq yet again. Lightning does strike twice! However, what if she is instructed to read in a voice that is not alluring, and/or a special Mike is also used to eliminate any femininity from the audio output?”


With no turning back from the dead-end he has cornered himself into, and desperate to salvage some semblance of pride, the modernist “Deobandi” blurts out unthinkingly, “The women’s voice is Aurah full-stop. And also she shouldn’t be in the mosque in the first place!”


We then respond, “Super Mashallah! Two lightning’s of Haqq struck in one sentence! Indeed, particularly in this age of Faahishah and mass-deviance, the voice of a female is Aurah, full-stop. And indeed, prohibition has been the 1400 year Shariah Law with regards to women’s attendance at the Masjid since the time of the Sahabah (radhiyallahu anhum) who all understood this to be Rasululullah’s (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) own ruling based on the widespread failure of the women of even their most blessed of eras to fulfill the strict pre-conditions set by Rasululullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) himself – a ruling that has been upheld by the Ijma of the Fuqaha in every age. You have indeed done well to have stated several rulings of Haqq which have become immensely Ghareeb (strange, lone, forlorn) today, a state of strangeness and forlornity which is very soon set to envelop eventually the whole of Islam, as prophecised by Rasululullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). If this is the Haqq you are able to proclaim due to the “ghairah” you feel for your dear faasiq-faajir clean-shaven Qari friends whom you wish desperately to separate and exempt from the ruling of your prostitute friends, who all simply fall under the clear-cut and indiscriminate Shariah ruling pertaining to honouring each and every type of Faasiq-Faajir or Faasiqah-Faajirah, then imagine the Haqq you would be able to proclaim and the great revolution you could potentially inspire worldwide if you possessed the slightest Ghairah for the Deen being trampled upon, such as the flagrant, unashamed, and fully public show of one’s accursed, clean-shaven face! However, let us now follow your line of argument produced purely to differentiate between a Faasiq-Faajir Qari and a Faasiqat-Faajirat prostitute who, as you correctly state, should be permanently barred from the Masjid by virtue of her gender. What then is the ruling of the Shariah if we circumvent the gender limitation, and we substitute the female prostitute for a well-known, notorious male one? Would it then be permissible to invite such a male prostitute with a beautiful voice to recite the Quran in the Masjid, and would it be permissible to attend such a “blessed” gathering, even if some Buzrughs are found doing so?”


If the modernist “Deobandi” answers, “Yes”, we depart with him with the following words, “Salaam (only) to those upon guidance. We have our Deen of Islam which prohibits honouring each and every type of Faasiq-Faajir, while you have your “Deen” in which every prostitute, rapist, mass-murderer, nudist, etc. may be honoured.”


If the modernist “Deobandi” contends that shaving is not a major sin of enormous magnitude whose severity is uniquely amplified by its persistent and its perpetually pre-meditative nature then, at the least, he has thoroughly exposed his fraudulent affiliation to 1400 years of scholarship including the great school of Deoband amongst whom there existed complete Ijma on the satanic nature of such an evil practice adopted directly from the Kuffaar, and which mutilates perversely the Sunnah and explicit command of Rasululullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).


If, however, the modernist “Deobandi” answers correctly, “No, the male prostitute should not be invited to recite the Quran at the Masjid”, then whatever Shariah reason he proffers for this prohibition, such as the prohibition of honouring a Faasiq (flagrant sinner) or the even more severe prohibition of honouring a Faajir (one who flagrantly commits a sin unashamedly in public), then such a reason applies to a greater degree to a man who has no shame in denuding himself in displaying his anti-Sunnah, Kuffaar-style, accursed, clean-shaven nakedness, to all and sundry, throughout the day.


Let us momentarily put aside 1400 years of scholarship with regards to the satanic nature of the accursed practice of shaving, including the real Mujtahideen and Fuqaha (e.g. Allamah al-Haleemee from the 5th century AH) who explicitly compared such a practice with chopping off one’s manhood (private parts), and let us reflect for a moment on the attitude of Rasululullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) towards this accursed practice when adopted even by Kuffaar who are not even expected to adopt the Sunnah.


The famous and authentic narration in which Rasululullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) turned his Mubarak face away instinctively, after inadvertently catching sight of the abominable scene of two clean-shaven Persian ambassadors, amply portrays the true Sunnah attitude and ghairah that should be felt inwards, if not publicly displayed, towards this perverted abomination of a practice.


Despite the Persian ambassadors being Kuffaar regarding whom the Shariah prohibition of shaving has no application, Rasululullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), who is Rahmatullil Aalameen (Mercy to all the worlds) and the absolute peak of Adab and Akhlaaq, turned his face away in disgust at the abominable sight. In fact, the Ahadith mention that Rasululullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) kept his Mubarak face turned away during the entire length of the conversation with the ambassadors.


The tremendous Bughd fillah (anger for the sake of Allah) which Rasululullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) would invariably display when the Deen is trampled upon by someone knowingly, does not even apply here, as the ambassadors were Mushrikeen who were not expected to adopt the Sunnah and who would obviously have been oblivious to the perverted and abominable nature of this mutilation of one’s self and manhood, hence Rasululullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) adopted his usual gentleness and did not display any Bughd fillah to his guests.


It was merely disgust that compelled Rasululullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) to have his face turned away while continuing to engage courteously in diplomatic discussions with the ignorant ambassadors.


While Bughd fillah does not apply to the Kuffaar on this issue, it would most definitely apply to a Muslim who knowingly and unashamedly mutilates the Sunnah of Rasululullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) for the sake of the Sunnah of the Kuffaar.


What would Rasululullah’s (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) disgust and also Bughd fillah have been like if he were to be confronted with a “Muslim” who flagrantly and knowingly adopts this accursed Sunnah of the Kuffaar which mutilates the Sunnah of the one (alayhis salaam) he is commanded to follow?


What would Rasululullah’s (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) reaction have been if he were to witness directly the sanctity of the Houses of Allah being utterly defiled by satanic gatherings in which a clean-shaven Qari, or a notorious prostitute is granted such honour which causes the Arsh of Allah to reverberate?


We employ the word “notorious” for the prostitute to attempt to convey some degree of similarity with the unashamed public show of a mutilation of a sacred Sunnah. However, the “notorious” element does not do justice to the comparison, since, at least, the vile deeds of a prostitute are perpetrated in privacy, whilst the clean-shaven Faajir Qari displays his accursed nakedness unashamedly, for all and sundry, even possessing the sheer audacity to make a performance out of the Kalaam of Allah, within the very sacred precincts of Allah’s Sanctified House, while causing Allah’s Throne to shake with His Wrath.


Rasululullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) states in this regard, the famous Hadith:


“When a Faasiq is honoured, Allah becomes Wrathful and His Arsh begins to shake.” 


“Most of the Munafiqeen of this Ummah are its Qaris.”


In short, this Wrath of Allah which causes the Arsh to shake, applies just as much, if not more so, to the prevalent gatherings of clean-shaven Qaris performing to a stupidly moronic audience, as it would do to a prostitute performing likewise to another stupidly moronic audience.

27 Rabiuth Thaani 1438 - 26 January 2017


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