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A new satanic form of zina entertainment for women has been developed by the progeny of Shaitaan. ‘Muslim’ women or women professing to be ‘Muslim’ are increasingly participating in this shaitaani entertainment which extinguishes every vestige of haya (shame and modesty) which may still exist in a Muslim woman. 

A Brother explaining this devilish haraam filthy entertainment writes:


I would like to bring to the attention of the respected ulema, a new fitna which has penetrated into our lives, reaching our womenfolk. The so-called Muddy Princess event which took place at the Giba Gorge this past weekend is a disgrace to our Muslim society.

Where have we gone wrong, that we as Muslim men, have allowed our wives, our daughters, our sisters to run around shamelessly, all in the name of fun? It is advertised as an "obstacle mud run for women-and women only" yet it is a non-muslim event and men are therefore allowed on the premises to "cheer" their women on. Also, I was made aware of the fact that there are cameramen at each obstacle recording for "prosperity". Even more vile and repulsive, is the fact that ladies who don the hijaab, and yes EVEN the niqaab discard their identity for the duration of the event. Where has our sense of haram and hayaa vanished to?

Is the world so devoid of other forms of entertainment, that one voluntarily chooses to go and make a spectacle of oneself? Please advise.

Jazakallah hu khairan

(End of letter)

When Allah’s universal Athaab will settle on the community, people will lament and wail when ‘Muslim’ women are subjected to mass rapes. These women having utterly destroyed their honour and having totally extinguished every iota of shame will be divinely punished, and Allah’s punishment is commensurate with the crime. No one should wonder and be aghast when Allah Ta’ala imposes the Athaab of kuffaar savages over these shameless, lewd, immoral women who pretend to be Muslims. This type of punishment in which women are pillaged and plundered enmasse has befallen many Muslim communities. The South African Muslim community should not feel snug in its deceptive state of superficial ‘safety’ which Muslims are hitherto enjoying.


When Allah Ta’ala removes His Aafiyat (Protection), then expect all Hell to break loose. It will then be too late to wail and regret.


“What, do the people of the towns feel confident that  Our Punishment will not overtake them during the daytime whilst they are indulging in play?”


4 Jamadul Ula 1438 (2 February 2017)

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