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“The authorities in Brazil suspended 33 government officials amid allegations that some of the country's biggest meat processors have been selling rotten beef and poultry for years. 

Three meat processing plants have also been closed and another 21 are under scrutiny. Much of the meat produced by the companies accused is exported to Europe and other parts of the world. (Primarily to Muslim countries – The Majlis) Brazil is the world's largest red meat exporter. ......... 

Operation Weak Flesh was launched in the early hours of Friday in six Brazilian states after a two-year investigation. Federal police carried out raids in 194 locations, deploying more than 1,000 officers.


The investigators allege that some managers bribed health inspectors and politicians to get government certificates for their products.  They accuse more than 30 companies of a number of unhygienic practices. Among them are JBS, the world's largest beef exporter, and BRF, the world's top poultry producer.


Brazilian federal police said they have evidence of at least 40 incidents.


"They used acid and other chemicals to mask the aspect of the product. In some cases, the products used were carcinogenic," the police said.  In other cases, potato, water and even cardboard paper was mixed with chicken meat to increase profits.  ..........


Prosecutors say a percentage of the bribe money was paid to two parties from the governing coalition: PP and President Michel Temer's PMDB.

JBS has a net revenue of $55bn (£44bn). It exports to some 150 countries.......... “       (End of report)

The rotten and haraam meat and carrion chickens – the worst disease causing disasters which have befallen mankind – is not confined to Brazil. This rotten meat and chicken disease is the fate of all countries where this devilsh industry exists.


A worse disaster for Muslims is existence of the halaal certifying scoundrels who halaalize the haraam rotten, diseased carrion for Muslim consumption. While the Qur’aan Majeed repeatedly emphasizes the virtue and the incumbent necessity of consuming Halaal and Tayyib, that is, lawful and wholesome, foods, the halaal certifying cabal of crooks, dacoits and scoundrels  halaalize filth and carrion. The  sharp  increase in  destructive  diseases such as cancer, heart problems, diabetes, etc. is not surprising at all. The primary cause for all these diseases  is the deluge of  rotten carrion which is being fed to human beings.


The above report mentions shockingly crude and savage practices adopted by the meat industry  in pursuit of monetary gains. This attitude prevails all over the world in the meat industry. The operators are  most unscrupulous  scoundrels who are driven to insanity  by their inordinate lust for  the boodle.


The carrion addiction of Muslims world-wide is indeed appalling. In 2015, 57 so-called Muslim countries who are members of the stupid Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), imported  billions  of dollars of carrion meat and carrion poultry from Brazil.


Approximately 25% of Brazil’s carrion meat is marketed as ‘halaal’ – halaalized by SANHA and MJC type shayaateen. A huge percentage of the haraam carrion s imported by Saudi Arabia where the carrion is sold primarily in Makkah and Madinah. In 2016, Saudi Arabia imported 30,000 tons of rotten, diseased carrion beef totalling $112.5 million from Brazil alone. This haraam rotten carrion having been treated with chemical and other muck is devoured with relish by the Umrah and Hajj performers who are hooked onto carrion. How can they expect their ibaadat to be accepted by Allah Ta’ala, when their bodies are nourished in the Holy Cities with rotten, diseased haraam carrion meat and chicken? How can they ever expect to develop spiritual stamina to combat the inordinate demands of the nafs and to understand the cunning ploys and plots of shaitaan?


Warning us of the vile consequences of devouring carrion, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“O People! Eat  from  the earth that which is halaal and tayyib, and do not follow in the footsteps  of Shaitaan. Verily, he is for you an open enemy.  He Commands you  with only evil and immorality and that you utter about Allah what you do not know.”

(Baqarah, 168)

The consequence of devouring carrion and unwholesome junk and rotten ‘food’, is enslavement to the nafs, and obedience to shaitaan.

22 Jamadal Ukhra 1438 (21 March 2017)


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