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MMB-UUCSA's Stunts & Deception

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In Its ‘Muslim Marriages Bill Update’ dated 18 March 2011, UUCSA states:
“UUCSA is of the view that outright rejection of the DRAFT BILL is a short-sighted and
impulsive response which only result in the Bill subsequently being passed with all its flaws and
This allegation is blatantly false, misleading and designed to dupe Muslims, the vast majority of
whom is totally unaware of the kufr contents of the bill. The contention that it will be passed in
its current form “with all its flaws and imperfections”, insults the intelligence of the UUCSA
clique. If UUCSA’s bill proponents and supporters are so stupid as to swallow the yarn of
parliament ever passing the current MMB document which is atrociously unconstitutional, apart
from atrociously kufr, others do not share in their stupidity. Only morons will accept the stupid
averment of UUCSA.
The bill in its current stupid, irreligious and unconstitutional form does not stand the ghost of a
chance of being passed by parliament. The UUCSA clique appears to be senile in their brains.
Such senility bordering on insanity is Allah’s punishment for treacherous ‘ulama’-e-soo who
mutilate the Shariah for nafsaani and worldly gains. Hadhrat Junaid Bagdhaadi (rahmatullah
alayh) said about those who manipulate the Deen to gain worldly ends: “He who searches for
honour with baatil, Allah will afflict him with disgrace with the Haqq.”
With the bogey of the stupid bill being passed with its current atrocious constitutional flaws,
UUCSA is desperately struggling to pull wool over the eyes of the community in the nefarious
bid to scare Muslims into supporting the kufr MMB. Referring to deception of this sort, Hadhrat
Umar (radhiyallahu anhu) said: “He who deceives the servants (of Allah), Allah will humiliate
him.” All these ulama-e-soo’ characters who are engaging in the vile trade of bartering away the
Deen for worldly objectives should beware. They will be thoroughly disgraced for perpetration of
deception and supporting kufr in the name of Islam.
Commenting on the constitutional atrocities of the Kufr bill, the non-Muslim Legal Resources
Centre states in its submission to the Minister of Justice:
“It is our submission that the law as proposed by the Muslim Marriages Bill is irreconcilably
unconstitutional.” (Our emphasis)
“….accepting Islamic marriage law as contained in the Bill would be more than just
unconstitutional – it would be an absolute abandonment of many of our most important
democratic principles.
“It is our submission that in order for the Bill to survive constitutional muster the Bill has to
correct every problem addressed in this submission and any other flaws fully, by bringing it
completely in line with the Constitution.
To many members of the Muslim community this may seem undesirable, but there does not
seem to be a comprehensive solution that is simultaneously able to protect religious rights and
adhere to our constitutional principles.”

We concur 100% with the Legal Resources Centre that the only way that a ‘Muslim’ Marriages
Bill can survive and be acceptable to parliament is to mutilate and batter the Divine Shariah
beyond recognition while still retaining the appellation, ‘shariah’. While the treacherous UUCSA
clique is prepared to make this compromise and sell Islam down the sewer drain for their
objective of becoming ‘judges’, assessors’, etc., in what they anticipate would be some type of
hybrid-mongrel ‘shariah’ courts, the Ummah is in no mood to betray Allah’s Shariah.
The haraam, kufr bill as it stands currently, despite being a horrible presentation of kufr in the
name of the shariah, is totally unacceptable to the government. As the Legal Resources Centre
has pointed out, the only way to make the bill acceptable is to ensure that it becomes more
horrible from the Shariah perspective. It has to be moulded to conform 100% with the
Constitution, and this is possible only by 100% abandonment of the Shariah.
UUCSA claims to be representing the Muslim community of South Africa. Despite making this
grandiose, exorbitantly false claim, UUCSA has hitherto failed to discuss and explain even a
single provision of the bill to the Muslim community. All its statements are specimens of
skulduggery. It is in the interests of its sinister agenda for UUCSA to keep the Muslim
community in the dark regarding the kufr provisions of the bill. Instead of putting the bill in front
of the people and dissecting the provisions in the light of the Shariah, UUCSA stupidly makes
comments such as the bill will be passed with its flaws; it is better to accept what is offered (even
if najaasat is offered); six of the seven bodies compromising UUCSA support ‘engagement’; a
number of muftis supports the bill; UUCSA consults with various stakeholders; UUCSA appeals
to respect difference of opinion, etc., etc.
All of this has no relationship with the contents of the bill. The contents we contend are KUFR.
UUCSA has no response for this because it was the UUCSA clique which spawned and
supported to the hilt all of this kufr. UUCSA is absolutely scared to discuss the bill, clause by
clause because it is UUCSA personnel who bred the illegitimate kufr bill, and UUCSA has all
along been labouring and sweating to get the bill adopted by the government. UUCSA is not
concerned with all the kufr provisions in the bill. The only concern of UUCSA is the deletion of
the provisions dealing with the courts.
UUCSA’s satanic ‘engagement’ policy is directed at securing the reinstatement of the court
provisions, and the motive for this is the lucrative monetary returns. The salary of a judge is R2
million, and the golden handshake is worth R20 million. This is the ultimate goal of these
miserable, treacherous proponents and supporters of the Kufr MMB.
And even if the Kufr MMB atrocity will be enacted into law, it is the Waajib obligation of all
Muslims who believe in Allah and His Rasool (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) to stand up in defence
of the inviolable Shariah of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Muslims should not be tricked by the bogey that
UUCSA, the paper phantom body is setting up as a scarecrow. If the kufr atrocity is legislated,
Muslims want no part of it. Muslims will not be a party to its enactment. There is at least this one
consolation that even if the kufr is legislated, it cannot constitutionally be imposed on Muslims.
Only those who are comfortable with kufr will be saddled with the haraam law, and that too if
they decide to opt in and impose the yoke of the kufr on their necks.
Insha’Allah, we shall remain diligent and keep the Ummah informed, step by step, to save
Muslims from becoming entrapped in the kufr snare by default. Be rest assured that the
government has no constitutional right nor power to impose the kufr on unwilling Muslims even
if we have to assume that it will be legislated. There is no need to be scared of UUCSA’s bogey.
Meanwhile it remains the Waajib duty of every Muslim to object to the
kufr bill. Send your letter of objection to:
The Minister of Justice & Constitutional Development, c/o Mr. T.N. Matibe, Private Bag X81,
Pretoria 0001
Fax 086 648 7766 e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

After sending your objection to the Minister, forward a copy ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) to us for our
records. Jazaakallaah.


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