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When anthem is sung they must remove their topis

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Q.  At a soccer tournament, a non-Muslim lady (the mayoress) addressing the Muslim pupils stressed that whenever the national anthem is sung they must remove their topis and stand in respect. All those present complied. Many ulema were present at the grounds to offer their support. Please comment.

A.  You are labouring under a colossal misconception to believe ‘many ulema’ were present at the evil, haraam and accursed venture of shaitaan. Allah Ta’ala has given Shaitaan powers of transformation. He can transform himself into a human being and impersonate people. Those ‘many ulema’ you saw were shayaateen in human bodies. It is better to aver that they were the personification of Iblees, Laeen. Such type of humbugs masquerading as Ulama could be respectfully and mildly labelled as Ulama-e-Soo’. It is haraam to stand for a national anthem and for a national flag. Such standing is an act of shirk. It is doubly haraam to remove the sacred Topi for the commission of an act of shirk. This sad and lamentable state of affairs of the Muslim community is attributable directly to the ulama-e-soo’ who have espoused the cause of shaitaan throughout the history of Islam.


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