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In its drivel defence of the Salafi sheikh Luhaydan, the IDP (a Salafi body) baselessly accuses The Majlis of having slandered the Salafi character, Luhaydan.  Responding to the baseless criticism, the Brother who had provided us the information about Luhaydan, wrote:

The Majlis has been accused of slander and other filth with regards to the Luhaydan article.

However, it must be stated clearly that the host organizations, Al Kauthar and Imam Development Project have not denied Luhaydan being Salafi, and neither have they denied themselves being Salafi. Their history of spreading Salafi teachings is well known in SA and abroad.

Secondly, the research paper on the Destruction of Masajid in Libya clearly takes the name of Muhammad Luhaydan, NOT Salih Luhaydan, as the response from IDP states. Therefore, the article you published has the correct name.

Thirdly, the research paper on this subject is not written by the Majlis, but by a third source. Therefore, IDP and Luhaydan are bound to respond to the research paper and not accuse the Majlis of slander.

Fourthly, verification of 'facts' has been called for. However, when the Salafis make open Takfeer of the senior scholars of Deoband, then verification of facts is NOT called for? Do the Salafis have a valid explanation for this double standard?

Fifthly, when the Salafi Wahhabi crusaders took over the Haramayn, they killed thousands of innocent people, desecrated the graves of many Sahabah and Awliya, and were then heading to destroy the green dome in Madinah Munawwarah. This is part of their dark history which they do not deny. How do the Salafis explain themselves out of this?
Jazakumullah u Khayran

(End of letter)

We have now been informed that Luhaydan’s programmes for Hilal Musjid, Darul Uloom Azaadville and North Beach have been cancelled.

Salafis are just like Shiahs in the doctrine of Taqiyah. They conceal their beliefs and attitude to infiltrate the ranks of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah who according to them (i.e. Salafis) are kaafirs.

6 Jamadal Ula 1438 (4 February 2017)


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